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Stretch Marks Home Remedies - How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks


									?Stretch marks are scars left behind when skin is overstretched, and fibers in the
middle layer (dermis) have broken. They most often occur during pregnancy,
bodybuilding, extreme weight gain, occasionally puberty and are usually found on the
abdomen, breasts, buttocks, legs, and upper arms. Fresh stretch marks appear initially
as red lines and then slowly fade to a pale white color over the course of several
months. While it is possible to reduce and even eliminate the appearance of stretch
marks, it is much easier to prevent them.

Stretch marks (striae) — pink, red or purple streaks on the skin — may occur where
skin is rapidly stretched. Stretch marks are most often associated with rapid weight
gain and pregnancy. Unfortunately, there are very few effective treatments for stretch
marks. The actual cause of stretch marks has not yet been determined so far. A
reduction in collagen level in the skin affects the structure of the skin and may lead to
occurrence of stretch marks. The pink color that shows in the initial stages points to
rupturing of the small blood vessels in the outer layers of your skin.

Before you contemplate splurging your hard-earned cash on the latest, most expensive
creams or the newest advances in surgical procedures, there are some easy and helpful
ways you can do in the comfort of your own home to treat stretch marks.

If your stretch marks are not too faded or are relatively new, try using a loofah or
body brush while bathing or showering and gently scrub the affected areas. Doing so
would loosen and remove the dead skin cells on the surface of the stretch marks,
leaving the new skin in your natural color beneath it.

There are also countless oils and creams available over the counter which you could
try. In some cases, these could help reduce the severity of your stretch marks.
Remember though, that if you are expecting, it would be wise to ask your physician
prior to starting the use of any oils and creams to get rid of stretch marks.

Prescription creams are also available for the treatment of stretch marks. These may
be very successful on mild stretch marks and may improve the appearance of deeper
stretch marks as well. Retin-A cream is commonly used to reduce the redness in new
stretch marks and may help prevent prominent scarring. However, Retin-A can only
be used on newer stretch marks that are still red or pink, typically less than one year

You may also opt to see your dermatologist to get an appropriate prescription cream
such as Retin-A. A significant decrease in the size of stretch marks has been observed
in patients who have participated in Retin-A studies.

However, Retin-A should not be used to get rid of stretch marks by pregnant or
lactating women, as there have not been a sufficient number of studies done to prove
it could not adversely affect an unborn child.
Laser surgery is by far the most definitive and permanent means of to get rid of
stretch marks. Keep in mind that the type of laser to be used would largely depend on
the coloration of your stretch marks.

There are certain expensive and difficult surgeries that will help to reduce the look of
stretch marks. If they bother you that bad, then see a doctor about getting a
microdermobrasion surgery to remove the marks. Laser surgery is also an effective
way to fight the awful looking things. These are extreme measures only for those who
are serious about getting rid of skin problems.

Generally, you should want to do something about your stretch marks because you
want to and not because someone is pressuring you. If a lover or loved one is forcing
you to do something about it, then consider a relationship change. It will be easier to
get rid of that bum than it will be to get rid of the stretch marks.

At-Home Options

Many skin care experts say that keeping the skin soft and supple, not to mention well
hydrated, can help ward off stretch marks, so be sure to drink lots of water (which is
good for your skin in general). If you already have stretch marks and would like a
way to cover them up, then you can use regular body makeup or you can buy
specially formulated creams that work to remove stretch marks but are also tinted to
help make them less visible.

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