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					?Creating a home based business should be easy enough. I had grown tired of
business trips, hotels and airports, clients all over and the same mess everywhere.

I wanted to do internet marketing; I have set up a number of websites for clients and
improved them with metatags and keywords, making sure that the keywords are also
found in the texts, changing keywords and metatags for each page and so on. We got
results, but not to the extent we had hoped for.

Therefore the next logical step was to start looking for methods and systems to use in
internet marketing.
For my first steps I had relied on Google alone, now a new world opened up. A world
of total confusion, with systems and various schemes all over, the more I searched, the
more confused I got.

Therefore, I narrowed my efforts and focused on internet marketing only. And I only
wanted a clean cut, complete marketing system which I could use for marketing of
any service or product. One area of focus is the social network, which should be in
place. I found Mark Dillard, joined his network and read his book.

The book was fascinating reading, so Mr. Mark Dillard, the concept of Attraction
Marketing is now clear as crystal too me. The methods I need to get everything in
place I dwere not clear. The book is good and if you havent already read it, then get it.

I was in fact looking for a "turn key" solution. All elements in place, clear
explanations on how to proceed and trainings, trainings, trainings.

So I continued to search, and then I came across David Wood. I signed up for his
newsletter and did my own research. Step-by-step I was convinced that we shared the
same platform when it comes to marketing, he promoted what I believed to be the
right path to follow - and that the ethics and methods he use aligned with my personal
core values. In addition, his program can be used for any marketing effort on the
internet and it is complete. It addresses all the important issues of modern internet
marketing including using articles and video. An interesting man with an interesting
concept. And if it works for him it will work for me and if it works for me then it will
work for you..

What am I talking about?

SEO training or search engine marketing, all wrapped up in a structured internet
marketing course. The training itself is not free, but you should consider this an
investment in yourself, your own, personal internet income training. The marketing
and the methods he promotes can best be described as free internet marketing. Get up
there on page one on Google with your internet marketing training.
Knowledge makes a difference, knowledge and practice will give you the skills and
with your new skills you can sell anything on the internet. This model works, folks.
Training and practice will give me many new opportunities, internet marketing skills
are in demand and my clients will love this. You will love it too, whether you are
looking for affiliate marketing training or general online marketing training. Create
your new opportunities by developing your own cutting edge skills.

Even Jahr holds a Master Degree in Business Management and Marketing. Read Even
Jahr's blog To establish yourself where you want to be - learn new skills to perfection.
Keep in mind that knowledge makes a difference