A simple guide on how to make a website using notepad by superamanda


									  “A Simple Guide on How to Make
     a Website Using Notepad”
                          © Copyright Ewen Chia

Website demands are increasing together with the development of technology. It is very
hard to make websites especially if you don't have any idea about computers and
programming. This write-up can definitely guide you on how to make a website using
notepad even if you are not a professional.

This will actually work on any software with a notepad application on it. To start, make a
new folder and name it in whatever filename you would like to use. Open your computer
and go to your desktop or any hard disk then, right click. Make a new folder with a
unique and distinctive filename made exclusively for your website. You can also click on
CTRL + N or just go to file tab, new and create folder.

Generating a webpage only utilizes a text file. In this case, you can use some text editor
such as Notepad. Make a new document and save it as an HTML file by clicking on the
file tab once again and pressing the save as tab. A window will usually appear that will
ask you on how you want your file to be named. In saving your design, you have to type
in your desired filename, with a word .htm next to it such as friend.htm. Make sure to
drop down the box in the save as type field and choose all files then save.

Now, you can proceed to the main course on how to make a website using notepad. Type
on these words or simply copy and paste it to your heading:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"

This is the transitional XHTML DOCTYPE that is commonly used by beginners like you.
Press enter and proceed with the next line by typing in

enter again for five times then type

once more. Please note the slash used after the < character is used to enclose what you
have to include to your website. Type


enclosed by


in between the html codes with the words


the name of title


in between. The title you will enter usually appears on the browser's window so it has to
be short yet catchy.

The body will be your next agenda. Right after the tag


and before the


you need to put on the word




for writing the contents of your website. Inside this tag, you have to place the words div,
nav and main with this format: and that are usually closed by the word . The main reason
for putting these words is to create a unique identification for two different divisions.
Save it with the same filename and you are done. If you want to place some images, just
make a new folder to organize stuff well.

At first you will be confused what are these tags and special characters but later on, you
will appreciate the simplicity of this article on how to make a website using notepad. Just
a little tip, you should always use words in lowercase and without spaces or punctuation
to prevent further problems.

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