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Stone Manufacturers


									?The business of Indian natural stone is just not vast but also a bit complicated. It is
spread over a few layers and just not limited to stone manufacturers.

 Starting with quarrying or mining of the stone, it involves the processing and
marketing process as well. It so not ends there only. Supply of the finished products is
also an integral part of the whole process. There is a wide variety of natural stones in
India. Almost all of them have export value.
There is a huge demand of marble India, granite India, sandstone India, slate India
and cobbles India among all the varieties of
Almost every where, people have a liking for these natural stones. Name of the
country or continent does not matter at all. These stones can be used in innumerable
ways. Though it is used generally in the houses and buildings, there is huge need of
these as stone paving. Undoubtedly, no body uses marble for that. Home market for
these stones is also very strong along with the booming export possibilities.
Though, export requirements are such that quality check is a big issue. The
requirements for any stone, sandstone export, necessitates meeting to the international
standards. That is why manufacturers often involve certified consultants for quality
checks. There are a number of reasons behind such a huge liking for Indian natural
stone across the world. The finished products usually exported include marble tiles,
marble pillars, granite slabs, sandstone slabs, etc. These stones have specific qualities
attached to them.
This kind of likeness for marble emanates from the fact that it is resistant to corrosion
and germs. Otherwise, its appeal and beauty is immense. On the other hand, sandstone
suppliers get the benefit of the fact that Indian sand stone holds the qualities of
porosity and uneven hardness. Even then it is strong at comprehensive level. In the
case of granite, durability is the key word. Its qualities make it the preferred stone for
ornamental work. These specific qualities make these stones highly preferable.

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