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Banksy Splash In-appropriate_


									The Stokes Croft Toff (& Son)
                                                  NUMBER 1.

           BREAKING NEWS!

Banksy Splash
                                                                                                           by Toff

Some time on the night of Sunday 5      something) at some riot police, in        throw red paint all over them and
April or the early hours of Monday 6    order to brighten what they knew          see how they like it.” In fact
April, in this year of our Lord 2009,   would otherwise be a dismal day. “I       everyone The Toff interviewed
one of the City’s most beloved          thought it was a shame,” said Minky       seemed shocked and upset.
landmarks was defaced by something      Crush, a decent working type. “I used     Now that we know who did it
called Appropriate Media.               to like that picture, and my little boy   however, we are still unclear as to
This morning passers by were            liked it too because it had a teddy in    why exactly.
shocked by what they saw as they        it.” Minky wasn’t the only one bereft
took a moment to glance up at the       by the sight. “What f*****g wanker        Appropriate Media have this to say
image of a giant teddy bear about to    would go and do a thing like that?”       about their motives on their website:
hurl a bottle of perfume (or            said Reg, a local person. “I’d like to
                                                                                                      The Toff #1

“Graffiti artists are the                 Well that’s it, and seeing as how they
copywriters for the capitalist            are currently unprepared to step out
created phenomenon of 'urban' art         of the shadows so that we can
                                          enquire further, it is difficult to work
"Come buy, come buy? call their           out exactly what they want because
tiresome tags and pointless               their policy is rife with
polemics, ?You like that? I can           contradictions.
knock you up the same thing to hang       They are against any gentrification
on your living room wall. What with       of the Stokes Croft area, yet they call
being on the cutting edge of painting,    for the “legitimate use of public and
us graffiti artists like to continually   private property”, which suggests
push the boundaries of what the           that they want only lawful use of
medium is by spraying pictures of         outdoor spaces. They are also
plump lipped, doe eyed girls onto         denouncing capitalism but they have
canvas? they cry                          chosen work created by artists for
whilst whipping out their stencils        no payment to target as degenerate.
and voila, street art to match your       Now, the Toff can’t stand this type of
curtains. Well edgy. Well urban.          skulking, so we have written to the
                                          cowardy custard, asking him (for I
                                                                                        Cleaning the paint off. Good man!
                                          am certain it is a boy and that there
Graffiti artists are the performing
                                          is only one of him involved, as I
spray-can monkeys for
                                          imagine him an unhappy type whom
gentrification                                                                       two weeks and believes vandals are
                                          others are at pains to avoid) to step
                                                                                     distracting from the good work being
                                          up like a man and be interviewed.
In collusion with property                                                           done to improve the neglected area. He
                                          We have as yet received no
developers, they paint deprived                                                      said: "We've done a lot to change the
areas bright colours to indicate the                                                 vibe of the area with street art and this
                                          Chris Chalkly (People’s Republic of
latest funky inner city area ripe for                                                is an important piece.”
                                          Stokes Croft Chairman in Chief) was
regeneration. Pushing out low             quick to respond to the act of
income families in their wake, to be                                                 To which Chalkly responded: “Oh no, I
                                          counter vandalism. “He was up a
replaced by middle class                                                             didn’t say that! They make me sound
                                          ladder with a bucket of water,
metrosexuals with their urban art                                                    like Mr. Angry from Angry Land.”
                                          scrubbing away before you could say
collections.                                                                         And so, let us set the record straight:
                                          PAINT,” said a local vagrant who
                                                                                     Mr. Chalkly does not know what to
                                          couldn’t remember her name. When
                                                                                     make of this currently, although he is,
                                          asked what he thought of the
                                                                                     of course, not for the action.
                                          defacing of the Banksy work,
                                                                                     Chalkly is a mild man from the Mild
                                          Chalkly had this to say: “I don’t
We call for the appropriate and                                                      Mild West, I, however am from a
                                          know.” And who can blame him? I
legitimate use of public and                                                         different mold, and if I get my hands on
                                          then asked him to comment on what
private property                                                                     the blighter who did this …
                                          The Evening Post had quoted him as
                                          having said about it, to which he
Get off our streets, go back to your      replied: “I don’t know, what did they
leafy suburbs and get yourself a          say?” So I said that they had said
proper job.”                              that he had said this:
                                                                                     Comments to:
                                          “Mr. Chalkley said it was the second
                                          time the art had been targeted inside

