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Irelands Roadmap to Renewable Energy


									?Irelands Minister of Communications Energy and natural Resources has revealed a
roadmap to develop offshore wind, wave and tidal energy. The blueprint laid out by
the energy minister Eamon Ryan, also claims that the extra power could be generated
without any adverse effects on the environment.

Irelands minister told attendees at the Pathways to 2050 International Energy
Conference in Dublin that the renewable energy could almost meet the Governments
targets of supplying 40% of Irelands electricity by 2020.

Ryan has announced that Ireland could export ten times the nations total electricity
requirement by 2050. He announced that EU energy ministers from nine countries
will meet next month to sign an agreement to advance the proposals for a new
offshore grid involving north western EU countries.

The proposal is believed to offer a viable clean and sustainable answer to
safeguarding Irelands own long term power needs against the end of fossil fuels. Ryan
We are working with Scotland and Northern Ireland on the ISLES project to develop
interconnection with these close neighbours.

The Offshore Renewable Energy Development Plan, now open for public consultation,
in conjunction with the Strategic Environmental Assessment of Irish Waters
(published November 5th 2010) looks at maximising wind, wave and tidal energy in
the years ahead.

Just days after Irelands announcements, the French Ecology minister Chantal Jouanno
announced that a request for tenders totalling 3GW of offshore wind capacity was
imminent, signalling that the first wave of offshore wind farms would require an
investment of approximately 10 billion Euros.

It was announced that 10 locations have been identified in the English Channel, the
Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea with operations expected in 2015.

With the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark,
Germany, Sweden, Ireland and potentially Norway becoming signatories, the plan for
the new grid hails in clean renewable energy solution expected to be taken up by the
EU heads of government summit on energy in February 2011.

Ryan further said during the conference in Dublin that work was advancing with the
nine countries across Europe on the North Seas initiative to develop a super-grid that
will facilitate this renewable energy.

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