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                     BACK TO FRONT                                                                Paperback
                     Larraine Scouler                                                             80 pages
                     Jam-packed with 14 refreshing quilts for the beginner to the more            11” x 8”
                     advanced quilt maker Larraine Scouler guides you through her back to         Full color
                     front machine quilting and appliqué methods. Offering 20 clear and           1996
                     precise pages of information to create a firm foundation of knowledge
                     from which to sew on confidently! The sewing machine, body comfort,
                                                                                                  ISBN 1 86343 277 9
                     materials, piecing, assembly, machine quilting and appliqué, nothing is      US $14.95
                     left out! Comprehensive black and white diagrams and a trouble-              Canada $22.95
                     shooting segment complete the learning process. Try this revolutionary
                     new approach at machine quilting and appliqué you’ll be thrilled!

96 pages             Quiltmakers in Australia
11” x 8”             Karen Fail
Full color           Enthusiasm for quilts, Australian expatriates, amazing talent and the
1995                 undying commitment to simply share with others, quilt making in
                     Australia has captured the hearts and souls of some very clever
ISBN 1 86343 235 3
                     women. Celebrating the Traditions, Quiltmakers of Australia, by Karen
US $14.95            Fail is a salute to 13 women who have contributed to the Australian
Canada $22.95        quilt making revival. Take this opportunity to visit these extraordinary
                     Australian women in their homes and witness first hand their unique
                     style and dedication to the love of making quilts.

                     CLASSIC QUILTS                                                               Paperback
                     Susan Harris                                                                 80 pages
                     Come create a classic quilt of your own using all or some of the             11” x 8”
                     modern short cuts presented by Susan Harris. Her general instructions        Full color
                     take you through measurements, cutting, triangles, strips, sewing tips,
                     border alternatives, backing, hand and machine quilting, binding and
                     signing. All instructions are clear and in imperial and metric. Full color   ISBN 1 86343 305 8
                     photographs and black and white diagrams practically make the 14             US $14.95
                     quilts for you! Almost Amish’s quick and easy machine piecing                Canada $22.95
                     techniques will have you practicing your hand quilting skills

Paperback            COMPANION PIECES
80 pages             Carolyn Sullivan
11” x 8”             Ever caught in an emotional battle between quilting and embroidery?
Full color           Here is one time when you don’t have to choose — you can have
                     both! Carolyn Sullivan has created eleven wonderful quilts with
1998                 embroideries to match! Make one of Carolyn’s or design one of your
ISBN 1 86343 329 5   own. Learn how to rotate a traditional block it into something
US $14.95            completely different then simply follow her clear instructions for
Canada $22.95        translating the designs into embroideries or quilts. You are on your
                     way to creating your own stunning companion pieces.

                     CREATIVE CRAZY PATCHWORK                                                     Paperback
                     Helen Moore & Theresia Stockton                                              80 pages
                     Relive the Victorian Age in your own sewing room with this collection        11” x 8”
                     of 21 crazy patchwork projects. A comprehensive approach to the              Full color
                     basics for beginners, including a section on color combinations,             1998
                     patching the base fabric, full color stitch guides showing five major
                     stitches and illustrated step-by-step instructions for each project.         ISBN 1 86343 298 1
                     Decorate for Christmas with one or all six of the quick and easy tree        US $14.95
                     ornaments. Treat yourself with the lovely fringed evening bag. Black,        Canada $22.95
                     beaded and elegant, it’s sure to attract compliments. Full size
                     patterns make this a real buy!

                                                                      Distributed by Mint Publishers Group
                     CREATIVE FRIENDSHIP QUILTS                                                    Paperback
                     Karen Fail                                                                    80 pages
                     If you have ever wanted to know about friendship quilts, look no              11” x 8”
                     further than Creative Friendship Quilts, by Karen Fail. Complete with         Full color
                     50 pages of interesting facts from the 19th century new frontier              2003
                     movement in America, the Changi Quilts created in 1942 on Singapore
                     Island by POW internees to the 1970 American revival of quilt making,
                                                                                                   ISBN 1 877080 09 8
                     which stimulated a world of stitchers!                                        US $14.95
                     If this historical account doesn’t get you stitching, one of the wonderful    Canada $22.95
                     19 step-by-step quilts to share projects will!