                                                                                                            The Toff #1 .
Free Exh ibit ion                                                          Mad Hannah
Cures                                               Victorian Explorer in the Twenty-first
Home les sness                          by                         Century
To ff                                                                        by Mad Hannah
This week the P.R.S.C (People’s Republic
of Stokes Croft) organized free entrance to
the Crimes of Passion exhibition currently
taking the Royal West of England
Academy by storm.
With entrance to the show normally
costing four pounds and twenty pence, it
was not an offer to be sniffed at. Chris
Chalkley (P.R.S.C. C.E.O) deployed one of
his slaves to paper the area with posters
advertising the event, which invited all
interested Stokes Crofters to: “see the
graff up the posh end” last Wednesday at
10.30 a.m. .
“The exhibition is like a microcosm of
what the P.R.S.C is trying to achieve in
Stokes Croft itself,” said Chalkley through
a mouthful of toast, which he had brought
from home and had turned cold and hard
since, but, not being one to waste, he ate it
anyway. (Good man!) “If we succeed in
transforming this area into a giant
outdoor art gallery,” he mumbled, “then
you could say the show is a sort of
maquette for that vision.”                                                     Mad Hannah in Egypt
With the cost being prohibitive to those
less fortunate than myself, Chalkley was         Hannah: “I told that oaf                  Hannah: My good men! How much for
keen to have as many homless people as           Livingston, I said to him: If             this mummy? I have five British
possible join the walk. “They had shown a        you can't find a Mummy in Egypt           pounds about my person and am
lot of interest in the idea,” said Chalkly,      you must be blind.”                       prepared to make you a gift of the
still eating toast, “but when the day came       Tim: “But aren't the tombs all            entire sum AND clear the dead from
not one of them turned up. There were            Off bounds these days? I mean             you midst.
shop owners and residents and students,          aren't the artifacts
but the people who could have really             protected?”                               Hannah stuffs a fiver into the hand of
benefited were nowhere to be seen.” In           Hannah “Don't be stupid man. We're        one of the men. Tim bundles the
fact it was the first time since 1974 that       English. Nothing is off bounds to us.     woman into the sack. They hail a
the streets of Stokes Croft were entirely        Really, you sound like that fool at the   donkey and leave the scene.
without the homeless flotsam one has             ferry who asked us for a visa. We can
become accustomed to stepping over if            take what we want because we know         Hannah: Ciao!
one wishes to move more than a few feet          how to look after things. They French
in any direction along the Croft. As a           polish the Pharaohs at the British        The men laugh and wave after them.
result of this unprecedented coup, The           Museum you know. Look, there's one!       Woman wriggles like mad in the sack.
Toff is currently petitioning the council to     Five millennia if she's a day.”
offer more free events to these scoundrels       Tim “But that's just an old woman.        Hannah: Stop jiggling her about Tim!
in the hope of getting them to clear off         Look, she's drinking tea.”                The donkey doesn't like it!
forever!                                         Hannah: Are you mad?! The sun's
                                                 cooked your brains. I'll strike           Ends
                                                 a deal with the men sitting
                                                 beside her while you bundle her           Next week:
                                                 into the sack and hail a                  Mad Hanna and the Mexican Hat

