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									           National Holding &
    Emirates International Investment

    Charting a Sustainable
    Roadmap with Strategic


    – Privately owned, Abu Dhabi-based, established in 1999

    – More than 1,500 employees in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan,
      Libya, and the UAE

    – Assets structured in five key focus sectors:
      •   Investments
      •   Industry
      •   Property development & management
      •   Oil & gas
      •   General trading & services

    – Activities across MENA region, and emerging markets

    – Strategic partnerships with global institutions


     We will deliver sustainable shareholder value by:
       - Investing selectively in assets to create superior value
         through privileged access and/or active ownership
       - Building and operating businesses, with the potential to
         evolve as regional leaders with Abu Dhabi as their base
       - Establishing the highest standards of professionalism,
         promoting execution focus and growing a distinctive
         business network
       - Maintaining a culture that attracts, rewards, and retains top
         local and international talent
       - Developing a comprehensive corporate social
         responsibility program that contributes to the local

    •   To build a best-in-class Abu Dhabi-based diversified holding company
        targeting compelling business opportunities in MENA and emerging markets:

    •   Best-in-class
         –   Provide attractive risk-adjusted returns to shareholders (Top Quartile)
         –   Attract, develop and retain high performing employees
         –   Provide quality products and services to our customers
         –   Be the partner of choice
         –   Contribute actively and responsibly to the community we operate in

    •   Diversified holding
         – Develop fully fledged operating businesses in key sectors, supporting Abu Dhabi’s
         – Maintain strategic, active and financial investments across a wide range of asset
           classes, leveraging internal sectorial expertise

    •   Compelling business opportunities
         – Align with our strategic direction
         – Build on our core competency
         – Generate risk–adjusted returns

                  Operating Businesses Strategy

                         Develop 4-5 fully fledged operating businesses in key growth
                                sectors that support the growth of Abu Dhabi

                              Revenue Model                                                               Value Creation

                                                                             Value Creation
                        Company benefits from                                                     Actively support portfolio

                                                             Revenue Model
                         dividends or income                                                        companies through their
                         consolidation from the                                                     growth phase by providing
                         operating company                                                          capital, network, strategic
                                                                                                    guidance, and
                        Potentially and
                                                                                                    management support
                         opportunistically exit
                         investments through
                         potential IPOs and/ or trade

         Bloom                           Exeed                                                (General Trade
       (Real Estate)                   (Industrial)                                                                        (Oil and Gas)
                                                                                               and Services)
     Develop and                   Develop & operate                            Build signif icant                 Establish an exploration
      manage real estate             industrial f actories                         trading, retail and                 and production company
      projects f ocusing             f ocused mainly on                            services business                   f ocused on the Middle
      on lif estyle                  basic materials                              Strategy to be def ined             East, North Af rica, and
      segment                                                                                                          Pakistan

               Investment Strategy

            Maintain strategic, active and financial investments across a wide
                                  range of asset classes

              Active/ Strategic Investments                            Financial Investments

          Value Creation               Revenue Model            Value Creation               Revenue Model
       Opportunistically              Medium to            Invest in various              Short term
        target key private              long-term exits       f inancial instruments          monetization
        equity transactions                                   such as listed equities,        and trading
                                       Occasional/
        (direct and indirect)                                 managed f unds, f ixed
                                        selective                                         Investments
        across the MENA                                       income, etc.
                                        dividends                                          with short term
                                                           Manage liquidity and           maturities
       Take signif icant stakes                            generate returns
        in leading institutions                             based on outlined risk
        and drive value creation                            prof iles
        through active
       Rationalize portfolio
        and review risks and                                                                       (1)
        capital allocation

         Sustainable Value Creation via 6P’s


        Portfolio Rationalization

           Profitable Growth


                    Processes and Procedures

                 The Case for Building Strong
    •   Types of Partnerships:

           • Business Alliances
           • Licensing
           • Joint Ventures

    •   Benefits of effective partnerships:

           - Offer greater exposure to new markets
            - Connect to pool of knowledge, experience and
            - Cost-effective set up
            - Sharing of risks
            - Expedite entrance into new markets
           - Provide quick access to capital

             Partnership Selection Criteria

    •   Nature of your business operations
    •   Alignments of vision, goals and values
    •   Types of partnership
    •   Role, responsibilities and authorities of each
    •   Risk exposure
    •   Funding requirements
    •   Allocation of financial assets and profits
    •   Exit strategy and divorce clause

                   In Conclusion
              Focus, Focus & Focus

     • Focus on what you do best and outsource the

     • Focus on strong partners with shared values
       and win-win mind set

     • Focus on projects with largest value creation
       potential and excel in execution

                                              Thank you
                                              National Holding &
                               Emirates International Investment Company LLC
                                                  P.O. Box 2310
                                       Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

                                                     Tel: (9712) 667 9777
                                                     Fax: (9712) 667 9997

     The inf ormation contained in this presentation is for illustration and information purposes only, and is not intended to be financial advice
     and should not be taken as such.

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