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					     June 2009                                                                Volume III, Issue 6

                                    “The STACK”
                    A Publication of the Manitowoc Jaycees
                                                                              Doreen Drescher, Editor

                                                 Presidential Update
                                      Well, the Easter Egg Hunt was a blast. We had great
                                      weather and unprecedented participation. I met with
                                      the Noon Optimists and the Manitowoc Parks &
                                      Recreation department to figure out how to run this
                                      event better, after hearing some comments about
                                      crowding and other issues. For those of you who
                                      participated, I want you all to remember that we will
                                      never be able to please everyone. I have been involved
                                      with this event since I joined the Jaycees 4 years ago
       Inside this Issue:
                                      and there are and will always be people who think they
President’s Message; pages 1 & 2      can do better. Don’t feel bad that people are
                                      complaining. We, as the Manitowoc Jaycees, do
Membership Renewals; page 2
                                      everything we can to make this a fun and exciting event
Community Report; page 3              for all the kids and we will continue to run this event for
Relay for Life info; page 3           the children of Manitowoc.

Individual Development; page 4
                                      The month of June is right around the corner and that
Management Report; page 4             means Metro Jam is coming up on the 19th/20th. The
                                      committee has been working very hard to make sure this
May Member Mtg. Minutes; page 5
                                      year is a success. For those of you who volunteered last
Calendar of Events – June; page 6     year, this year will be much different. The garden fair
Roster; pages 7 & 8                   is on a different weekend this year so we won’t have to
                                      deal with the early morning crowds on Saturday.
KAN Cool for School; page 9
                                      Another change for this year is the addition of a larger
Jaycee Mission Statement; page 10     tent for our stand. Those who have worked the event in
                                      the past remember being out in the sun all day and how
                                      hot it gets out there. We are ordering a 20 ft x 30 ft
    Membership Meeting
                                      tent for everyone to hangout under this year. . This
 Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009            should help those of you who got sunburns in the past,
         7:00 pm                      although if you are looking to get a suntan you might be
      Best Western                    out of luck. All in the entire event is coming together
   Inn on Maritime Bay                nicely. If you haven’t had a chance to sign up yet for the
                                                                 continued ………………….page 2
Please support your local   President’s message continued from page 1………
members and their place
      of business.          event, please send me an email or give me a call. This is a
                            really fun event for everyone, so don’t miss it.
   Heather Allard
Manitowoc convention
 and visitors bureau        Collin will be holding a membership orientation soon and all
                            of you who signed up at the last membership meeting will be
      Jason allard
       Burger boat          contacted. If you were unable to make it to the meeting
                            last time and you would like a little intro into what the
      Jen bergin
Manitowoc county job
                            Jaycees are and all the projects we run, send an email to
        center              Collin at membershipvp@manitowocjaycees.org.

     Adam Braunel
  pEtEr’s ConstruCtion      I hope everyone is having a great year. Take care and see
                            you all on June 3rd, 7PM at the Best Western for the
     Collin Braunel
                            membership meeting and June 17th, 6:30PM for the board
       Greg brey
   Heresite protective
        coatings            Your hoping for a great memorial day president,

    Stephanie Cruetz
                            Alex Olson
                            2009 President
     Katie dickrell         (920) 905-3953
Manitowoc public school
        district            president@manitowocjaycees.org

    Cassie downard

      Jeb Downard                       Membership Anniversaries
                            Congratulations on your Anniversary with the world’s greatest
     Clint Drescher                         young person organization!!!!
                            June Renewals:
     Paul Granger                            Jeremy Sehloff; 2004
  Manitowoc County                           Lindsay Thomaschefsky; 2007
  shEriFF’s DEpartmEnt                       Doreen Drescher; 1999
                                             Abbie Meyer; 2008
       Ted Hacker
   City of Manitowoc        July Renewals:
                                             Adam Braunel; 2007
    Lindsey hawig                            Steve Granger; 2005
  Bank first national
                            August Renewals:
    Dana troullier                           Stephanie Cruetz; 2007
     Wi job center                           Jamie Vergenz; 2008

     Emily vergenz          Please contact Collin Braunel by the 15th of the month prior to
        Aurora              your renewal month to receive a $5 discount on your $50
                            renewal fee.
  Community Corner with Jeb Downard                                      Megan leIst
                                                                       Lighthouse inn
                                                                        Kim Leitner
Hello Everybody-                                                       Manitowoc co.

