Posters A _Monday_ 30 August_ by mudoc123


									             Posters A (Monday, 30 August)
a) Fundamental aspects, Structure and Spectroscopy

A-a01 EUV beam-foil observation of Cu- through Ge-like ions of Iodine
      E. Träbert

A-a02 Radiative electron capture in 200 MeV/u Xe54+-N2 collisions at
      HIRFL-CSRe internal target
      Deyang Yu, Xiaohong Cai, Yingli Xue, Caojie Shao, Zhangyong
      Song, Rongchun Lu, Fangang Ruan, Wei Wang, Jin Chen, and
      Bian Yang

A-a03 Absolute determination of X-ray transition energies in H-like and
      He-like ions
      Katharina Kubiček, Hjalmar Bruhns, Johannes Braun, José R.
      Crespo López-Urrutia and Joachim Ullrich

A-a04 Production and decay of Chlorine ion excited species in an
      Electron- Cyclotron-Resonance ion source plasma
      J. P. Santos, M. C. Martins, A. M. Costa, J. P. Marques, P.
      Indelicato, F. Parente

A-a05 Transition properties of the highly-charged Titanium ions
      Feng Hu, Jiamin Yang, Jiyan Zhang, Xinming Yu, Yang Zhao,
      Gang Jiang

A-a06 EUV spectra of Tungsten from the LHD and laser produced
      G O’Sullivan, C S Harte, C Suzuki, T Kato, H A Sakaue, D Kato,
      K Sato, N Tamura, S Sudo, R D’Arcy, E. Sokell and J. White
A-a07 Linear polarization of X-ray photons in HFQ transitions of
      polarized He-like ions with application to the search for parity
      non-conservation effects
      A. Bondarevskaya, L. Labzowsky, A. Prozorov, C. Plunien, D.
      Liesen and F. Bosch

A-a08 Dielectronic recombination with one-electron highly charged ions
      O. Yu. Andreev, L. N. Labzowsky, A. V. Prigorovsky

A-a09 Laser spectroscopy of evaporatively cooled Ar13+ ions at the
      Heidelberg Electron Beam Ion Trap
      Volkhard Mäckel, Günter Brenner, José R. Crespo
      López-Urrutia, Renée Klawitter, Kirsten Schnorr and Joachim

A-a10 Formation of multiply charged ions through single photon
      Penent F., Palaudoux J., Andric L., Huttula M., Huttula S.,
      Eland J.H.D., Hikosaka Y., Ito K. and Lablanquie P.

A-a11 Spectrum simulation of Li-like copper plasma
       Banglin Deng, Gang Jiang

A-a12 The shift of the 2p-3d absorption array in iron plasma opacity
      Zhao Yang, Zhang Jiyan, Xiong Gang

A-a13 Relativistic atomic structure calculations using GRASP2K
      Per Jönsson, Jiguang Li, Chenzhong Dong, Jacek Bieroń, Pavel
      Rynkun, Gediminas Gaigalas

A-a14 Line profile calculation
      Pu Yudong, Yang Jiaming, Zhang Jiyan, Huang Tianxuan, Ding

A-a15 Spectra from highly ionized Al plasmas produced by fs-laser
      Gang Xiong, Jiamin Yang, Jiyan Zhang, Yang Zhao

A-a16 Radiative transition probabilities for Neon-like Argon
      K. Katsonis, Ch. Berenguer, M. Cornille

A-a17 Experiments at NIST towards Hydrogen-like ions in Circular
      Rydberg States
      Joseph N. Tan and Samuel M. Brewer

A-a18 The Breit interaction in dielectronic recombination of
      Helium-like and Lithium-like highly charged ions
      Xiaoying Han, Yueming Li, Jun Yan

A-a19 The study of the energy of the (2S1/22P1/222P3/22)5/2 -
      (2S22P1/222P3/2)3/2 X-ray transition in the N-like 208PB75+
      Junqin Li, Xuemei Zhang, Min Huang, Chongyang Chen, and
      Yaming Zou

A-a20 High-resolution X-ray spectra of charge exchange measured with
      the LLNL EBIT Calorimeter Spectrometer
      M. Leutenegger

b) Collisions with Electrons, Ions, Atoms and Molecules

A-b01 Theoretical predictions for ionization and capture cross sections
      of DNA nucleobases impacted by light ions
      C. Champion, H. Lekadir, M. E. Galassi, O. Fojón, R. D.
      Rivarola, and J. Hanssen

A-b02 State-selective single- and double-electron capture in slow
       collisions of Ne4+ ions with CO2
       O. Abu-Haija, A. Hasan, A. Kayani, and E. Y. Kamber