128 pages            Kerry Gadd
11” x 8”             Fallen in love with every quilt you’ve seen but not enough time?
Full color           Consider miniatures and discover the satisfaction of making them all
                     just like Kerry Gadd. Special tips on fabric selection, equipment and a
2002                 sure-to-win insurance policy for successful minnies! Nothing is left to
ISBN 1 877080 01 2   luck; preparation, bias squares, pieced triangle units even a sewing
US $14.95            test. There are 36 pages of beautifully illustrated instructions written to
Canada $22.95        get you started and keep you going. Ten projects presented in order of
                     difficulty are so much fun you’ll want to stitch right to the end!

                     CREATIVE PATCHWORK QUILTS                                                     Paperback
                     Kate McEwen                                                                   80 pages
                     Be truly inspired by all 16 of the lovely quilts presented in Creative        11” x 8”
                     Patchwork Quilts by Kate McEwen. Traditional hand-pieced and rotary           Full color
                     cut machined-pieced projects are both offered as well as great
                     guidelines and quick and clear sewing techniques for perfect points.
                     You’ll be smelling the roses for years to come when you stitch up             ISBN 1 877080 07 1
                     Viewer’s Choice Award "Everything’s Coming Up Roses" by Wendy                 US $14.95
                     Smith an exquisite hand appliquéd quilt. "In the Red" will test your          Canada $22.95
                     Bargello expertise and "Nine-Patch Scrap Quilt" will clear out all the
                     left over morsels from quilts gone by.

80 pages             Karen Fail
11” x 8”             Choose a wonderful quilt from the 14 hand-pieced and hand-quilted
Full color           treasures featured in Creative Traditional Quiltmaking. Karen Fail and
                     her friends have complied their favorite traditional patterns. Hearts and
1995                 flowers, autumn leaves, a wool picnic rug and scrappy triangles are
ISBN 1 86343 246 9   just a few of the tempting quilts on offer. Complete with instructions,
US $14.95            full size templates, quilting patterns and four pages filled with What
Canada $22.95        You Need To Know to have you stitching an heirloom in no time at all!

                     LISTEN WITH YOUR EYES                                                         Paperback
                     Jan T. Urquhart                                                               80 pages
                     Ever wish you could make something special for the wonderful people           11” x 8”
                     in your life but never have the time? Here is the answer to your              Full color
                     dreams; Jan T Urquhart shares her simple method for piecing complex           1997
                     and traditional blocks using two simple shapes! Save all kinds of time,
                     no more patterns or template drafting. A lesson in value and the              ISBN 1 86343 297 3
                     importance of definition between the patches will have you creating           US $14.95
                     stunning original quilts. Choose one of the six step-by-step projects or      Canada $22.95
                     make up your own using Jan’s method and suggestions for settings,
                     borders and binding.
                     QUILT SKILLS                                                                 Paperback
                     Quilters' Guild of Australia                                                 96 pages
                     Dream of taking every single course offered during a weekend of              11” x 8”
                     workshops? Well here is your opportunity; eleven of Australia’s              Full color
                     talented tutors are featured with each of their unique styles. Their         1997
                     challenge to go beyond the basic to expand your patchwork and
                     quilting technique and styles. Sue Wademan’s approach to textiles and        ISBN 1 86343 299 X
                     design will have you collecting your palette and designing art quilts        US $14.95
                     and Adina Sullivan eases you into mastering the maddening Mariner’s          Canada $22.95
                     Compass block. Join these fantastic teachers in their innovative
                     process that will expand your creativity.

Paperback            SIMPLY APPLIQUE
80 pages             Yolanda Gifford
11” x 8”             Yolanda Gifford presents a simple naïve style of appliqué inspired by
Full color           her young students wonderful sense of color and style. Ever wonder,
                     what if a project was allowed to JUST BE? You are about to find out
1997                 with the non-traditional methods presented in this enchanting book.
ISBN 1 86343 303 1   Select from 15 visual delights that are about fun, families, friends,
US $14.95            color and expressions of love. "The Spotted Heart", "Animal Banner"
Canada $22.95        and "The Three Sisters" crib toy are just a few of the clearly explained
                     and illustrated projects in this simple appliqué basics book.