                                                                        Rick leitner
I hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather that                        Crafts
we have had lately. I know that I have. I want to
thank everybody who came out to help with our recent                     Abbie Meier
                                                                        Hobby Lobby
Community events, March of Dimes Walk America and
Pitch Hit and Run. Both events ran very smoothly for                  Melissa Milewicz
                                                                         Fox Hills
the most part. Up next for the Community area is the
biggest community event of the year, MetroJam. This                  Richard Milewicz
event funds all of the community events for the year               Holy Family Memorial

and is a great time for those who volunteer. This year                   Lynn moore
we will have 6 hour shifts as in years past. The shifts           Shipbuilders credit union
will be from 4-10 Friday and 2 shifts on Saturday from
                                                                         Alex olson
10-4 and 4-10. Nicole Resch is coordinating the                            Access
manpower for this event so if you have not had a call
                                                                       justine olson
from her yet you should be receiving one shortly. If                     st marys
you are interested in helping out and have not had a
chance to sign up yet please let me know as soon as you                 Dawn Phajit
                                                                      Associated bank
can. I hope to see you all on the 19th and 20th. Have a
good one!!                                                              Kong phajit
                                                                       Federal mogul

Jeb                                                                    Nicole Resch
                                                                   Holy family memorial

                                                                         Steve Riske
             Relay for Life Update:                                    Federal mogul

The Relay for Life event will be held July 24th and 25th this            Sadie sebo
year at Two Rivers High School with the theme of Birthdays.              Lia sophia
The event is a 15 hour walk to raise awareness and money for
                                                                       Jeremy Sehloff
Cancer related research, education, counseling and support.          Perkins Restaurant

We would love for you to come out and join us trackside on           Dr Stacey Soeldner
Friday night. We are planning a bonfire, pudgie pies, smores,     Riverhill psychological
and lots of fun.                                                          associates

Also, we need your help, if you or anyone you know scrapbooks          Dave soeldner
                                                                   east point engineering
or stamps, we are collecting homemade birthday cards to sell
at the event at our site. Please ask them donate as many             audra Salisbury
cards as possible for our cause.                                 Manitowoc Public schools

Contact me at 682-2692 for more information                            Will Stecker
                                                                Mechanical Research & design
          Alan koncal                                       Individual Development
          Holy family
           Abbie hacker
                                        Thank you to Diana Schultz who did a recent event on SCORE, which is
          Northern Labs
                                        starting a business during these tough economic times. Diana works for the
                                        Economic Development Corporation and is a newer Jaycee member. Thanks
       Katie stradal
                                        Diana for giving this informative information to our local community
    Orion energy systems
          Zach cookle                   Who wants to learn how to cook??? Italian? Well, now is your chance. Lee
           Kwik trip                    Brocher from Maretti's Deli will be serving up some fine Italian dishes...along
                                        with some delectable wine. The date is Thursday, June 25th at 7pm at
       Katie stradal                    Maretti's Deli at Buffalo & 9th Street in Manitowoc. Cost is just $2.50 for
    Orion energy systems                members and $5.00 for nonmembers. RSVP is greatly appreciated. Please call
                                        973-2208 or email me at englebertz@yahoo.com. Hope to see you there. This
  Linsday thomaschefsky                 event is listed on Facebook, under our Manitowoc Jaycee Group. An event you
  First lutheran church                 certainly will enjoy and maybe learn some fine tips!!