A-b03 Equilibrum K-, L- and M-shell ionizatons for Sulfur ions passing
      through various targets
      K. Słabkowska, M. Polasik, J. Braziewicz, K. Kozioł, D. Banaś,
      M. Jaskóła, A. Korman, W. Kretschmer

A-b04 L-shell x-ray production cross-sections of Au and Ta induced by
      O and F ions
      Xu Qiu-Mei, Z.H. Yang, Du Shu-Bin, Chang Hong-Wei, Zhang
      Yan-Ping, Song Zhang-Yong

A-b05 Lifetimes of the doubly K-shell ionized states
      M Polasik, K Słabkowska, K Kozioł, J Starosta, J-Cl. Dousse, J.
      Hoszowska, J. Rzadkiewicz

A-b06 Shell effects on stabilization processes following multi-electron
      transfer in slow collisions of Arq+-Ar (q=6-9, 11)
      Rongchun Lu, Deyang Yu, Caojie Shao, Fangfang Ruang, Yingli
      Xue, Xiaohong Cai

A-b07 Ionization pattern in the region of the Bragg peak
       E. C. Montenegro

A-b08 Negative ion production in collisions between HCI and C60 -
      Energy loss and cross section measurements
      S. Martin, A. Salmoun,R. Brédy, J. Bernard, X. Ma and L. Chen

A-b09 Strong edectric-field effects on the doubly excited states of
      Helium using correlated wavefunctions
      Y. K. Ho, S. Kar
A-b10 Gamma-gamma angular correlations following resonant electron
      Oliver Matula, Andrey Surzhykov, Stephan Fritzsche

A-b11 Influence of shake process in doubly K-shell ionized rare gases
      on shapes of their K-X-ray spectra
      E. Wiatrowska-Kozioł, K. Kozioł, M. Polasik

A-b12 Transmission of high current electrons through a tapered glass
      Zhang Mingwu, Wang Wei, Chen Jing, Yu Deyang, Ruan
      Fangfang and Cai Xiaohong

A-b13 Electron impact ionization of Boron atoms, BX (X = H, N, F, CL)
      Sumona Gangopadhyay, Foram A Shelat, Harshit N. Kothari, K
      N Joshipura

A-b14    Observation of the radiative double electron capture (RDEC)
        during O8+ + C collisions
        A. Simon, A.Warczak, J. A. Tanis

A-b15 Solar wind interacting with comets: X-ray emission following
      charge exchange
      Rainer Ginzel, S. Bernitt, S. Higgins, J. R. Crespo López-Urrutia,
      and J. Ullrich

A-b16 Charge-transfer probabilities and cross sections for low-energy
      collisions of H-like ions with bare nuclei
      Y. S. Kozhedub, I. I. Tupitsyn, V. M. Shabaev, G. B. Deyneka, S.
      Hagmann, C. Kozhuharov, G. Plunien, and Th. Stöhlker

A-b17 Collisional double ionization of methanol sorted by charge state
       of scattered projectile
       K. Hayakawa, J. Mastumoto, H. Shiromaru, Y. Achiba

A-b18 State-selective single-electron capture in slow Xe42+-Ne
     Y. Xue, D. Fischer, R. Ginzel, A. Krauss S. Bernitt, K.U. Kühnel,
     J. R. Crespo López-Urrutia, R. Moshammer, J. Ullrich, X. Cai

A-b19 Laboratory experiments of soft X-ray emissions from the solar
      T. Kanda, H. Ohashi, T. Ishida, H. Tanuma, H. Akamatsu, Y. Abe,
      W. Yokota, K. Henmi, Y. Ishisaki, Y. Ezoe, T. Ohashi, K. Shinozaki,
      and K. Mitsuda

A-b20 Configuration interaction in cascade spectra of Tin and Xenon
      R. D’Arcy, H. Ohashi, S. Suda, H. Tanuma, S. Fujioka, H.
      Nishimura, K. Nishihara, C. Suzuki, T. Kato, F. Koike, O. Morris
      and G. Osullivan

A-b21 Charge state optimization in an electron beam ion trap using
      dielectronic recombination
      S. Bernitt, R. Ginzel, L. Arntzen, J. R. Crespo López-Urrutia, J.