                                                Comment by Son:
                                                Re: Free Exhibition Cures Homelessness by Toff
                                                “Chill dad.”
                                                                                The Toff #1.
Crowd Dive at                                 Banksy Fudge a Sell
Fundraising Gig
- a Flop.     by
                                                                                                                     by Son
If you were passing The Croft pub and          If you missed buying a Banksy            he stole some boxes from a
venue on Monday night, you might have          poster for a hundred quid eight          traditional Devon fudge factory.
thought it was closed. However, inside,        years ago and are kicking yourself       “I’m not proud of it,” said Banksy,
behind the soundproofing, raged the kind
                                               now for being such a tight wad,          “but that’s what happened and I’m
of thrash metal insanity that could wake
the dead.                                      then here’s your chance to join the      coming clean.”
The gig, organized by David Glop, a            ranks of expedient bastards who          The fudge is currently being sold at
student at Bristol University’s music          think of art as sheer commodity,         the P.R.S.C Head Quarters in
school, included some of the best              and it will only cost you two quid!      Jamaica Street at the knock down
thrashers around, namely Go Fuck               It is a little known fact that the       price of only two pounds a box.
Yourself!, Fuck You All, and Oh Fuck.          maestro of mystery Mr. Banksy            P.R.S.C First Princess, Danielle
Unfortunately the gig was not as well          (A.K.A Banksy) had another               Core had this to say about it: “The
attended as it deserved to be. Glop            creative passion long before he got      fudge is cheap because it is almost
attributed this to it being a Monday night:
                                               hooked on graffiti. He made fudge.       fifteen years past its sell by date,
“There’s a stigma attached to Monday for
the more traditional Thrash crowd,” Glop       In a secret phone call made to the       but it is still delicious, which is a
explained. “They have certain rules about      art star on a secret telephone           tribute to the skill of Banksy as a
where and when they should and should          somewhere secret in Bristol, the         cook. Alternatively it is something
not be seen. Monday night is on the not        man himself told me this: “I loved       you could buy as a gift for
list and so is Tesco’s.” I asked Glop where    fudge so much it was using up all        somebody you don’t like very
they were allowed to shop for food and he      my pocket money, so I bought the         much.”
said that Somerfield’s in Clifton Village      ingredients and started making it        The fudge has been selling well and
was okay.                                      myself. I made so much – about 100       will probably be sold out soon so
Despite the numbers, the crowd went
                                               000 kilos in all – my friends told me    hurry along and get your greedy
mental when Go Fuck Yourself did a kick-
ass version of their best known song, Air      I should box it up and sell it.” And     mits on some TODAY!
Guitar. So much so that one fan got up on      that’s just what he did. But because
stage and then dived headlong into the         he didn’t think anybody would buy
audience. Unfortunately there were not         fudge in box with: BANKSY WUZ
enough people there to catch him and he        YER sprayed all over it,
crashed to the floor, hurting the index
finger on his left hand quite badly.
Speaking after the gig the jumper, Jason
Snoop from Brislington, had this to say: “I
just went mad when they did that song.
It’s my fucking favorite. It just clicks
something inside me whenever I hear it.
My mum has stopped me playing it at
home because I’ve broken so many things
diving off couches and beds. But I don’t
care. I’ll fucking do it again. Nothing can
stop me.” Snoop’s mother, Sally, fetched
him from the gig early when a friend of his
called her and told her what had
happened. “I’m very worried about him,”
she said. “I know Go Fuck Yourself is a
wonderful band, but Jason needs to get his
love of Air Guitar into some sort of
The gig was great anyhow and did its bit to   Comment
try and break down traditional barriers       Re: Banksy Fudge a Sell Out
within the Thrash movement.                   “My wife and I tried this fudge with some trepidation when my son bought us a box
                                              for our Golden wedding anniversary. We both thought it damn good and were
                                              amazed when we discovered it had been made by a criminal.”
                                                                                The Toff #1.

No Clowning

                                                                                        Your country needs

About at Cabot
                                                                                             to drink
                                                                                         WHITE ACE

Circus – Please!                                                                 The drink that erodes your
                                                                                 brain while we erode your
by Toff.
A clown was left with little to laugh   I could sit back no longer. Watching     Levin was released with a warning
about this week, when she tried to      my fellow shoppers being molested in     and told never to return to that part
busk at Cabot Circus.                   this way went against everything I       of shopper’s paradise again. There
Maudlin Levin 48, has been clowning     believe in, so I stood up and shouted,   were no charges.
about for the last six years without    “You! Clown! Cease!”                     As I was leaving I heard another child
any complaints – or so she claims.      (I was using a technique I learned       saying she liked the clown and that
However, our smart new precinct has     when training gun dogs at                she didn’t think it was fair that it be
different ideas about random            Sandringham, and one that readers        shooed away. To this her mother
entertainment, and it is their policy   might find useful. If you want to be     responded sensibly. “Of course you
that only acts organized by the         obeyed, keep the commands short and      like clowns my darling,” she said,
company itself will be allowed to       clear and you will be surprised at the   “and I will get you your very own live
perform on their property.              results - even from persons dressed as   clown for home. But clowns can’t just
As I was having a coffee there at the   clowns.)                                 go around wherever they like making
time, I witnessed the incident first    My actions triggered a further           people laugh for free, because if they
hand and so am able to report to you    clampdown in the form of six armed       did, it would attract a lot of poor
most emphatically.                      security people, sensibly attired in     children and we don’t want to see
The clown stood in the middle of the    bulletproof vests and balaclavas.        them do we?” Her daughter agreed
walkway, miming and honking,            These brave ones stalked the clown       and my heart leapt as I watched them
tripping over buckets of water, and     until she surrendered her wig, nose,     disappear into Harvey Nichols, all
generally making a nuisance of          bucket, balloons and large latex         smiles.
herself the way clowns will. Shoppers   shoes. At that point the shoppers
were hurrying past with their heads     clapped and we all ordered more
down, no doubt shocked and              cappuccino.
embarrassed by Levin’s antics.          I strode over and, keen as I am to
Eventually a child appeared. She was    discover what exactly it is that makes
walking with her mother when the        the criminal mind tick, I interviewed
clown crept up on her with a squeaky    the clown. “I started clowning when I
balloon, which she was in the process   was made redundant six years ago,”
of turning into a grotesque parody of   said Levin, sobbing periodically, “and
that noble breed and man’s              I’ve never had any complaints until
undoubted best friend: the poodle. At   this.” I asked whether she would
this, of course, the infant began to    agree to give up her nonsense
scream.                                 forthwith and she said she thought
                                        she might.

