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					                             Inventions and Innovations Assignment

With a partner select one of the inventions or innovations from the list provided to you by the
teacher. Through research you will try to find out as much as you can about the entrepreneur and
their creation. Your analysis will revolve around the following criteria:

The Opportunity
 What products or services were used before this invention or innovation? (i.e. What was used
   before this? A little history on the subject.)
 What alternatives did people have?
 What was the opportunity available? (Specific problem, need or want)

The Invention/Innovation
 Who created the product? When?
 How does the invention or innovation actually work?
 What were those persons’ skills, characteristics, strengths, background, etc.?
 How did the person invent the product or service? (methods tried, successfulness, etc.)

 What has happened since, in this field?
 Is the invention still used today? To what extent?
 Has something been innovated from it? (Be specific)

 Some idea of its original marketing (cost, price, promotion, production, etc.)
 Any pictures? Diagrams? Visuals?

Your group will be given some library time to begin your investigation. Your search should include
both hardcopy (books, periodicals, etc.) and Internet research. You will be given a few days after the
library (NOT in class) to further your research and prepare for the presentation.

Your mark will be based on two evaluations:

 a 10 minute slideshow presentation to the class (covering the topics above)
 a one page (8.5" x 11") synopsis of the information collected (using the given subheadings)

                      Canadian Inventions

     Telephone                        Jolly Jumper
  Batteryless Radio             Miss Vickie’s Potato Chips
     Basketball                              Java
  Five Pin Bowling                    Hockey Mask
 Cardiac Pacemaker                          V-Chip
  First Heart Valve                         Canola
       Pablum                         Trivial Pursuit
      Kerosene                    Electronic Synthesizer
       Zipper                     Green Ink (for money)
 Patented Lightbulb                  Standard Time
      Hydrofoil                     Anti-Gravity Suit
   Laser (sailboat)                         Insulin
Snowblower/Snowplow                   Frozen Food
    Snowmobile                     Superman (Comics)
      Lacrosse                     Panoramic Camera
     Ice Hockey                        Paint Roller
     Ginger Ale                        Blackberry
        IMAX                  Any Other Canadian Invention

                            Inventions and Innovations Assignment
                            Summary Sheet (Display) Evaluation Sheet

Names :
Innovation :

Quality of Information (Thinking)                                                 / 10
Contains all important details? (Names, Dates, etc)
Contains informative and interesting information?
Depth and Breadth of coverage
Does it contain creative elements?

Quality of Presentation (Communication)                                           / 10
Is it appealing to look at?                     Does it attract attention?
Is it neat and well organized?                  Is it free from spelling and grammar errors?

                                                                    Total =       / 20

                            Inventions and Innovations Assignment
                          Summary Sheet (Presentation) Evaluation Sheet

Group Member Names:
Invention or Innovation:
Knowledge                                                                                 /5
     Quality of written content (course material)
     Depth of coverage
     Presentation followed logical order

Thinking                                                                                  /5
      Variety of material displayed
      Creativity of design or layout

Communication                                                                             / 10
    Quality of visual items (neatness, organization, graphics, attention to detail)       /5
    Quality of presentation (discuss rather than read, evidence of practice,
           confidence, time)                                                              /5

                                                                                          / 20