A-b22 Quantum interferences in single ionization of He by highly
      charged dressed-ions impact
      J. M. Monti, P. D. Fainstein, R. D. Rivarola

A-b23 Electron stereodynamics in coulomb explosion of rare gas dimers
      by slow highly charged ions
      Tomoko Ohyama-Yamaguchi, Atsushi Ichimura

A-b24 Effects of    quantum interference between direct and resonant
       photorecombination of H-like Ar17+ ions
       J. J. Wan, C. Z. Dong

A-b25 Electron interference in fast ion collisions with H2 and frequency
      S Chatterjee, D Misra, P D Fainstein and L C Tribedi

A-b26 Kinetic energy distribution of dissociating N2 multiply ionized by
      low-energy collisions of Ar8+
      K. Nakadai, M. Uchiyama, K. Hayakawa, J. Matsumoto, H.
      Shiromaru, Y. Achiba

A-b27 Two-photon observations of dielectronic recombination processes
      HU Zhi-min, LI Yue-ming, YAMAZAKI Akira, NAKAMURA

A-b28 Multiple-ionization and dissociation dynamics of rare gas dimer
      induced by highly charged ion impact
      J. Matsumoto, K. Hayakawa, H. Shiromaru, A. Leredde, X.
      Fléchard, J. Rangama, D. Hennecart, T. Muranaka, A. Cassimi

A-b29 Effective collision strengths of transitions among the n ≤ 6
      fine-structure levels of H-like ions
      S. Li, K. Wang, C.Y. Chen, M. Huang, Y.S. Wang and Y.M. Zou

A-b30 Recombination and ionization measurements at the Heidelberg
      heavy ion storage ring TSR
      M. Hahn, D. Bernhard, C. Krantz, M. Lestinsky, A. Müller, O.
      Novotný, S. Schippers, A.Wolf, D.W. Savin

A-b31 Electron impact excitation for P-like Ni XIV: Comparative study
      of relativistic R-matrix and distorted-wave approaches
      K. Wang, C.Y. Chen, M. Huang, Y.S. Wang and Y.M. Zou
A-b32 Multiple processes in highly-charged-ion collisions
      T. Kirchner, M. Zapukhlyak, M. Ciappina, M. Schulz

A-b33 Relativistic effects in ion-electron and ion-ion collisions
      S. Fritzsche, A. Surzhykov and Th. Stöhlker

A-b34 Multiply charged ion induced dissociation of complex
     biomolecular ions
     Thomas Schlathölter

A-b35 The first result from the collision platform at Shanghai EBIT
      Z. Chen, X. Wang, B. Wei, D. Lu, X. Zhang, R. Hutton, and Y.

A-b36 Theoretical study on electron impact excitation and recombi-
      nation of highly charged ions
      Chen-Zhong Dong

A-b37 At the borderline between atomic and nuclear physics: two-body
      nuclear decay of highly-charged ions
      Yuri A. Litvinov

c) Interactions with Clusters, Surfaces and Solids

A-c01 Electron transmission through a single glass macrocapillary
      B.S. Dassanayake, S. Das, A. Ayyad, R.J. Bereczky, K. Tőkési,
      and J.A. Tanis

A-c02 Visible light emission from the interaction of Neq+ ions with solid
      surface of Al
      Wei Wang, Zhihu Yang, Boli Zhang, Liangyu Huang and Qiumei

A-c03 Channelling and stopping of hydrogen and fluorine ions in
       grazing scattering on Ag(111), Au(111) and missing row
       reconstructed Au(110) surfaces at low keV energies
       Lin Chen, Jie Shen, Jorge E.Valdés, PatricioVargas, and
       Vladimir A.Esaulov

A-c04 HCI-induced surface nanostructures
      R. Ritter, G. Kowarik and F. Aumayr

A-c05 The modification effect of surfaces irradiated with highly charged
      Shengjin Liu, Makoto Sakurai, Ken Asakura, Naoyuki Iida,
      Masahide Tona, Toshifumi Terui

A-c06 Energy spectra of sputtering ions induced by highly charged ions
      on metals collisions
      Fangfang Ruan, Bian Yang, Deyang Yu, Jing Chen, Wei Wang,
      Zhangyong Song, Caojie Shao, Rongchun Lu, Xiaohong Cai

A-c07 Electron emission from fast heavy ions associated with resonant
      coherent excitation
      S. Suda, Y. Nakano, K. Metoki, T. Azuma,Y. Takano, A.
      Hatakeyama, Y. Nakai ,K. Komaki ,E. Takada, T. Murakami

A-c08 The effect of electrical conductivity on guiding of slow highly
      charged ions through mesoscopic glass capillaries
      G. Kowarik, R. J. Bereczky, A. Macé, F. Ladinig, R. Raab, K.
      Tőkési, and F. Aumayr

A-c09 Potential electron emission by highly charged ions with solid
      Yuyu Wang, Yongtao Zhao, A. Qayyum, Jianrong Sun, Xing
      Wang, Xinwen Ma, Guoqing Xiao
A-c10 Magnetic studies on 2.03 GeV Kr26+ ions irradiated Fe3O4 thin
      Jianrong Sun, Zhiguang Wang, Cunfeng Yao, Kongfang Wei,
      Fashen Li

