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									?The concept behind the self storage business is simple: You take your goods or items
to their place of business pay them a fee, and in turn they provide you with a space to
keep your items safe and secure for a contracted period of time. Storage units are
available for a specific amount of time; whether it's monthly, quarterly or for an entire
year. For individuals, small businesses, or large corporations, this is a fantastic
These companies maintain trained staff which takes an empathetic and caring
approach to storing your belongings, and provide you with a complete set of solutions
including the flexibility to move and store your items at very short notice. A quickly
growing business in the United States and the world over, these self serve facilities are
on the rise, making it easy to find a location near you.
You can store almost anything you want. The most common items are household
goods, furniture, antiques, appliances, clothing, as well as sensitive items like
important business and personal documents. The renter is provided with a key or a
security code, and in some cases can provide their own lock, allowing them to easily
check or access their goods at their convenience, normally 24 hours per day, and
seven days a week.
The benefits of self storage:

* Security for all of your belongings, often with features such as gated entry,
individual entry codes, flood lighting and video surveillance
* On site resident managers at some facilities
* Protection from the elements in a clean, well maintained, dry storage unit
* Pest and vermin control
* Availability of climate controlled units
* Affordable unit rent with easy terms and conditions
* Flexibility of storage unit sizes and functions
* 24 hour a day access, 7 days per week
* Peace of mind that comes from having someone else care for your items

Business owners, large companies, or private individuals can utilize self storage units
to keep valuable items or important documents off-site and away from possible harm.
This way, if fire, catastrophe, or other disasters strike your home or business, you
won't lose valuable keepsakes, antiques, luxury items, or irreplaceable records and
documents. Self storage provides a valuable way to protect precious items and secure
documents. The added benefit to you is more space, greater organization, and less
clutter in your work or home life.

You can put whatever items you want into your unit and access them whenever you
want. Besides the security and surveillance monitoring provided, nobody is looking
over your shoulder to see exactly which items you're placing into your unit. The
relationship between a client and the storage company is private and discreet.

Of course you cannot store items deemed dangerous or illegal, but other than a few
basic common sense rules, there are very few restrictions as to what can be stored.
There also are no requirements that you notify the company exactly what you're
storing with them, just so long as you follow their rules, your privacy is well assured.

You can pay monthly for an individual storage unit or for larger blocks of time. You
pay for the space you need for the length of time you need. The flexibility, ease of use,
cost, privacy, and sense of security that customers feel makes self storage the best
option for anyone looking for a place to store items large or small.

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