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									?Steel building erection means the construction, alteration or repair of steel buildings,
bridges, and other structures, including the installation of metal punching and all
lathing used during the process of erection. The steel building supplier is not
responsible for the erection process, except specified in the order documents.

One of the many challenges that people face when acquiring a pre-engineered
structure is steel building erection. Many companies will only deliver the material and
leave it up to you to find a reliable steel building erection crew. Most steel building
suppliers do not get involved in the construction project. After the steel building
system is fabricated and delivered, the supplier is usually no longer involved in the
project. The erection of the building is the construction of the steel building system
into a completed building.

Steel building erectors generally have standard procedures they follow to erect a steel
building system. These standard procedures will usually be followed if stated on the
contract documents. Experienced steel building erectors may be booked months in
advance during the busiest seasons, so it is wise to secure one as soon as you know
the delivery date for your building.

Your specific erection manual will contain a complete list of all necessary tools and
equipment. It will also contain step by step instructions and diagrams, showing you
exactly what to do first, and how to proceed for easy assembly. The contract
documents may specify details about the erection of the steel building system. If there
is information about the erection included in the contract documents, only the work
that is described in the contract documents will be performed as part of the erection.

There is lower construction costs involved with steel building erection. Steel
structures reduce the need for a large labor force on-site. In-plant processing of all
steel components reduces the need for skilled labor as the building simply bolts
together. There is no need for measuring and cutting components as the steel framing
is all pre-formed. So, you can say that steel building erection can decrease the
construction cost.

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