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					?Network marketing has been around for a very long time, but now with the amazing
technology of the Internet at our fingertips we have new and more powerful ways of
turning network marketing methods into abundant wealth and personal freedom.

Yet, the sad truth is that most people who get started in network marketing on the
Internet fail, and they have to go back to their dismal, closed-ended j-o-b. Now why
do people fail trying to capitalize on this golden opportunity? It's because network
marketing is not about working harder--it's about working smarter. And, while nobody
plans to fail, a great many people fail to plan.

What are the essentials that you need to plan for in order to make network marketing
your golden egg laying goose and your ticket to personal freedom and fulfillment?

First of all, you'll need to get the word out about your business, and give people a way,
and a reason, to find your website(s). You can have the best product on the Internet
and, if you don't constantly promote your business, very few people will buy from
you--for most won't know you exist. People in sales-dependent businesses like the
insurance business have long since known about the great importance of promotion.
How can you apply this to the age of the Internet?

Here are some ways of promoting your business online that you can learn about and

Autoresponder-driven opt-in e-mail newsletter
Writing articles and using social bookmarking to distribute them around the Net
Creating promotional videos and placing them on YouTube, Video Jug, and Meta Cafe,
as well as at your own website
Making use of Twitter
Create and maintain a Squidoo lens about topics concerning or related to your
Do a weekly podcast
Participate in forums that get traffic from people who are in your target market
Give monthly teleseminars

Now, what more do you need to know? You need to understand persistence. You will
build a downline, then after a while you may find out that many of your downline
people are do-nothings. They aren't doing any work to promote the product or the
service or the opportunity, at least not in any active, meaningful way. This is where
you really cannot give up, as you may be tempted to when you find this out.
One way of avoiding this is by properly qualifying people before you bring them into
your business, and not just accepting anyone. Only bring people in who you can see
are determined and like-minded.
Once you have a clearer picture of who is working actively and avidly, focus all of
your attention on them. Let the others die on the vine. Keep doing what you're doing
to bring in others and know that, at best, only 10 out of every 100 who think they
want the opportunity really do. Tend to these few and they will make it all worth your

This is where training on how to speak to people and qualify them is so important.
Make sure the organisation you join provides excellent training, and also that the
compensation plan can provide you with income from day one, whilst you are
working to build your long term residual income.
Make sure your organisation has an exit strategy, whereby you can retire 2 - 5 years
down the line on a massive residual income.

But most of all, you have to be patient. Lack of patience is probably what sinks most
Internet network marketing failures. You should not expect to see significant money
until after a full year of promoting and building your business. You might need to
keep your "day job" during this time, as much as you want to break away from it.
Build and promote tirelessly for a year before you begin expecting to see the big
If you want to Create The Kind Of Life You Know You Deserve, Including Earning a
6 Figure + Income, you need a 5 Star Business strategy, and a company based on
integrity. You also need to know that you will receive full support and training.
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Same Results"