                     TINY TREASURES                                                               Paperback
                     Virginia Enright                                                             80 pages
                     Attention to detail, accuracy, patience, practice and pleasure in            11” x 8”
                     watching lots of little colors come together fulfil your quilt making        Full color
                     desires? Then Virginia Enright’s Tiny Treasures is just the book for
                     you. Complete with ten pages of essentials to accurately piece these
                     little accoutrements you will learn about fabric selection, sewing skills,   ISBN 1 86343 300 7
                     techniques and equipment especially written for small projects.              US $14.95
                     Sprinkle your home with a touch of fun with one or all of the 20             Canada $22.95
                     projects. Using a combination of templates and foundation piecing
                     techniques, you too can achieve the accuracy necessary for miniature

Paperback            U IS FOR UNICORN
80 pages             Eileen Campbell
11” x 8”             Fusible interfacing makes these medieval delights simple and fun!
Full color           Eileen Campbell’s appliqué method is presented in an understandable
                     instruction guide. Including cutting the blocks and pieces, design
1998                 tracing, the use of stabilizers, three-dimensional appliqué and free-
ISBN 1 86351 271 3   form padding. A variety of stitches are reviewed and a section on
US $14.95            tension makes sure you get it right. Complete instructions and patterns
Canada $22.95        for the "Medieval Inspirations Quilt" that was inspired by 15th and 16th
                     century wood blocks are included along with an additional six projects.

                     CREATIVE ART OF EMBROIDERY                                                   Paperback
                     Embroiderers' Guild of NSW                                                   80 pages
                     The best selection of embroidery would most certainly come from the          11” x 8”
                     Embroiderer’s Guild of NSW’s private collection and this book inspired,      Full color
                     by their collections, is truly a treasure. Choose from any one of the 18     1996
                     lovely projects and you begin an historical journey of love. Stitch the
                     beaded canvas purse, a Victorian inspired piece or a lovely pulled
                                                                                                  ISBN 1 86343 276 0
                     thread embroidered linen tablemat. Meet the contributors and learn to        US $14.95
                     make a macramé or natural fibre tassel. Complete with easy to follow         Canada $22.95
                     step-by-step instructions and perfect stitch guides.

                                                                      Distributed by Mint Publishers Group
                     CREATIVE CROSS STITCH                                                         Paperback
                     Collection                                                                    80 pages
                     This exciting selection of 21 creative cross-stitch projects is sure to       11” x 8”
                     bring country charm to your home. Beautiful full color photographs and        Full color
                     charts for easy stitching. First timers look no further than the three        1995
                     page "Basics" and special "Beginner ’s Project". A wonderful heart-in-a-
                     heart design guarantees a new passion. More advanced designs for              ISBN 1 86343 203 5
                     sachets, pictures, towels and placemats or try an elegant tablecloth—         US $14.95
                     sure to be a family heirloom. "Baby Bear Birth Sampler" makes a               Canada $22.95
                     unique gift for that very special family event.

80 pages             Kaylene Evans
11” x 8”             Kaylene Evans presents 24 charming heirloom projects to be
Full color           treasured for generations to come. Put your heart into a lovely
                     shadow-box teddy, a real inspirational piece for anyone seeking that
1997                 special gift for a first-born birthday celebration. Kaylene says, "Let your
ISBN 1 877080 05 5   heart rule your creativity" and it will truly be a gift of love! Embody the
US $14.95            spirit of love and friendship with the small "Be True" verse and
Canada $22.95        stitchery. Learn from the nine-page embroidery guide, color
                     photographs and black and white illustrations.

                     CREATIVE RIBBONS & ROSES                                                      Paperback
                     Gail Rogers                                                                   80 pages
                     Stunning garlands of stitched flowers presented to embellish the finest       11” x 8”
                     accessories. Bullion, folded and silk ribbon roses, grub roses and            Full color
                     wool roses are just a few of the many fragrant flowers waiting to be          1997
                     stitched into your next project. Creative Ribbons and Roses is a
                     resourceful book complete with a getting started section, a five page         ISBN 1 877080 08 X
                     illustrated stitch guide and clear cushion assembly instructions. No          US $14.95
                     doubt, the 20 lovely projects will immediately inspire you to pick up a       Canada $22.95
                     needle and thread to begin one of these masterpieces or encourage
                     you to create some of you own!

