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									  THE BOBCAT BANTER                         ISSUE 4 	                                                       NOVEMBER 2010

                A Message from the Principal
On Nov. 8th, Report Cards will be distributed. Take time to talk about the Report
Card with your child. Celebrate together the successes of your child. Set goals!
List the items your child will do better on and post these in your home. Develop a
plan. Write together a plan on how your child will reach these goals and of course,
continue to communicate with your child’s teacher so that you can stay informed
on how your child is progressing in school. If your child was invited to one of our
Academic Morning Clubs, please be sure your child is in attendance and on time!

Mitchell School has in place a Crisis Management Plan that is frequently reviewed
with our faculty & staff for various crisis situations. This includes fire drills, lock-                      CONTACT INFO:
downs, inclement weather, shelter- in-place, etc. Mitchell’s Plan includes the
identification of reunification sites for parents in the event an emergency causes us                          Principal:
to evacuate students from the school. If there were a need to evacuate to another
                                                                                                             Joanne Baumgartner
school, students would be transported by school bus to Plant High School. If we
needed to move off campus to another location we would walk to the Florida
Board of Realtors parking lot (located off Cleveland, between Gomez and                                      Assistant Principal:
Bungalow Park). Our School District has a strong relationship with Bay News 9                                Debbie Anderson
and WFLA 970 AM. If any incident happens that involves the safety of your child
while they are at school, please tune in to either of these programs for information
and directions. Also, a “Parent Link Telephone Message” would be sent to all                                 School Website:
Mitchell families.                                                                                 

The Great American Teach-In and our annual Men’s Bobcat Breakfast will be on                                 Dates to Remember:
Thursday, Nov. 18th. We look forward to a great day!
Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving and a Very Happy November!                                                     11/5 Mitchell Auction
                                                                                                             11/9 Cub Chorus/3rd Grade
To be the best, give your best!                                                                              Strings at PTA Mtg.
                                                                                                             11/10 Early Release
Sincerely,                                                                                                   11/11 NO SCHOOL
                                                                                                             11/18 Men’s Bobcat Breakfast
Joanne Baumgartner                                                                                           11/18 Great American Teach In
                                                                                                             11/22-11/26 Thanksgiving Break
                                                                                                             11/29-12/1 Literacy Week

Literacy Week Coming Soon to Barnes and Noble!                                                               DECEMBER
                                                                                                             12/8 Early Release
Holiday Bookfair Extravaganza, November 27-December 4. The event will take place at                          12/14 PTA Meeting
Barnes and Noble, 213 N. Dale Mabry Hwy and at                                         12/14 Chorus & Strings at PTA
                                                                                                             12/20-12/31 Winter Break
Come out to the store and enjoy events like teacher story times, student art displays,
scavenger hunt, crafts, a reading of “The Wild Christmas Reindeer”, cheesecake sampling                      JANUARY
                                                                                                             1/3/11 Back to School
and the hugely popular…much anticipated… Bedtime Stories with Mrs. Baumgartner (along
with cookies and milk)!

Information will come home soon outlining dates and times. All proceeds from this event will
go towards literacy needs at Mitchell. Get started on your holiday shopping and help our
school at the same time!

