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									?When comparing wages, one who only needs to report to a superior as compared to
the superior who needs to watch over a team, the latter usually takes home a higher
pay. The supervisor salary scale differs in accordance with various factors. Other than
the responsibility to ensure his team performs up to par, it is also his job to motivate
them towards the next level. In the settings of a factory supervisory role, the
production line needs to run and produce the outcome as required by the management.
As the saying goes, the show must go on. If any problem crops up, he must be able to
quickly ascertain the reason and seek a solution. Similarly, one in charge of
maintenance must ensure periodic checks are carried out onto equipment and building
to avoid untoward incidents. Any lapse in the business cycle is a cost to the

As such, it is safe to say that the supervisor salary goes hand in hand with one's
experience. In addition, the topic of supervision is also a contributing factor. Taking
charge of more sensitive and vital areas obviously comes with a better remuneration
package. Being responsible for the head of state's safety and security requires a much
higher level of responsibility and is thus rewarded with higher wages. Call centers
represent the voice of the company when interacting with current and potential clients.
Controllers of these centers need to stay alert and step in whenever needed to ensure
quality customer service at all times. If one is in charge of maintenance, it is ideal to
have knowledge on what is to be cared for. Those who are more towards
administering back office functions normally draw a lower level of income. This is
not to say their role is any less important. It is probably due to much lesser interaction
and influence with the clientele.

In order to supplement their main source of income, some opt to take on these posts
on a part time basis. Normally compensated based on hourly rates, it is a model
whereby one earns as he works. Since there is normally no perks attached with this
kind of job, the rate may be higher as compared to one for a permanent post.

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