Tablet PC- opportunity or a trap by gjjur4356


Ever since Apple released iPAD Tablet PC, and many cottage enterprises as tablets PC
to another fertile after cottage phone ,only in the processors have been Rockchip
mainland, slightly infront of new coastline and many companies have or are about to
launch Tablet PC processor for the product development based on ARM processor
machine manufacturers for more Tablet PC, a including Apple, Lenovo, HP, DELL,
Blackberry, Nokia and many other famous international brands and local brands in the
crowded cottage the upcoming battle, Tablet PC brand in China and the cottage for an
opportunity or a trap, that will soon see the outcome.

Last year was the Internet as a laptop computer, especially a competitor, in fact, the
Internet is just an extension of the low-end laptops to its usage of this no different,
one would be hard to have a computer while online and then have a This, because of
its use of the environment and use exactly the same, Tablet PC is a notebook from the
desktop to the handheld extension, and the Internet is different from a Tablet PC
consumers will generally have a computer at the same time, said partner is not for the
computer tablet as before.

Although the relevant statistical agencies have not seen the investigation report iPAD
use to the old Yao and her friends use iPAD situation, the core of future Tablet PC
applications should be for online video, games and e-mail office, etc., not the news
here as the reason because the old core application list for news that Yao will be the
future development of mobile phones, especially smart phones as the core application
of more practical view of this Tablet PC will be like a computer, television can be
classified as indoor use, the promotion of universal Tablet PC will not have outdoor
and indoor use of mobile phones can affect, but from the nature point of view, Tablet
PC is a handheld computer products from the desktop to the extension, although not
necessarily the operating system Windows, CPU is no longer Intel, or should be
classified to the computer products, as there is a Tablet PC computer partner, the
market capacity will be much greater than has been the relative decline of the Internet,
and because of its mobile features Tablet PC market will usher in the first
communications, computers, or other industry giants participation will be an
unprecedented fierce competition in the market.

Recalling the ups and downs of the Internet, there is no reason why products like
cottage cottage as accepted by the public phone, the one with the Internet related to
the limited market space itself is also computer products and consumer acceptance of
the cottage, but not with different mobile phones, computers The general trend is
gathering to brand market, as the CPU, the same operating system, the same display,
the cottage can be omitted if the computer cost of genuine software is still very
difficult to compete with the brand of computer, mobile phone firms have been able to
in many international brands manufacturers to grab a piece of siege in the world, with
high-end mobile phones from several thousand to several hundred dollars on the low
end of high coverage, mobile phone firms to meet the low-end consumer demand for
the use of mobile communications, which is difficult to meet the brands , while the
difference between computer and cell phone in here, Wintel monopoly is difficult to
make the cottage manufacturers and brand competition.

In contrast Tablet PC, which currently include APPLE, high pass, NViDIA, TI,
Freescale and the mainland Rockchip, the new shoreline, infront of many
micro-processor vendors, and both are using the ARM architecture processors, the
operating system also mostly in the choice of Android-based, compared to only by the
Intel and the computer into a ARM, Android as the future mainstream Tablet PC
operating system, free strategy is brand or cottage and medium-sized manufacturers
negative, although ANdroid free, according to the old Yao know Google really can be
the perfect support for the processor makers have only a high-pass, and in the Android
applications also need to end WIndows businesses to invest more resources than from
this side tablet is undoubtedly more suitable for particular brands the operation of
internationally renowned brands, I believe this is a number of computers,
communications giants have invested a key factor.
 Same processor, memory, display of hardware cost Big Three, the relative computer,
local MP3, PMP manufacturers have been able to rise in market competition, and the
cost of this three-part composition of a great relationship, MP3, PMP's display screen
smaller share of overall costs are lower, Memory can be used for the cost of practice
space, the processor in a larger proportion of overall costs contributed to the local
enterprises in the MP3, PMP market success, and the cost structure in the Tablet PC
These products are much lower than the processor, for many would like to participate
in Tablet PC especially the high-end competition in the local IC manufacturers,
competitive advantage is not obvious.
 If you guess correctly, in the Tablet PC will be the beginning of local brands with
ARM Android platform, that is the case for many small or cottage brand, not only can
not get very favorable display, memory or processor prices, but also difficult to design,
structure design and software, especially software platforms such as Lenovo and other
brands, like large-scale investment, in order to compete in the future of the Tablet PC
market is difficult to win, I believe that Tablet PC in particular the high end of about
10 inches difficult to compete with major international brands, can be expected to
continue in 2010 joined the company announced the Tablet PC market, and there are
many brands in 2011 and quietly exit.

Even if the Tablet PC for the majority of local brands is a trap, for many local IC
design company that does not mean Tablet PC will automatically exit the competition,
especially in the low end a lot of the same opportunities that operating properly, after
all, the small screen in the PMP market has experienced the years, even with
international brands on the big screen market competition is not dominant, by virtue
of the presence of PMP upgrade market, as low as possible to grab a 5-7 inch screen
market, the sky, presumably this is also the Swiss market leader MP4 Symwave MID
layout two years ago the root cause of it.
Tablet PC processor for local providers, another opportunity from MIPS, perhaps
because of the monopoly in the mobile terminal ARM, MIPS hard to think of the
existence, in fact, MIPS recently invested heavily in the mobile terminal, and even
some manufacturers have already upcoming mobile applications based on MIPS
processor cores, the use of MIPS cores are Mainland China IC design companies may
compete Tablet PC market, alternative weapons, at least the cost considerations worth
the wait.
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