Taking Advantage of the Benefits of Sage Timberline by gjjur4356


									?Home builders and project managers have always had to deal with budgeting and
financial analysis. These processes have been known to be prone to errors and
miscalculations, which can be very detrimental to the success of a build.
For this reason, industry giant Sage developed Timberline Office. This software suite
is a comprehensive collection of solutions that can benefit construction experts from
residential home builders to real estate developers and managers. Sage has been
helping the construction business for years, and its acquisition of Timberline only
bolstered its ability to do so.
Sage acquired the Timberline franchise in 2003, and has since been providing
financial and operations management solutions to a variety of contractors --
commercial, industrial, electrical, mechanical, specialty and service alike. The suite
consists of various construction accounting, estimating, and project management
modules, which are organized into several different suites.
Sage timberline office has an accounting suite that includes regular accounting
features, allowing users to manage accounts payable/receivable, job costing, payroll,
and billing, in addition to equipment cost, contracts, financial statements, and a
general ledger. Its procurement arm allows users to create purchase orders, receipts,
and track change orders following the estimating process.
The Sage timberline estimating module comes with information about thousands of
industry items, and also allows users to add their own items and formulas. It can be
easily integrated with database modules, allowing for a digitizer add-on to be
incorporated. Modeling estimating makes it possible to see what various changes to a
plan would cost. The production management module helps contractors manage
purchase orders and communicate with other team members, while the project
management module has features that aid contractors in managing change orders,
subcontracts and purchase orders.
Sage timberline also includes a property management module which provides
developers and property owners or managers with the appropriate tools to manage
many aspects of leases, such as interest on deposits, billing, lease options, overage
rents, lease information, and credits. This module also comes with specific accounting
features designed to property management, a billing module, and property
management reports. The reporting module includes features such as an address book
along with a report designer and a module to initiate tasks.

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