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					                             ASSIGNMENT OF INVENTION

       In consideration of the payment by Assignee to Assignor of the sum of One
Dollar ($1.00), the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, and for the other good and
valuable consideration,


       [insert name and address of inventor or creator of intellectual property]

hereby sells, assigns, and transfers to


       Old Dominion University
       Suite 2035, Hughes Hall
       Norfolk, Virginia 23529, U.S.A.

and the successors, assigns and legal representatives of the ASSIGNEE an undivided
interest for the United States and its territorial possessions and in all foreign countries,
including all rights to claim priority in and to any and all improvements which are
disclosed in the invention entitled:

       [insert name of invention or creation]

and which is found in [insert patent numbers, invention disclosure number, ODURF
contract number, or other identifiers];

      ASSIGNOR hereby covenants that no assignment, sale, agreement, or
encumbrance has been or will be made or entered into which would conflict with this

       ASSIGNOR further covenants that ASSIGNEE will promptly, upon its request, be
provided with all pertinent facts and documents relating to said invention and legal
equivalents as may be known and accessible to ASSIGNOR and will testify as to the
same in any interference, litigation or proceeding related thereto and will promptly
execute and deliver to ASSIGNEE for its legal representatives any and all papers,
instruments or affidavits required to apply for, obtain, maintain, issue and enforce said
application, said invention and said Letters Patent and said equivalents thereof which
may be necessary or desirable to carry out the purposes thereof.

       This agreement is under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and dispute
hereunder shall be made in a court of competent jurisdiction within the City of Norfolk,

                                      Office of Research
                                       Revised 12/05/01
Assignment of Invention
Old Dominion University
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         IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I/We have hereunto set our hand and seal.


Printed Name:



COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA                   )
                                           ) SS:
CITY OF NORFOLK                            )

        On this       day of               , 2004 before me a Notary Public and for the
city aforesaid, personally appeared,

to me well known and known by me to be the person of the above name who signed the
foregoing instrument, and acknowledged the same to be his own free act and deed. I
further represent that I am authorized to administer oaths in the above listed city within
the United States.


                                       Office of Research
                                        Revised 12/05/01