                                        Right: Maudlin Levin in happier
                                                                                The Toff #1.

Toff Fashion Tips.                                        Dudokuy.
by Toff
This week wear something nice and lovely. If you are a
woman, then be a woman and be lovely and wear nice
clothes. This is a very nice look for the week, and
remember, diamonds are lovely.


                                                          How to play:
                                                          Count from 1 to 9 about a million times. Try and
                                                          get the grid to be full of the numers 1 to 9 in a
                                                          way that makes your Dudokuy correct. Then,
                                                          when you can’t do it, screw it up and eat it, then
                                                          go out and kill someone. Good luck!
                                                          The Last Word.
You’re a Poet and                                         by W. Burroughs
                                                          “We have a new type of rule now … The iron willed

You Don’t Know It.
                                                          dictator is a thing of the past. …The rulers of this most
                                                          insecure of all worlds are rulers by accident, inept,
                                                          frightened pilots at the controls of a vast machine they
The Cold
                                                          cannot understand, calling in experts to tell them which
                                                          buttons to press.”
Your feet are bright blue
Get some heat from a teddy
Go jump in the lake
Water freezes at zero
Dunk the sofa
Warm it up
Steal a dog
Climb inside

Watch a poster
Of Bermuda
Pull a face if you can
Hobble into a teashop
Throw yourself on the fire

                                         by Harry Brown

Contact The Toff at:
                                                                                  The Toff #1.


     Grand National. Grotty Teeth.
                                                                                                             by Son

   Liam Treadwell winning the Grand National on Mon Monerly on Saturday. Just look at him gritting those teeth!

On Saturday Liam Treadwell – a          The Toff was there of course, so I     she said: “Oh that cow! She’s
little known jockey from a little       went right over to her and said,       frightful and I think people with
known family – won a huge race:         “Oi, Clare. What size are your         laughable teeth the world over
The Grand National, and he won it       underpants? They must cost a           have had just about enough of her
by a really long way.                   fortune what with the amount of        comments.” I also asked her
He’s a funny looking bloke with         fabric it takes to make a pair.”       whether she had had a bet on the
terrible teeth, but that was no         Everyone who heard me clapped,         big race and she said she’d backed
excuse for that terrible presenter      which was great because we were        the winner and was now five-
from the BBC to make fun of him.        in the winners enclosure and it felt   hundred-million pounds richer.
Clare what’s-her-name was really        like I had won The National.           When asked what she would do
mean. The bloke had just won the        Anyway I bought Liam a drink and       with the money she said she would
greatest horse race on earth and        told him he was a nice looking         spend it all on herself.
she said something like, “Give us a     bloke, and he said, “thanks a lot.”
smile Liam and show us those            It was a shame really, because
horrible teeth of yours. Look           when I said that he smiled at me
everyone, aren’t they disgusting.       and I got a really close look at
Like little pointy pegs. They make      those gnashers, which was a bit
me feel a bit ill actually.” Then she   hectic I must say.
said, “Well, now you’ve won the         In the pub I caught the eye of
National you can do us all a favour     Princess Anne. She’d had a few
and get them fixed.”                    and so when I asked her for her
                                        opinion of Clare what’s-her-name          Close-up of Treadwell smiling after
                                                                                     winning the Grand National.
                                                                                                           The Toff #1.

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My Darling Graham
Why do you not write? It has been almost two days and still no word from you. My darling, I am going crazy, imagining
all sorts of terrible reasons why this might be. Have you met someone new? Just tell me. I know I’ll probably kill myself
if its true but don’t let that deter you from being truthful. Truth is all we have my darling. Yes, truth is all we have.
Yours forever


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