Tablet type device by gjjur4356


									?There is quite a bit about the iPad since it's release, but it falls short of being a real
netbook replacement because it lacks significant features that are needed like
multitasking, Flash, and others. There are some Linux tablets coming out some
running Android that might be a better tablet type device for those who might replace
their netbook.

Currently, there is nothing wrong with the netbook market. The sales have slowed a
bit but it's expected compared to the year when the devices were brand new. Tablets,
at least with what has been announced at CES, seem to be the next big thing. A Linux
based tablets offers some huge advantages over the iPad.

First, you have control over the device. This means you can install third party
applications, save files to the tablet, have a file manager, update when you want to,
and use the device as you see fit. This gives a user much more control over the device
as it will work more like a computer making it easier to replace a netbook since a
netbook is a computer.

USB ports are on these new Linux tablets. This is needed because hardware like
keyboards, mice, cameras, printers, backup drives, and others need USB ports to
function. It will be risky to use an iPad with documents that aren't backed up. A Linux
tablet will let a user properly backup and connect with hardware through already
widely accepted ports.

Linux tablets already work with thousands of applications that people use on their
computers. While the iPad will have iPhone and custom applications, nothing beats
using cross platform open source application that work on a desktop, laptop, netbook,
and tablet. This means that a user can use the same programs on any device.

While the iPad does have it's place in the electronics world, it just isn't meeting up to
netbook replacement as well as a Linux tablet would.

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