          Jamie Vergenz                 Camping...Jaycee trip to High Cliff State Park. A traditional favorite of the
            Kwik Trip                   Jaycees. The weekend we've chosen is August 14-16, 2009. Cost is $5 per
                                        member, $20 maximum per family which offsets the price of the campground.
          Kari wagner                   Food will be discussed closer to the weekend of camping. If you'd like to learn
            Aurora                      more about this fun weekend, or if you'd just like to join us for a night or
                                        daytime...the more, the merrier, however, we'll need RSVPs please. This event
           Jason weier                  is listed on Facebook, under our Manitowoc Jaycee Group.
          Edward jones
                                        Look forward to seeing you at our next event!!!
To have your information updated
 or have your name added to the         Heather Allard & Jen Bergin
   list contact Doreen Drescher         Individual Development 2009

                 2009 Management Minute with Dawn Phajit
Hi All!

Our annual Sandbox Fill will be on Saturday, June 6th. On the day of the event, all volunteers will
meet at 7:45 am at the Citizen’s Park parking lot where we will divide into groups to deliver the sand
to families that pre-ordered. This is a rain or shine event. We are still looking for more volunteers for
this event. If you would like to help us deliver the sand or would like more information about this
event, please contact me. After all deliveries have been made, the Dreschers have again invited us to
have lunch at their place, watch the airshow and relax.

Another management event we have coming up this summer is the Silver Creek Shootout on
Saturday, July 18th. This is a disc golf tournament that we have held for the past few years. Jeb will
be chairing this event and will have more details as the event date gets closer.

See you at the June Membership meeting!

Dawn Phajit
Management VP 2009
                        Manitowoc Jaycees Membership Meeting Notes for May 6th, 2009
Meeting was called to order at 7:02P
Quorum of the membership was achieved as 19 members were in attendance
Motion to approve meeting agenda by Justine Olson, Second by Doreen Drescher, Motion passed.
Previous month’s Meeting Minutes to be included in the Monthly newsletters.
Secretary – Newsletter articles are due to Doreen Drescher by the 19th of the month.
Treasurer – Account Balances, UO Checking $1,142.53, UO Savings $2,244.02, BFN Savings $24,074.22, UO Brewfest $15,819.31, UO
Metro Jam $500.13. Motion to approve the Account Balances by Doreen Drescher, Second by Jason Allard, Motion passed.
Management -
Sandbox Fill will be on June 6th starting at 8A. Dawn Phajit sent flyers out and has received some orders for sand already, still need
Wheelbarrows and Shovels for the day of the event. Lunch will be provided for workers at the Clint and Doreen Drescher’s house
Silver Creek Shootout, Jeb Downard is heading this event up and it will take place on July 18 th.
State Jaycees Superstars will be held July 24-26 in Lacrosse, the same weekend as our Relay for Life event. Involves camping and fun
games and activities with other Jaycees from around the state. Those interested should contact Dawn Phajit for more information.
State Jaycees Convention will be held September 11-13 in Lacrosse. There will be training, company meeting followed by awards and a
formal dinner. Those interested should contact Dawn Phajit for more information.
State Volleyball will be in Manitowoc this year November 13-15. The volleyball will be played at the Big Apple in Rockwood and out of
town guests/participants will be staying at the Best Western Lakefront. More information will be provided as the event gets closer.
Community -
Easter Egg Hunt went as well as could be expected considering the number of kids that came out this year. Alex Olson and Jeb Downard
will be meeting with the City of Manitowoc – Park/Rec and Optimists for a wrapup meeting May 13th at 5:30, Zoo Education Center.
March of Dimes on May 2nd, went well, we had three volunteers to help grill and serve food to approximately 150 walkers.
Pitch, Hit & Run will take place on May 16th at 1PM at Citizen Park. Flyers have gone out to the Little League coaches in town and we
are expecting a good turnout depending on the weather. Those interested should contact Jeb Downard for more information.
Metro Jam will take place on June 19/20 at Washington Park. Those interested in helping with the concessions should contact Nicole
Resch for more information.
Relay for Life will take place July 24/25, the Jaycees team will set up a tent and have a bonfire on Friday night with food and drinks.
Those interested in raising money or walking at the event should contact Doreen Drescher for more information.
Individual -
Vision Board ID took place on May 2 nd at Jason and Heather Allard’s house. New member Juliet Kosarzycki led the group in creating a
motivational piece to map out future life goals.
Small Business Seminar (SCORE) will take place on May 19 th from 6-8P. Those interested should contact Heather Allard for more
Italian Cooking Demo at Maretti’s Deli on June 25th at 7P. Owner Lee Brocher will be demonstrating some easy Italian cooking and
food will be paired with wine. Those interested should contact Heather Allard for more information.
Annual Jaycee’s Camping will take place on August 14-16 at High Cliff State Park. There will be a $5 per person admission charge
along with the purchase of a WI state park sticker for those who don’t have one. For more information contact Heather Allard.
Membership -
April Social at Timeout had 8 attendees.
Membership Orientation will be taking place with Collin Braunel, those interested should contact Collin so he can setup a date and time
that works for everyone.
May Social will include cleaning and organizing the Jaycee’s mini storage, with lunch to follow. Those interested should contact Collin
Braunel for more information.
Dragon Boat Team, Collin was unable to find enough people for the Dragon Boat racing team for this year.
Corporate Recruiting, Collin is working on some corporate recruiting with businesses in Manitowoc. Members who would like to
participate are encouraged to work with Collin in the Recruitment process.
Membership Competition, Collin has setup a competition open to all members to recruit new members to the chapter. Members are
encouraged to submit one person for consideration. The member with the most members joining will win a prize.
New Business -
The board had decided to look for a new storage shed, one preferably closer to the Southwest side of Manitowoc. If any members have
ideas or know of locations that would be suitable, they should contact Alex Olson with the information.
John Ruminski of Choice Vision ’09 will be presenting after the meeting about an event coming up to spread awareness and resources
available for those affected by addiction on the lakeshore.
A perspective member Lisa Callsen, who last month gave a presentation about deaf awareness, wanted to pass along some information
about starting a Toast Masters group in Manitowoc. The Toast Masters are a group of people who focus on public speaking, not
necessarily speeches. Those interested in this should contact Lisa for more information.
Deaf Pilots Association, Collin Braunel is working with Lisa Callsen to raise money for a Deaf Pilots event in Manitowoc. They will be
having over 25 deaf pilots flying into the Manitowoc County airport. For more information contact Collin Braunel.
Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:45P by Doreen Drescher, Second by Jason Allard, Motion Passed.
                                                   June 2009
   Sunday   Monday                       Tuesday         Wednesday          Thursday           Friday           Saturday
31    May 1    Jun                  2                    3              4                 5                 6
                  7th Annual Golf                                                         Little Chute      Sandbox Fill
                  Tournament -                           7:00p -7:30p                     Cheese Festival       meet at
                  Sheboygan                               Manitowoc                                         Citizen’s Park
                                                            GMM                                              at 7:45 am

