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Strategic Execution


									?The enterprise, government and 'not for profit' organizations of today face an
operating environment that is at the most competitive historical levels due to a
number of factors that include:

 1. globalization,

 2. demand from stakeholders for greater productivity and return on investment,

 3. greater customer and stakeholder sophistication

 4. scarcity of resources

 5. skills and labour shortage,

 6. the aging work force

 7. increased domestic competition with greater strategic capabilities

 8. ever improving           information     technology     and     telecommunications

 9. triple bottom line requirements

 10. etc, etc.

The business texts are rich with instruction to business leaders on methods to address
this highly demanding environment with a clear message that every organization must
embrace the demands and continually change in order to evolve and hence prosper or
at least survive.

Innumerable methods are offered but underlying the vast majority of them is a clear
Vision and commensurate Vision founded on lofty Values that are translated into a
Strategy which is "artistically" devised and implemented by leaders who are highly
skilled with a combination of "hard" and "soft" skills.

The result of the implementation of any Strategy is action to arrive at the desired
outcomes. It is at this stage that there are all too often major delays and even complete
(and costly) failures to achieve the required results.

For more information on strategic execution take a look at the PM Partners site

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