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									THE DIRECTORY OF ISO 14001 CERTIFIED COMPANIES IN HONG KONG (A total of 697 ISO 14001 Certificates as at September 2010)

No.     Company name                    Expirence    EAC ISO 14000 by Industrial      Scope                                                                      Accreditatio Cert body
                                        Sharing on   Code Sectors                                                                                                n scheme

      1 Bridgestone aircraft Tire                       14 Rubber & rubber products   Sales, maintenance and repair of aircraft tire and aircraft tire related   UKAS        Bureau Veritas
        Compnay (Asia) Limited                                                        parts and accessories                                                                  Certification Hong Kong
      2 EVA Precision Industrial                        14 Rubber & rubber products   The manufacture of plastic products, metal shafts and mould metal          UKAS        BSI Pacific Limited
        Holdings Ltd.                                                                 products

      3 First Foundation (HK) Limited   Yes             14 Rubber & rubber products   Manufacture and supply of industrial plastics by the Accredited            HKCAS       Accredited Certification
        and ZhiI Jin (Hong Kong)                                                      Certification International Limited (ACI)                                              International Limited
        Company Limited
      4 Item Industrial Limited                         14 Rubber & rubber products   Design, development and manufacturing of plastic gifts, swimming         UKAS          SGS Systems & Services
                                                                                      goggles, plastic toys, plastic and metal household products, health care               Certification
                                                                                      products (breast pump) and infant care products.

      5 Lomak Industrial Co., Ltd.                      14 Rubber & rubber products   Design and manufacturing of D.C. torches, D.C. lanterns, AC night          Germany -   TUV NORD Hong Kong
                                                                                      lights, plastic compacts and injection moulding products                   TGA         Limited

      6 Mostly Strong Precision Metal                   14 Rubber & rubber products   Manufacture of metal parts for home appliances, toys, electronic        UKAS           SGS Systems & Services
        International Limited                                                         products, automotive products and telecommunication products.                          Certification
                                                                                      Assembly of rubber cushions, shock insulation sheets, thermal
                                                                                      insulation sheets, nylon straps, headphone cushions and speaker grills.

      7 Primedisc Limited                               14 Rubber & rubber products   Manufacturing of optical disc and provision of related packaging           UKAS        Hong Kong Quality
                                                                                      services                                                                               Assurance Agency

      8 Wofoo Plastics Ltd. / Fauchon                   14 Rubber & rubber products   Manufacture of PVC compounds                                               RVA         Det Norske Veritas
        Plastics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

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