A-c11 Mev heavy ion transmission through glass capillaries: macro-
      channeling in micro-capillaries
      C.L. Zhou, A. Cassimi, A. Benyagoub, S.Guillous, H. Lebius, D.
      Lelièvre, T. Madi, A. Mery, I. Monnet, J.M. Ramillon, F. Ropars,
      T. Ikeda, Y. Kanai, T.M. Kojima, Y. Yamazaki

A-c12 Molecular ion emission from alkanethiol –sams by HCI
      Marcos Flores Vladimir Esaulov and Yasunori Yamazaki

A-c13 STM observation of HOPG surfaces irradiated with very highly
      charged ions
      NAWATA Yuji, OHKI Nobu, YAMAZAKI Akira,OHASHI Hayato,
      NAKAMURA Nobuyuki, YAMADA Chikashi, OHTANI
      Shunsuke,TONA Masahide, SAKURAI Makoto,

A-c14 The interaction of highly charged ions with insulators
      Yasunori Yamazaki

d) Interactions with Photons, Plasmas and Strong Field Processes

A-d01 Open-Shell effect on khα1,2 x-ray lines and doubly-shell ionized
      K. Kozioł, K. Słabkowska, M. Polasik

A-d02 The fluxes of x-ray free electron lasers which irradiate a
      Kengo Moribayashi
A-d03 Radiation damage of C, N and O clusters irradiated with XFEL
      Takeshi Kai

A-d04 B-splines basis set application to the solution of two-center Dirac
      A. Artemyev and A. Surzhykov

A-d05    Cooper-type minima in quadrupole            photoionization   of
        plasma-embedded hydrogen atoms
        Chih-Yuan Lin, Yew Kam Ho

A-d06 Relativistic electron dynamics of highly charged ions in
      ultra-intense laser fields
      Jianmin Yuan, Zhaoyan Zhou

A-d07 Impacts of impurity behaviours to magnetic confined plasma and
       its application for diagnostics
       Baonian Wan, Yuejiang Shi, Guangnan Luo

A-d08 Interaction of intense laser pulses with rare gas clusters
       E. Lamour, C. Prigent, C. Ramond, R.Reuschl, J.P. Rozet, M.
       Trassinelli, D. Vernhet, C Deiss and J. Burgdörfer

e) Production, Experimental developments and Applications

A-e01 Precision high voltage divider for the dielectronic recombination
      (dr) experiment
      W.Q.Zhang, W.D.Chen*, M.L.Qiu, K,Yao

A-e02 MINIRING: A compact electrostatic ion storage ring
      S. Martin, J. Bernard, G. Montagne, R. Brédy, and L. Chen

A-e03 Simulation of ion loss due to elastic scattering in an electrostatic
      ion trap
      H. Kai, K. Goto, M. Saito, Y. Haruyama

A-e04 Measurement of absolute detection efficiencies of a micro-
      channel plate detector using charge transfer reaction
      N. Takahashi, S. Hosokawa, M. Saito, Y. Haruyama

A-e05 A cryogenic Paul Trap for highly charged ions
      Maria Schwarz, Franziska R. Brunner, José R. Crespo

A-e06 Development of a high current electron beam ion trap at the
      T. M. Baumann, J. R. Crespo Lopez-Urrutia, G. Bollen, J.
      Dilling, O. Kester, S. Schwarz, J. Ullrich

A-e07 Direct X-ray measurements from TIFR-ECRIS for plasma
      S. Kasthurirangan, A. N. Agnihotri, L. C. Tribedi

A-e08 Ion spectroscopy of laser produced plasmas with potential for
      EUV sources
      A. O’Connor, O. Morris, and E. Sokell
              Posters B (Tuesday, 31 August)

a) Fundamental aspects, Structure and Spectroscopy

B-a01 Resonant coherent excitation of Li-like Uranium
      Y. Nakano, Y. Takano, T. Ikeda, Y. Kanai, S. Suda, T. Azuma, H.
      Bräuning, A. Bräuning-Demian, Th. Stöhlker, D. Dauvergne, Y.

B-a02 EUV spectroscopy of highly charged ions with high- and
      low-energy EBITS
      YATSURUGI Junji, WATANABE Etsushi, OHASHI Hayato,
      SAKAUE Hiroyuki A., NAKAMURA Nobuyuki

B-a03 Visible spectroscopy of Rh-like ions
      SAKODA Junpei, KOMATSU Akihiro, KIKUCHI Hiroyuki,
      NAKAMURA Nobuyuki

B-a04 Visible spectroscopy of highly charged Tungsten ions
      KOMATSU Akihiro, SAKODA Junpei, WATANABE Hirofumi,
      SAKAUE Hiroyuki A., KATO Daiji, MURAKAMI Izumi,
      NAKAMURA Nobuyuki