80 pages             Gloria McKinnon
11” x 8”             These enchanting silk ribbon embroidery projects will excite your
Full color           creative talents. Gloria McKinnon shares her compassion for silk
                     ribbon embroidery in this compilation of 22 of her favorite projects.
1996                 Add a touch of embellishment to a lovely sweater and add some
ISBN 1 877080 04 7   glamour to your wardrobe. Decorate silk lavender sachets, pillows or
US $14.95            photo albums as a gift for that special someone. Complete with
Canada $22.95        Gloria’s tips for successful silk ribbon embroidery you will earn to vary
                     the textures, widths and colors of your ribbons for surprising results!

                     CREATIVE COTTAGE CRAFTS                                                       Paperback
                     Staphanie Simes                                                               80 pages
                     What better way to put the countryside into your own home than with           11” x 8”
                     this delightful collection of cottage crafts from Stephanie Simes.            Full color
                     Choose from 24 charming designs that welcome, warm, cheer you up              1996
                     and make you smile with pleasure. Cross-stitch a charming afghan, try
                     your hand at the lovely painted and embroidered cottage or create an          ISBN 1 86343 279 5
                     heirloom-christening gown for that little loved one. Projects perfect for     US $14.95
                     your home or a special friend with full color photographs, patterns and       Canada $22.95
                     stitch guide.
                     CREATIVE DOLL CRAFT                                                         Paperback
                     Gloria McKinnon                                                             80 pages
                     Dolls have a special place in the hearts of little girls and women alike.   11” x 8”
                     Creative Doll Craft by Gloria McKinnon has 14 lovely patterns and           Full color
                     instructions for making beautiful dresses, knickers and a stylish           1997
                     woollen coat and beret to dress your favourite doll. Make "Pansy", one
                     of three soft cloth dolls. Pansy looks like a bed of flowers in her petal   ISBN 1 86343 236 1
                     skirt and floppy hat. There are nine pages of useful information on         US $14.95
                     dressing dolls, making clothes, and a comprehensive stitch guide.           Canada $22.95

Paperback            CREATIVE FOLK ART
80 pages             Sue Iliov
11” x 8”             Discover creativity with folk art painting. Creative Folk Art has easy to
Full color           follow step-by-step instructions, terms and techniques. Beginners will
                     welcome the detailed information covering brushes, palettes and other
1997                 essentials. Paint a variety of designs — birds, flowers, lace and fruit.
ISBN 1 86343 301 5   Embellish a French box with delicate roses or create a teddy bear
US $14.95            photo album. Clear illustrations for all 14 projects with exact
Canada $22.95        enlargement percentages as well as a complete materials list,
                     preparation, painting and finishing instructions. Special "hints" for
                     professional satisfying results.

                     CREATIVE HANDPAINTED BEARS                                                  Paperback
                     Annette Stephenson                                                          80 pages
                     Who among us can resist a cuddly bear? And why should we, Annette           11” x 8”
                     Stevenson has been collecting bears for ages and in her book                Full color
                     Creative Handpainted Bears brings them to life with her paint and
                     brush. The preparation, finishing and materials sections cover the
                     important basics for getting started with handpainted bears. Choose         ISBN 1 877080 02 0
                     from 16 different projects, literally one for every corner of your home!    US $14.95
                     Explore the process of painting bear fur, roses and pansies. Follow the     Canada $22.95
                     full color step-by-step workboard and instructions provided for each

80 pages             Annette Stephenson
11” x 8”             In her second book of handpainted bears, Annette Stevenson expands
Full color           on her bear fur painting styles and shares even more whimsical
                     delights; new roses and pansies, a furry bear, a shaggy bear and the
1999                 charming "Randolph" and "Charlotte" bears are a fun pair just waiting
ISBN 1 86343 370 8   to be recreated. There are 16 great new designs. Updated materials,
US $14.95            preparation and finishing techniques get you up to speed with the
Canada $22.95        latest information including staining and gilding.

