iPod Recovery to Fix Sad iPod Icon on Startup

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					?Is your iPod displaying a sad iPod icon on startup? Are you unable to access stored
data from your iPod disk? This behavior of iPod is caused by various issues, which
lead to critical data loss. The stored photos, songs, videos, graphic files, and podcasts
can not be accessed from your iPod disk. In such circumstances, you are required to
restore your valuable files from the most recent backup. In case if the backup is not
available or not updated, you need to opt for iPod Recovery solutions through
appropriated tools.
Sometimes, upon starting your iPod, you might encounter any of the below scenarios
with a sad iPod icon on your iPod startup screen:
iPod can not be recognized by the iTunes (an interface for managing contents on
Apple iPod).
iPod can not be recognized in Mac OS X's Finder (application for overall
management of the files, hard drive, network volumes, and launching of applications)
or Microsoft Windows' Windows Explorer (a graphical user interface application for
file management, accessing file systems, and hard drive partitions)
This behavior of your iPod renders all your valuable files, on the iPod disk,
inaccessible. In order to gain access of such files, you need to find out the cause of
this problem and go for iPod Data Recovery by sorting out this problem.
Grounds of the issue:
You iPod may display sad icon on startup if one or more of its significant data
structures are corrupted. The corruption may occur due to a number of reasons, such
as incomplete application installation, virus infection, and failed update.
After corruption to the data structures of iPod disk, iPod can not find stored files on
disk. Such information is required for iPod to start.


You can try out following things to fix this issue:
Charge iPod Battery
Update iPod Software
Verify that "Hold" Button is On
Restore Factory Settings of your iPod
You should restore the factory settings of your iPod as a last resort as it removes all
the data from iPod disk. In such cases, iPod Recovery Software come for your rescue.
The software use efficient scanning techniques to carry out in-depth scan of entire
iPod disk and extract all lost pictures, podcasts, documents, songs, and videos. They
iPod recovery in quick, safe and easy manner.
Stellar Phoenix iPod Recovery is the most advanced solution to get your mission
critical data back from iPod disk. The software is available for both Microsoft
Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, in different versions. It is compatible
with iPod Classic, and iPod Shuffle.

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