B-a05 MF-dependent hyperfine induced transition rates in an external
      magnetic field
      Jiguang Li, Chenzhong Dong, Per Jönsson , Gediminas

B-a06 Bound Beta-decay and decay of Isomeric states for neutral atoms
      and corresponding multi-charged ions
      A.V. Glushkov, A.A. Svinarenko
B-a07 QED perturbation theory calculation nuclear quadrupole
      moments and hyperfine structure parameters for Li-like multi-
      charged ions
      O. Yu. Khetselius, A.A. Svinarenko, Yu.V. Dubrovskaya, I.N.
      Serga, N.V. Mudraya

B-a08 Laser spectroscopy of the (1s22s2p) 3P0–3P1 level splitting in
      Be-like Krypton
      Danyal Winters, Th. Kühl, D. Schneider, P. Indelicato, R.
      Reuschl, R. Schuch, E. Lindroth, and Th. Stöhlker

B-a09 X-ray spectroscopy of collisions between highly charged ions and
      H2 clusters
      Natalya Winters, H.F. Beyer, W. Chen, R.D. DuBois, R.E.
      Grisenti, T. Gross, A. Gumberidze, S. Hagmann, M. Hegewald, S.
      Hess, P.M. Hillenbrand, C. Kozhuharov, R. Märtin, N. Petridis,
      M. Schwemlein, U. Spillmann, D.B. Thorn, S. Trotsenko, G.
      Weber, D.F.A. Winters, Z. Yin and Th. Stöhlker

B-a10 Precision laser spectroscopy of trapped highly charged ions
       Z. Andjelkovic, S. Bharadia, S. Stahl, R. Thompson, M. Vogel, W.
       Nörtershäuser and the HITRAP collaboration

B-a11 Higher-order resonant inter-shell electronic recombination for
      heavy highly charged ions
      C. Beilmann, J. R. Crespo Lopez-Urrutia, S. Bernitt, Z. Harman,
      P. H. Mokler, J. Ullrich

B-a12 Double excited resonance 1Se and 3Pe states of two electron atoms
      Jayanta K Saha, S Bhattacharyya and T K Mukherjee

B-a13 Stabilization method for understanding bound and resonance
       states of Helium
       T. K. Mukherjee, Jayanta K. Saha, S. Bhattacharyya

B-a14 Effect of Debye plasma on transition wavelength between doubly
      excited states of two-electron ions
      S Bhattacharyya, Jayanta K. Saha, T K Mukherjee

B-a15 Design and manufacture a cathodoluminescence instrument for
      material characterization
      Yousefi Elham, Shafiekhani, Azizollah

B-a16 Experimental studies of X-ray from H- and He-like highly charge
      argon ions
      Y. Zhao, X. Zhang, O. Rosmej, J. Rzadkiewicz, Y. Wang, X. Wang,
      Z. Yang, X. Chen, F. Li, G. Xiao

B-a17 A pulsed supersonic gas jet target for experiments at the HITRAP
      K. E. Stiebing, D.F.A. Winters, W. Quint, V. Varentsov, A.
      Warczak, and Th. Stöhlker

B-a18 Branching ratios of X-ray photons in He-like ions
      Kadrekar Riddhi and L. Natarajan

B-a19 Accurate spectroscopy of excited levels in He-like uranium
      M. Trassinelli, A. Kumar, H.F. Beyer, P. Indelicato, R. Märtin, R.
      Reuschl, Y.S. Kozhedub, C. Brandau, H. Bräuning, S. Geyer, A.
      Gumberidze, S. Hess, P. Jagodzinski, C. Kozhuharov, D. Liesen,
      U. Spillmann, S. Trotsenko, G. Weber, D.F.A. Winters, Th.

B-a20 term energy dependence of 3d orbitals in 3s23p43d multiplets for
       isoelectronic atomic ions
       Fumihiro Koike, Akira Yagishita

b) Collisions with Electrons, Ions, Atoms and Molecules

B-b01 EUV emission spectra of Iron ions following charge exchange
      collisions with He
      H. Ohashi, S. Suda, H. Tanuma, S. Fujioka, H. Nishimura, K.
      Nishihara, H. A. Sakaue, N. Nakamura and S. Ohtani

B-b02 Ionization and fragmentation of Uracil by keV and Mev energy
      highly charged ions
      Aditya N. Agnihotri, S. Kasthurirangan, Ajay Kumar, C.
      Champion, H. Lekadir, J. Hanssen, O. Fojón, R. Rivarola and
      Lokesh C. Tribedi

B-b03 One-electron capture reactions between Kr2+ ions and molecules
      in the sub-thermal energy region
      Tetsuo Koizumi