                                                                                                            Little Chute
                                                                                                            Cheese Festival
                                                                                                            (All Day)
                                                                                                            Brillion Fest
7                 8                 9                    10             11                12                13
Little Chute                                                                              Fond du Lac       Fond du Lac
Cheese Festival                                                                           Walleye           Walleye
                                                                                          Weekend           Weekend

14                15                16                   17             18                19                20
Fond du Lac                                                             5:00p East
Walleye                                                  6:00p -7:00p   Central           Metro Jam at Metro Jam at
Weekend                                                   Manitowoc     Regional          Washington Washington
                                                             Board      Waterfest,           Park         Park
                                                            Meeting     Oshkosh            4pm-10pm 10 am-10pm

                                                                                          Waupaca           Waupaca
                                                                                          Strawberry        Strawberry
                                                                                          Festival          Festival

21                22                23                   24             25                26                27
Waupaca                                                                     ID- Italian
Strawberry                                                                  Cooking at
Festival                                                                     Maretti’s
                                                                              7 pm
28                29                30                   1     Jul      2                 3                 4
                                    Essay submissions                                     Appleton Big
                                    due to                                                Boom
           Jaycee mission statement
    To contribute to the advancement of the global community by

providing the opportunity for young people to develop the leadership

    skills, social responsibility, entrepreneurship and fellowship

                  necessary to create positive change.

P.O. BOX 1911
MANITOWOC, WI 54221-1911

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