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					?The magic family of wholesale ipod shuffle a symbol of classic.

Early when wholesale ipod shuffle the 1st was promoted in the year 2005. many
people had paid great attention to the unique tagline the company promoted:"Life is
random". As soon as it was introduced the concept had widely aroused the resonation
of a huge number of wholesale ipod enthusiasts, who reserve a skeptical view over the
ever-changing fashions in electronic market, as well as wholesale business people.

Sharing some basic features such as smallness, simplicity and no worldliness,
wholesale ipod shuffle has evolved from the first generation wholesale iPod shuffle,
which has the shape a chewing gum, through the second generation, which is the
world's smallest MP3 player, to the 3rd generation shuffle, which is claimed to be
"jaw-droppingly small" and "The first music player that talks to you".

The first generation has become hardly available in today's digital market. It seems
that many of those once purchased gadgets have already been added to the collections
of apple fans (thanks to the high quality of ipod, the digital players seldom have any
problem in quite a long period of service and most of an end function just fine while
they are off stage). Implementing a simple and classic fashion, the first generation has
no screen and just a few fundamental buttons.

Now the 2nd generation shuffle is commonly seen in digital market presented in
various shades. The player has a lone 1 GB model in a aluminum coated case. The
new model is even less than half the size of the 1st generation ipod shuffle, and is
reminiscent of the ipod radio remote of ipod nanos. It is added with a built-in belt clip
supporting doing sports while it's played.

The 3rd generation came out on March 11, 2009. The model is even smaller with
control buttons relocated to right earbud cable. It has a brand new feature called
VoiceOver which allows the information about the song such as song name, artist
name and album name and the contents and names of the playlist to be spoken in a
variety of languages, with two colors available—black and silver.

Ipod shuffle family is like so fresh a current of breeze sweeping over the world of
electronic products that no matter if you are a fashionista, you will find it hard to
resist to own one.

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