B-b04 Evaporative cooling of highly-charged ions in a Penning trap
      M. Hobein, A. Solders, M. Suhonen, Y. Liu, and R. Schuch

B-b05 Non-statistical fine structure distribution of Xe7+ ions in
      charge-transfer collisions
      H. Ohashi, T. Ishida, H. Tanuma, S. Fujioka, H. Nishimura, and
      K. Nishihara

B-b06 The influence of breit interaction on the linear polarization of
      X-ray emissions of highly charged Be-like ions following
      innershell electron impact excitation
      Jun Jiang, Zhong-Wen Wu, Chen-Zhong Dong

B-b07 Inner shell couplings in transiently formed superheavy quasi-
       P. Verma, P.H. Mokler, A. Bräuning-Demian, C. Kozhuharov, H.
       Bräuning, J. Anton, B. Fricke, F.Bosch, S. Hagmann, D. Liesen,
       Z. Stachura and M.A. Wahab.

B-b08 QED approach to calculating electron collision strengths for
      multicharged ions in a plasma in debye approximation
      A.V. Loboda, T.A. Florko, L.V. Nikola, A.N. Shakhman, T.B.

B-b09 High resolution X-ray spectroscopy of slow collisions of Ar17+
      ions with atoms and solids
      R. Reuschl, S. Bari, H.M. Dang, S. Geyer, E. Lamour,
      L.Maunoury, H. Merabet, J. Mérot, F. Mezdari, J.-Y. Pacquet, B.
      Pascal, C. Prigent, J.-M. Ramillon, J.-P. Rozet, T. Schlathölter, S.
      Steydli, M. Trassinelli and D. Vernhet

B-b10 L-shell Dielectronic Recombination for O-like Ions
      R. Semeda and F.Shahin

B-b11 Novel detectors applied to X-ray polarimetry of stored HCI
      G. Weber, H. Brauning, S. Hess, U. Spillmann, R. Martin, A.
      Surzhykov, D. Thorn, S. Trotsenko, D. Winters, Th. Stöhlker

B-b12 The momentum image of emitted electrons in transfer ionization
      in He2+-Helium collisions at intermediate energy
      W. T. Feng, X. Ma, X. L. Zhu, S. F. Zhang, H. P. Liu, B. Li, S. C.
      Yan, L. J. Meng

B-b13 Structure dependence of Hydrogen molecular ion on Helium
      Shaofeng Zhang, Xinwen Ma, Xiaolong Zhu, Wentian Feng,
      Huiping Liu
B-b14 Experimental investigation of state-selective electron capture in
      C4+-He collisions
      X. L. Zhu, X. Ma, S. F. Zhang, W. T. Feng, H. P. Liu, D. B. Qian,
      D. C. Zhang, W. Q. Wen, P. J. Zhang, S. C. Yan, B. Li

B-b15 Detuning system for dielectronic recombination experiment at
      Meng Lingjie,Ma Xinwen,Yang Xiaodong, Mao Lijun, Li Jie,
      Ma Xiaoming, Yan Tailai, Xia Jiawen, Yuan Youjin, Xu Hushan,
      Yang Jiancheng, Vladimir Reva , Vasily Parkhomchuk

B-b16 Probing the phase transition in the fragmentation of C60
      D. B. Qian, X. Ma, Z. Chen, D. C. Zhang, S. F. Zhang, B. Li, X. L.
      Zhu, W. T. Feng, H. P. Liu, W. Q. Wen

B-b17 Effects of spin forbidden DR on the plasma rate coefficients of
      Be-like Si
      I. Orban, S.D. Loch, R. Schuch

B-b18 Electron impact ionization cross sections for C70 fullerene
      Satyendra Pal, Neeraj Kumar and Anshu

B-b19 Fragmentation of FETPPCL under energy control
      B. Li, L. Chen, R. Brédy, J. Bernard, G. Montagne, S. Martin, X.

B-b20 Excitation studies for the heaviest He-like ion in relativistic
      A. Gumberidze, D. B. Thorn, Th. Stöhlker, G. Bednarz, F. Bosch,
      S. Fritzsche, S. Hagmann, D.C. Ionescu, O. Klepper C.
      Kozhuharov, A. Krämer, D. Liesen, X. Ma, R. Mann, P.H. Mokler,
      D. Sierpowski, Z. Stachura, M. Steck, A. Surzhykov, S. Toleikis, A.