                     CREATIVE HANDPAINTED BEARS 3                                                Paperback
                     Annette Stephenson                                                          80 pages
                     But wait there’s more! Teddy bears that is! Annette Stevenson has           11” x 8”
                     designed 15 new teddy friends for you to replicate! "Shaggy Mohair          Full color
                     Bear", "Antique Bears", teatime bears and a ballet bear are some of         2002
                     the fun bears waiting for you. Using just a few different brushes
                     opened up a number of new bear styles and the tried and true brushes        ISBN 1 877080 00 4
                     used in a special way produced some fascinating results! Plus a             US $14.95
                     variety of products to decorate makes this book a must have for your        Canada $22.95

                                                                     Distributed by Mint Publishers Group
                     CREATIVE INSPIRATIONS IN PAINT                                               Paperback
                     Julie Neilson-Kelly                                                          80 pages
                     Julie Neilson-Kelly will inspire you to decorate and experiment with a       11” x 8”
                     variety of paint applications to create beautiful results on an array of     Full color
                     surfaces. Glass, terracotta, glazed tiles, mirrors and wood are just a       1995
                     few. Inspired by nature, specifically the garden, Julie presents beautiful
                     flowers of all types, colors and textures. Color, observation, brush         ISBN 1 86343 237 X
                     strokes and blending for just the right effect are also presented. An        US $14.95
                     excellent reference as well as an illustrated step-by-step guide to          Canada $22.95
                     decorative painting. This is one MUSThave book for the decorative

96 pages             Julie Neilson-Kelly
11” x 8”             Autumn leaves, cherubs, angels, and flowers are just a few of the 18
Full color           gorgeous projects to be discovered in Creative Paint & Embroidery on
                     Fabric. Combine paints, threads, fabrics, textures and a multitude of
1998                 embellishment techniques for satisfying results. Learn about
ISBN 1 86343 331 7   alternative methods such as theorem painting and stencilling. Produce
US $14.95            backgrounds from a favourite photograph with thread and paint. A
Canada $22.95        beautiful stitch glossary and step-by-step guides throughout the book
                     provide the confidence to complete the suggested projects or create
                     something unique and special.

                     CREATIVE TASSELS                                                             Paperback
                     Madeleine Willingham and Julie Neilson-Kelly                                 80 pages
                     Explore the varied and innovative uses for tassels. Learn how to make        11” x 8”
                     basic cloth, yarn, wooden formed and soft-bodied fringed tassels from        Full color
                     the precise illustrations and clear step-by-step instructions in Creative
                     Tassels. Make twisted cords to hang your tassels following the basic
                     cord-making instructions, then dye unique, exciting colors to suit your      ISBN 1 86351 286 1
                     style. There are 24 different tassel projects to try, one for every room,    US $14.95
                     doorknob and lamp in your house. A special two-page photo section            Canada $22.95
                     with gorgeous antique tassels and trimmings from day’s gone by.

Paperback            FABRIC FUN FOR KIDS
80 pages             Yolanda Gifford
11” x 8”             Thanks to Yolanda Gifford’s three children and their inquisitive friends,
Full color           a terrific book about the art of having fun with fabric comes to you!
                     Choose from 24 cute and achievable projects to get your kids sewing
1995                 up a storm. Expressions of love, Halloween candy bags, Christmas
ISBN 1 86343 243 4   decorations and pincushions are just a few of the simple projects
US $14.95            ready to get your kids going! Each project has it’s own easy to follow
Canada $22.95        pattern and step-by-step guide. Get a bunch of kids together and
                     watch their imaginations go wild!

                     VICTORIAN DREAMS                                                             Paperback
                     Jenny Haskins                                                                80 pages
                     Bring the romance of the Victorian Era into your life with Victorian         11” x 8”
                     Dreams by Jenny Haskins. Create 12 elegant machine made lace                 Full color
                     projects including a lovely embroidered tulle lace fan, an elegant lace      1993
                     butterfly, a shapely laced bow collar or a beautiful bouquet of white
                     lace flowers. The techniques section covers fabric preparation, design       ISBN 1 86343 126 8
                     transfer and cutaway recommendations. A lace making pictorial stitch         US $14.95
                     directory, essential materials list, full color photographs and easy-to-     Canada $22.95
                     follow instructions guide you through each project.

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