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					?Swimming pools create lasting memories for everyone in the family or with friends
during the summer months. A special bond is formed when you add people with water
entertainment. Everyone will enjoy the sparkling cool water during the hot months as
they soak up the sun or swim in the refreshing waters.

There is a swimming pool shape for every yard and lifestyle. With all of the different
shaped pools it is not necessary to have a custom designed shape for a swimming yet
if you find you cannot find the perfect shape for your pool you could have one
designed for your special needs easily.

There are two types of swimming pools. The first is the above ground swimming pool.
These pools are cheaper and quicker for installation. They are durable and long lasting
when taken care of and the use of preventive maintenance are used. They can last
several years and provide lasting memories.

The above ground pools are available in different shapes and sizes that will fit into
any backyard or budget. They are available at several pool stores and on the internet.
They require less maintenance and upkeep than the in ground pools leading to their

The in ground swimming pools are more expensive. They have more maintenance and
plumbing requirements. They last longer and are more durable as well as offer more
options for shapes sizes and options. When money or size of the yard is not a factor
the in ground swimming pool can be considered an investment since it does increase
the value of the home.

One factor to consider with either type of swimming pool is the safety to be used for
the protection of children and pets. Both are likely to wander into the waters creating
a hazardous situation.