B-b21 Dielectronic Recombination of H-like Sulphur Measured with
      Ions Extracted from an EBIT
      S. Mahmood, S. Ali, S. Tashenov, I. Orban, and R. Schuch

B-b22 Theoretical study of ionization of He by multiply charged ions by
      using a full four body Distorted Wave-Eikonal Initial State
      J. M. Monti, O. A. Fojón, R. D. Rivarola

B-b23 Analysis of recoil ion momentum in the (e, 2e) reaction of Neon
      S. C. Yan, X. Ma, P. J Zhang, S. Y. Xu, and H. P. Liu

B-b24 Single electron capture with simultaneous ionization in 120 keV
      He2+ on Ar collisions
      R. T. Zhang, X. Ma, S. F. Zhang, X. L. Zhu

B-b25 Modeling of the population kinetics of NLTE plasmas based on
      an approximation of non-relativistic configurations
      Cheng Gao and Jiaolong Zeng

B-b26 KLL dielectronic recombination strength of He-like up to O-like
      K. Yao, W. Chen, Z. geng, J. Xiao, Y. Yang, C. Chen, Y. Fu, D. Lu,
      R. Hutton, and Y. Zou

B-b27 Charge exchange studies of highly charged ions and atomic
      I. N. Draganić, D. McCammon, and C. C. Havener

B-b28 Ions colliding with PAH clusters
       H. Cederquist, A. I. S. Holm, H. Zettergren, H. A. B. Johansson,
       F. Seitz, S. Rosen, H. T. Schmidt, A. Lawicki, J. Rangama, P.
       Rousseau, M. Capron, R. Maisonny, A. Méry, L. Adoui, and B. A.

B-b29 Charge transfer in H++Li(2s) and H++Li(2p) collisions
      L. Liu and J. G. Wang

B-b30 ECR ion source based low energy ion accelerator development
      and performance
      Aditya N. Agnihotri, Bhoopender Kumar, S. Kasthurirangan

B-b31 On the leaky ion extraction method for dielectronic recom-
      bination strength measurements at electron beam ion traps
      W. Zhang, K. Yao, Y. Yang, R. Hutton, Y. Zou

B-b32 Resonance scattering and photoionization in Fe14+,15+ ions at 800
      eV photon energy
      J. R. Crespo López-Urrutia, M. C. Simon, C. Beilmann, M.
      Schwarz, P. Beiersdorfer, Joachim Ullrich

B-b33 Charge exchange studies using simultaneous X-ray and
      COLTRIMS measurements
      Rami Ali

B-b34 Physics with stored highly charged ion beams
      Andreas Wolf

B-b35 Precise measurement of KLL dielectronic recombination energies
      of highly charged Xe ions
      W. Chen, K. Yao, J. Xiao, Z. Geng, W. Zhang, Y. Zou

B-b36 Dielectronic recombination of W20+ and Au20+ ions
      S. Schippers, D. Bernhardt, M. Grieser, M. Hahn, C. Krantz, M.
       Lestinsky, O. Novotný, R. Repnow, D. W. Savin, A. Wolf, and A.

B-b37 Generalized oscillator strengths for the valence shell excitations
      of oxygen
      Lin-Fan Zhu, Wei-Qing Xu, Jian-Min Sun

c) Interactions with Clusters, Surfaces and Solids

B-c01 Visible light emission from solid surfaces irradiated with highly
      charged ions
      YAMAZAKI Akira, NAWATA Yuji, NAKAMURA Nobuyuki,
      TONA Masahide, YAMADA Chikashi, OHTANI Shunsuke

B-c02 Absolute ion yield of potential sputtering from solid Ne by Arq+
      (q ≤ 7) impact
      I. Naemura, S. Jinno, T. Koizumi, and T. Hirayama

B-c03 Angle-resolved electron spectroscopy of C60 in collisions with
      fast Si ions – various features
      Siddharth Kasthurirangan, Aditya H. Kelkar, Aditya N. Agnihotri,
      Lokesh C. Tribedi

B-c04 Modeling inner-shell X-ray emission from irradiation of clusters
      by ultrashort laser pulses
      James Colgan, J. Abdallah, Jr., A. Ya. Faenov, and T. A. Pikuz, Y.
      Fukuda, K. Kando, K. Kawase, S. V. Bulanov, A. Pirozhkov, and Y.

B-c05 Towards improvement of ETACHA
       E. Lamour, J-P Rozet, K. Sharkas, and D. Vernhet, P. D.
       Fainstein, M. Galassi, C. A. Ramírez, and R. D. Rivarola
B-c06 Temporal evolution of clustering rate in a pulsed supersonic jet
       E. Lamour, C. Prigent, C. Ramond, R. Reuschl, J.P. Rozet, M.
       Trassinelli, and D. Vernhet

B-c07 Interaction of relativistic highly charged ions with large droplets
       from a cryogenically cooled microjet source
       R. E. Grisenti, N. Petridis, N. Winters, A. Kalinin, D. B. Thorn,
       Ch. Dimopoulou, M. Steck, D. Winters, C. Kozhuharov, A.
       Gumberidze, U. Spillmann, S. Hagmann, R. DuBois, Th. Stöhlker

