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					                                                                                            January/ February Issue 2010

Our Message                                                  It has certainly been a busy and exciting
                                                             start to the year in my new role as
                                                             Events and Promotions Manager. I can’t
                      I cannot believe it’s the end of
                                                             believe how many people I have already
                      January. For those I have not
                                                             met since I started a few weeks ago and
                      yet seen, Happy New Year!
                                                             the enthusiasm has been evident in
                   It has been extremely busy here           abundance. I look forward to meeting
                   at Hastings City Marketing and            more of you over the next month and
                   you will find this newsletter full        hopefully working together in the very near future.
                   of news and plans for the year!
                                                             Our vision is to hold bimonthly meetings at different venues
                   Joanna, our new Events and
                                                             around our CBD where we can discuss issues that affect us
                   Promotions Manager, started on
                                                             all, share information and work more closely together.....to
January 5th and she has hit the floor running!! It’s
                                                             achieve our goal for Hastings and who knows, one of those
great to have her on board and I am really excited
                                                             meetings might just have the answer!
about our team here delivering great promotions and
events this year!                                            We are in the thick of organising the Hastings Pak’nSave
                                                             Edible Fashion Awards for this year which is going to be a
We sent out an update on the Big Spender Promotion
                                                             jaw-dropper and a really exciting project to be involved in!
which was, we believe a big success. Over 80,000
                                                             We have some superb acts booked with a few exciting
entries were received and the twelve prize winners
                                                             celebrities thrown in – watch this space! This year the
were all ecstatic! There were tears and emotion from
                                                             Hastings Pak’nSave Edible Fashion Awards will be proudly
all prize winners! We managed to get good media
                                                             supporting ‘Canteen’ – supporting young people with cancer.
coverage that ran into the new year which was great
for our retailers who donated prizes. A huge thank           I will meet more of you as the year begins - until then all the
you to the sponsors and those who participated, your         best.
contribution made the campaign such a great
                                                                                         Events & Promotions Manager
success! A feedback questionnaire is on the reverse
of this newsletter, so all of your comments will be
listened to as we plan promotions for this year!               An After Five Get Together
Please, please fill it out..... if you don’t speak out you
won’t be heard!                                              We have already mentioned this in the questionnaire at the
                                                             back of this newsletter and we need your feedback on this
One of our new focuses has been on the Edible                idea.
Fashion Awards which are on March 13th -
                                                             Basically we want to initiate a monthly/bimonthly meeting of
guaranteed to be stunning. This year we have two             our members, over a drink, after 5pm to discuss any issues
day time shows with the finalists being judged at an         and exchange info/ideas. It’s proven in other centres to have
Evening Extravaganza.....and this Extravaganza is            benefitted members, keeping information flowing and
going to have you riveted to your seats - very               allowing us all to work more closely for the benefit of you as
exciting! Don’t forget there is a business category
which we hope to see some of you enter! More on
this later.
                                                                   Fairy Lights - Big Thanks To
The calendar is filling up and our multitasking skills
being tested, Edible Fashion followed by Business                             Unison
Awards with Art Deco and Horse of the Year
                                                             Thanks to the generosity of Unison we have four more trees lit by
too.....and that’s just February and March!! In the
                                                             fairy lights in the square. They look stunning at night and are
meantime please read on and I hope you are all               now a permanent feature all year round!
having a great start to 2010.
                                                             The lights beautify the area as well as providing lighting to help
                                                             deter any vandalism in our Square, so a huge thank-you to
                                                                16th -21st March
What’s Happening                                                Horse of the Year
                                                                The annual Horse of the Year Show brings in up to 9000
There is a lot happening over the next few months:
                                                                visitors to the region over the week and the reported economic
                                                                impact states an estimated 12 million dollars is spent during
18th – 21st February
                                                                that time! We just have to share in this so here are our
Art Deco                                                        recommendations which we will be talking to you all about
Hastings Art Deco enthusiasts are providing some excellent      soon:
events over this week which should see a number of visitors
in Hastings. There will be daily Spanish Mission/HB Opera       We recommend you dress your shop/business front windows in
House Tours, an Art Deco market on Friday 19th (in the          an Equestrian/Horse related theme. If every business did this
Square), as well as the HB Opera House hosting a number of      in Hastings the impact for locals and visitors would be huge.
events. So make sure you get an Art Deco programme.
                                                                Think seriously about your opening hours over that weekend -
All week there will be Art Deco music on the stage, so get in   there are approximately 6-7 thousand people staying in the
the mood, dress your shop window for Art Deco and welcome       area and we want to attract them to shop in Hastings. Let’s
the visitors to the region.                                     give them something to get excited about after visiting the
Easter and The Motorhome Association
Rally!!                                                         Do you want to offer visitors a discount package/incentive to
                                                                shop in Hastings. We are happy to coordinate this......let us
It will soon be with us once again, Easter and all of that      know now what you think!
chocolate! We will be organising a promotion for the CBD over
this time which we will be talking to you about, but we also         Please ring and talk to us about your plans for
know that there are over 1000 motorhomes coming to the                             Horse of the Year!
Showgrounds. This means there will be 2-3000 people in
Hastings over the Easter period … how shall we welcome
them and encourage them to shop in Hastings over this time?
Please let us have your thoughts on this!                         Music In the Square
                                                                As you would have noticed in the media, we now in
13th March                                                      conjunction with Hastings District Council, have a deterrent
Hastings Pak’nSave Edible Fashion Awards                        sound system in the Square. As you pass through the square
This year sees a new format - two day shows and then the        day and night you will notice some background classical music
EVENING EXTRAVAGANZA at 6.30pm. The theme is ”Call of           playing. The classical music acts as a deterrent according to
the Wild “, so think jungle, wild animals and Tarzan. We have   overseas and national studies, to those who may consider
an amazing evening show with celebrity judges and wild          vandalising an area at night. It also creates a pleasant
entertainment      you   must     see!   Visit  our   website   ambience during the day, so we have at this stage agreed
www.hastingscity.co.nz for details.                             to leave it on during the day time as well.

