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Swimming Pool Landscaping Ideas_ Swimming Pool Builder


									?Swimming pool landscaping design requires planning for the backyard addition.
When you get the right design for the landscaping you create an oasis for your
swimming pool that is more enjoyable.

Here are some ideas to help with the landscaping project.

Begin by planning your design. Look at the color patterns and texture of the
swimming pool landscaping design. If the pool has straight lines you will want to
emphasize with the landscaping to enhance the pools design. The design of the
landscaping is supposed to compliment or enhance the swimming pool. It will look
better when you are well organized and coordinated.

The plants around the swimming pool help to create privacy and detract from the pool
equipment. The pools landscaping should also blend with the rest of the landscaping
in the remaining yard. For low maintenance plants use broad-leafed evergreens
ground covers and ornamental grasses. Consider adding two trees on the south side of
the pool to provide shade during the hotter days and to block the sun. Avoid deciduous
trees plants that bear fruit or berries have thorns or prickles attract bees or wasps and
develop trailing root systems.

It is always a good safety idea to have a fence enclose the swimming pool ideas
especially if you have small children or adventuresome pets. It is also a good idea to
have a lock on the fence so you can secure the entire pool area and reduce the liability
of your backyard recreation. The fence should be six feet or higher with boards or
panels to provide privacy. If you want to have the light and airflow through your fence
consider lattice or a basket weave pattern.

The right type of lighting is essential for every pool area. The outdoor lighting needs
to compliment the landscaping and the pool area as well as being water resistant.
Place proper lighting at the deep end of the pool around the perimeter and near the
steps of the swimming pool.

The patio area of the pool should be a nonskid surface such as pavers with scuffed
surfaces. They will allow the water to be removed for the area so reduce possible

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