B-c08 Transmission of slow highly charged ions through capillaries of
      rhombic cross-sections
      P. Skog, H. Q. Zhang, N. Akram, I. L. Soroka, C. Trautmann, and
      R. Schuch

B-c09 Restructuring of solid targets due to impact of highly charged
      C. Lemell, G. Wachter, K. Tökesi, G. Betz, J. Burgdörfer

B-c10 K-shell X-ray yields of Aluminum induced by highly charged
      Xenon ions bombarding
      Z. Y. Song, Z. H. Yang, B. L. Zhang, J. Chen, Q. M. Xu, B. Yang,
      Z. R. Yang

B-c11 Transmission of Highly Charged Ions through PC Nano-
      capillaries with single hole and multi-holes
      X. Wang, Y. Zhao, Y. Wang, D. Li, G. Xiao, F. Li

B-c12 Melting and crystallization in large-sized Platinum nanoclusters
      Zhimin Wu, Chunyang Kong

B-c13 Ion transmission through tapered capillaries
       T. Schweigler, K. Schiessl, C. Lemell, J. Burgdörfer
d) Interactions with Photons, Plasmas and Strong Field Processes

B-d01 Energy threshold for X-rays in laser-cluster interaction
      E. Lamour, C. Prigent, C. Ramond, R.Reuschl, J.P. Rozet, M.
      Trassinelli, D. Vernhet

B-d02 A primary experimental investigation of keV heavy ions
      interacting with laser-produced plasma
      D. C. Zhang, X. Ma, X. L. Zhu,R. T. Zhang, B. Li, P. J. Zhang, S.
      C. Yan, S. F Zhang, L. J. Meng, D. B. Qian, W. T. Feng, H. P. Liu,
      X. Wang, Y. T. Zhao

B-d03 The X-ray Thomson scattering experiment and spectrum fitting in
      the warm density C foam
      Zhang Xiaoding, Zhang Jiyan, Zheng jian

B-d04 Effect of complex magnetic field on the damping of MHD waves
      in flowing partially ionized prominence plasma
      Nagendra Kumar

B-d05 Photoionization of Tungsten ions with synchrotron radiation
      A. Müller, S. Schippers, A. L. D. Kilcoyne

B-d06 Stablization of hydrogen atom in an intense circularly polarized
      laser field
      Yang lifeng, Xu wang, Qiren.Zhang

B-d07 Relativistic calculation of two-photon bound-bound transitions in
      S. Zapryagaev

B-d08 One-photon two-electron transitions for metastable Helium in
      debye plasmas using correlated exponential wavefunctions
       Sabyasachi Kar, Y. K. Ho

e) Production, Experimental developments and Applications

B-e01 Development of the collision platform for studying of the
      interaction of e- and molecule
      S. Lin, Z. Chen, B. Wei, X. Wang, D. Lu, R. Hutton and Y. Zou

B-e02 Opacity Experiments on ShenGuang-II Laser Facility
      Zhang Jiyan, Yang Jiamin, Xu Yan, Ding Yaonan, Yang Guohong,
      Hu Zhimin, Zhao Yang, Pei Wenbin, Ding Yongkun, Zhang
      Baohan, Zheng Zhijian

B-e03 Absolute detection efficiencies of a micro channel plate
      Shiro Matoba, Tetsuo Koizumi, Yasuaki Yamamoto, Ryota
      Takahashi, Chihiro Io and, Haruo Shiromaru

B-e04 Preparation of laser cooling of C3+ beams at CSRe
       X. Ma, W. Q. Wen, D. C. Zhang, M. Bussmann, H. P. Liu, H. Xu

B-e05 The DRESDEN EBIS/T platform technology for applications in
      surface science and medicine
      M. Schmidt, G. Zschornack, V. P. Ovsyannikov, F. Ullmann, J.

B-e06 Charge breeding with Dresden EBIT/S
      Alexandra Thorn, Erik Ritter, Alexey Sokolov, Gleb Vorobjev,
      Lothar Bischoff, Frank Herfurth, Oliver Kester, Wolfgang Pilz,
      Falk Ullmann, and Günter Zschornack

B-e07 EUV spectra of highly charge high-Z ions in laser plasmas &
      C. Fallon, P. Hayden, R. Hutton, Y. Zou, and J. T. Costello
B-e08 Transmission property of a glass and a metal capillaries for MeV
      proton and alpha particles
      N. Fujita, K. Ishii, and H. Ogawa

B-e09 Production, Experimental developments and Applications
       Z. J. Fei, J. Xiao, D. Lu, X. Jin, Y. Yang, R. Hutton, Y.M. Zou

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