Successful Showhouse Marketing Techniques by gjjur4356


									?I recently received the following question about the marketing importance of
designer showhouses which prompted me to write this article: "How do maximize my
marketing when I am asked to do a room in a showhouse? They take a lot of time
which takes me away from my paying clients and I usually spend a bunch of money
on supplies and other items that I want to make sure I recoup. Are they even worth

Before agreeing to paint or stage a room at a showhouse, you have to first find out
how the event is going to be marketed and what type of marketing you are allowed to
do yourself. If the showhouse isn't going to be marketed well or if you aren't
permitted to do your own marketing during the presentation of the house, then you
probably won't see a good ROI (Return on Investment) of the time and money you put
into the project.

If you are allowed to do your own marketing, you must decide how much time you
want to put into the marketing of your specific room in addition to the time you spend
actually creating the room.

You should at least be willing to create and print a stack of "one-sheet flyers" for the
showhouse visitors (see article at /art_onesheet.htm) to entice people to hire you for
their creative projects. You should also be prepared to spend many hours at your room
to speak with attendees, answer questions, and show off your work while the house is
open to the public. Attendees like to speak with the artist or decorator and usually
need to make a personal connection to feel comfortable enough to hire the artist for
additional projects.

Showhouses also present a great opportunity for you to exhibit your work to people
whom you think would make great clients. So, spending some time and money to mail
invitations about the showhouse opening to potential customers is always a great idea.
Adding the information to your website and in your newsletter are also fantastic ways
to help promote your work as well.

If the showhouse does not present a great opportunity for marketing that will help you
bring in additional work and you are not willing to do your own marketing, then it's
not in your best interest to spend the time and money to get involved. But, if you are
willing to roll up your sleeves and do the marketing work necessary, then showhouses
can be a big asset to helping you build your client base and increase your income.

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