Taking a Look at the GBC HeatSeal H700Pro Pouch Laminator

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					?Is your school, creative studio, print shop, or office in need of a high-quality
laminator that can laminate items up to 18 inches wide? If so, you need to take a look
at the GBC HeatSeal H700Pro Pouch Laminator (hereinafter referred to as the
"H700"). This is a device made by one of the best companies in the business, and it
has a lot of functions and features you'll love. Here's an in-depth look at this product
and what is has to offer you.

A super wide throat. One of the H700's best features is its extremely wide throat (also
known as a feed opening). This part of the machine measures a whopping 18 inches,
making this machine ideal for laminating larger items including signs and maps. You
can also laminate smaller documents as well, such as photographs, business reports,
and anything else that needs to be protected from spills, rips, and other damage.

  High-quality finishing. The H700 is capable of producing beautiful, flawless
lamination thanks to four heated rollers that will evenly distribute heat and fans that
will cool your item as it exits the machine. This device offers variable temperature
and speed settings (with a top laminating speed of 60 inches per minute), so you can
select the most accurate setting for your project. The H700 will even laminate items
on a cold setting, which is a great feature to have because it means you can laminate
thermally sensitive papers. This machine also does well when laminating photographs
and glossy paper.

 Use any pouch you wish. This machine can handle pouches up to 10mil thick, so
your document can be as rigid or flexible as you need it to be. Whether you prefer
self-sealing pouches or thermal ones, this device can work with them both with no
problem. It will also accommodate mounting boards, so you can use this product to
put together professional-looking posters, mock-ups, and the like. Also, using a carrier
with the H700 is optional. However, if you decide not to use a carrier, adhesive may
seep out of your pouches and build up on your rollers.

 Features to make your job easier. The H700 comes with a lot of features that will
make your workday go a lot easier. For one, it has an automatic reverse mode in case
your project gets stuck in the machine. The machine will also shut off automatically
when not in use to prevent your machine from burning out, keep your power bill
reasonable and, most importantly, preserve the safety of you and your co-workers.
Finally, all of the controls you need can be found in the form of a centrally located
keypad so everything you need is accessible all the time.

 And, best of all, affordability. Laminating your documents can be expensive,
especially if you have an off-site print shop take care of it for you. It is protected by a
one-year warranty, so you can be confident your investment will be in it for the long

The GBC HeatSeal700Pro is a great machine and one that would be perfect for your
workplace. So now that you know what it can do for you, get yours today so you can
start laminating with one of the best products around.

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