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									Total Body Workout Routines That Work
I promised you that I would let you in on one of my favorite total body workout routines. I have been using this one for a while now and about every 2 months I slightly modify it to ensure
that I am getting the muscle confusion element in. I mean honesty, who on earth would want to do the same routine or set of routines day in and day out? I know that seems inefficient and
boring, however so many people do just that. They show up to the gym and do the same routines over and over again and never give total body workouts routines a good effort. If they did, they
would fall in love with total body workout routines.

Before We Begin A Sample Of Total Body Workout Routines

If you read my previous post, I touched on three main benefits of doing total body workout routines. I won’t rewrite what I talked about, just head over and read it for yourself. The amazing
thing is this, the more people I get to start doing these total body workout routines the more they emphatically thank me time and time again. The reason for that is rather simple, total body
workouts routines flat out work and require less of your time during the week. Seems like a no brainer right? Well, as mentioned on this blog before, people get sucked into the gym and think
that is the only way to workout. I am here to say that is not accurate but rather self destructive. We have loads of resources to get fit, and it starts with just your body. I can talk about total body

workout routines for hours if you have not noticed already          So no more blabbing away, lets get into one of my favorite total body workout routines. I do need to say only do this if you are
physically able and/or talked with your doctor first.

A Sample Of Just One Of Many Total Body Workout Routines

This is a circuit style workout, so no rest between exercises. Each exercise lasts one minute. You will rest one minute after each round. The only thing you will need is a TRX, pull up bar, or
even a tree branch.

1. Do push ups for one minute

2. Do pull ups for one minute (pace yourself here)

3. Do squats for one minute

4. Run in place for one minute

5. Do front ab planks for one minute

That is the first round! It may look easy while you are reading this total body workout routine but let me explain. You see you do five rounds of this. Each round gets harder and harder because
of the circuit style and you should increase your intensity per round until your final round you are going as hard as fast as you can. Also, each round you switch the exercises up. So for example
round one you might do standard push ups, round two you might do close arm push ups, and so on. By modifying each exercise each round it really begins to take its toll on you. And this is
only one simple form of total body workout routines. I have a whole folder of total body workout routines that I have created over the past ten years, and I keep adding to it on a regular basis.

So hopefully by now you have felt my passion for total body workout routines, have tried this full body workout, and are beginning to realize that total body workout routines are very effective
and useful for everyone. So the question you may have is this, how do I keep my total body workout routines fun and ongoing? Well that is where buying certain fitness products comes into
play. Like I said in an earlier post, I have spent a lot of money on crap products. After spending all that money total body workout routines are the best bet. I have a few programs that I follow.
They all are very effective and well worth the time to at least look into. Here they are:

Escalating Density Training

Bodyweight Revolution

Visual Impact For Men / Visual Impact For Women

Turbulence Training

You Could always just keep creating new total body workout routines as well if you have the creativity and motivation to do so. Or you could check out our resources page and find more total
body workout routines. No matter what you decide on know this, total body workout routines are perhaps the best form of fitness you could ever do

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