               And coming soon...                                           CBD Graffiti and Rubbish

        Our Annual HBS Business Awards                            We have received a number of calls from members
    25 June 2010 Business Awards Gala Dinner                      regarding the graffiti and rubbish around the CBD. It seems
                                                                  over the Xmas period things have deteriorated. We have
Please pop in your diaries and watch this space                   communicated with the council regarding this and we are
                                                                  confident that every effort is going to be made in bringing
                                                                  the CBD up to standard. Please contact us with any feedback
             Nominations start late March
                                                                  or if you notice anything in your area that needs attention.
            CALLING FOR                                                     A Warm welcome to
              ENTRIES                                                          “New Amsterdam”
                                                                      A big welcome to Ronald, Hillegien and Mellanie Blaauwbrock who
                                                                      have taken the lease on the ice cream parlour “Lick This” in
                                                                      Russell Street and transformed it into “New Amsterdam”. The
                                                                      makeover is just wonderful, the ice cream, waffles etc.,
                                                                      unbelievable and the service outstanding!! We wish the “New
                                                                      Amsterdam” team every success and encourage everyone to taste
                                                                      their products!!

                                                                       •   Everyday - freshly baked Donut’s, Dutch Stroopwaffles
                                                                           and our very own waffle cone. We make our own waffle
                                                                           cones with a family recipe from the 1500’s handed down
                                                                           to the children of every new generation.

                                                                       •   Different flavours of soft serve. Also yoghurt flavours
                                                                           available, all low fat
                                                                       •   Sundaes
                                                                       •   Dutch Sorbets with fresh fruits
                                                                       •   Create your own smoothie with a big range of frozen
                                                                       •   Toffee Apples (made fresh everyday)
                                                                       •   Milkshakes in 10 different flavours
                                                                       •   3 colour slushy
                                                                       •   Hot and Cold drinks

                                                                       In the near future Dutch Pancakes (fillings if required) and
                         Vandalism                                     also Dutch Poffentjes

It was reported that Sutto Café and neighbouring shops had their       Open:   Monday - Saturday         9am - 6pm
windows smashed early Thursday morning.                                        Sunday                    10am - 5pm

We are happy to report that the Security Officers caught the youths
                                                                                     If nice weather - open even longer
and they were arrested by the Police.

A good catch that makes the Patrol worthwhile.

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