     THE BOBCAT BANTER                            ISSUE 4	                                                                      NOVEMBER 2010
              Music Notes from                                                PTA News                                            November Health Tip
           Ms. Roberts & Mr. Jefferis
                                                               PTA membership is at an all time high!!!  Mitchell           Children and adolescents should do 60 minutes
 Our students are practicing steady beat and                   Elementary boasts over 360 members ,                         or more of physical activity each day.
 sets of rhythms in small groups on our                        including parents, grand-parents,  teachers and
 tubano drums and bongos out under the                         staff.   This number represents nearly 50% of our student    As a parent, here are some ways you can do this:
 trees. As students become successful they                     population, with 100% teacher participation.  This  Fall
 are performing in percussion ensembles                        the PTA  and Mitchell students participated in our Walk-a-   * Set a positive example by leading an active
 and creating drum solos.                                                                                                   lifestyle yourself.
                                                               thon fundraiser and together we raised over
                                                               $38,000  for our school!  
 Chorus News (students will wear chorus                                                                                     * Make physical activity part of your family's daily
                                                                                                                            routine by taking family walks or playing active
 uniforms to each performance)              Thank you , Mitchell families, for your participation and                       games together.
                                            support.   The money raised will  provide the funding for
 Cub Chorus & Third Grade strings students the many programs our PTA supports, which directly                               * Give your children equipment that encourages
 will perform for our Tuesday evening, Nov. impact your child's education.  These programs                                  physical activity.
 9th PTA at 6:30                            include:  funding mini-grant requests made by  teachers
                                            to supplement learning tools in their classrooms,  Bobcat                       * Take your child to places where they can be
 Bobcat Chorus & String Ensemble will       Buddies program (provides one on one tutoring between                           active, such as public parks, community baseball
 perform for our Men’s Bobcat Breakfast on parent volunteer and students ), the Great  Books                                fields or basketball courts.
 Thursday morning Nov. 18th at 8:15.        program  (parents read and discuss classic tales with                           * Be positive about the physical activities your
                                            third grade students in small groups ),  and our Wellness                       child participates in and be encouraging.
 Bobcat Chorus & String Ensemble will also  program which encourages children and families to
 perform again on Friday morning, Nov. 19th participate in a healthy lifestyle.  Each of these programs,
                                                                                                                            * Make physical activity fun. Fun activities can be
 for our students at 8:30.                  and many more not mentioned,  are possible because of                           anything from team sports to recreational
                                            each and every ONE of you.                                                      activities such as walking, running, skating,
 Bobcat Chorus & String Ensemble field trip                                                                                 bicycling, swimming, playground activities or free-
 to perform at the CTA Retirement Home                                                                                      time play.
                                                               Remember our theme this year - the power of ONE.  You
 and at Sweetbay on Swann Ave.
                                                               too, can make a difference.  Thank you .                     *Encourage your child to find fun activities to do
                                                                                                                            on their own or with friends and family, such as
 Bobcat Chorus & String Ensemble will                                                                                       walking, playing chase or riding bikes.
                                                               Melania Wilkes
 perform on Tuesday evening, Dec. 14th at
 6:30 for our PTA Meeting.                                     PTA President                      We wish all of our
                                                                                                  Mitchell Families         * Be safe! Always provide protective equipment
                                                                                                                            such as helmets, wrist pads or knee pads and
               From the desk of Mrs. Anderson                                                     a very wonderful          ensure that activity is age-appropriate.
November is one of my favorite months. The air is cooler, there is football every weekend           Thanksgiving
                                                                                                                            Be Healthy – Be Happy!
and we celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends. I also look forward to The Great               holiday.
American Teach-In that happens each November during American Education Week. Thursday,                                      Brandy McClarin - Wellness Committee
November 18th, is your opportunity to visit your child’s class and share your career with
students. Plan now to take part in this special day. It will only take a few minutes to share
what you do at your job, but you will inspire and encourage our future generation. Look for                            Character Corner
more information to come home with your child and please sign up to share!                                     Monica Mirasola,  Guidance Counselor
A great big shout out to all the Dads who helped with the Science Olympics! Congratulations
to the grade level representatives who will compete at MOSI on Saturday, November 20th.           November Character Trait- Gratitude
                                                                                                  Definition: Letting others know you see how they have helped
Kindergarten – Skyscrapers - Rodes Robinson and Kate Bentley
                                                                                                  you. Your child can show gratitude by: saying please and thank
First Grade – AquaFoils – Loi Park
                                                                                                  you on a regular basis.
Second Grade – Paper Airplanes – Tevi Cid
                                                                                                  Questions to discuss together: Who is someone that you are
Third Grade – Balloon Racers – Molly Ryan and Emma Sack
                                                                                                  thankful for in your life?
Fourth Grade – Marshmallow Flyers – Tyler Whittlesy and Phillip Rocca
Fifth Grade – Spencer Boyd and Adeline Torres                                                     Projects to do together: Write a letter of thanks to someone who
                                                                                                  has shown that they care about you.
Report cards will be distributed on November 8th.  We will also present our award ribbons
                                                                                                  Encouraging gratitude in your child: When you encourage
for Perfect Attendance, High Honor Roll, Honor Roll, and Bobcat Behavior.  Perfect
                                                                                                  children to focus on what they have rather than what they don’t
Attendance will be awarded to those students who have perfect attendance and no more
                                                                                                  have, they learn to see and appreciate the many things they should
than 4 tardies.  High Honor Roll is presented to students with A's in all  subject areas and no
behavior indicators.  Students receive Honor Roll ribbons for A's and B's in all subject areas    be grateful for.
and no behavior indicators.  Bobcat Behavior ribbons are awarded to students with no              I am grateful for: our wonderful PTA who contributes so much
behavior indicators. (This is not to be given along with Honor Roll or High Honor                 of their time and talents to making Mitchell the magical place that
Roll.)   Remember to save your ribbons each nine weeks for our Ribbon Day on the last day         it is. THANK YOU!
of school when everyone wears all of the ribbons they earned during the school year.

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