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Stationary Items (DOC download) by gjjur4356


									?Stationary items means a wide range of materials like Paper, Writing Implements,
Office Supplies, Tapes and Art accessories, Files etc..
We can classify stationary items as listed here, based on usage:
? Paper and pad: Photocopy paper, Laser paper, Inkjet Paper, Dot matrix Paper,
Note Books, Writing Pads, Wire bound Notebooks
? Ink and Toner: Laser Toner, Inkjet ink cartridge, Dot matrix printer's ink ribbon,
Photocopier toner
? Writing Instruments: Fountain Pen, Ballpoint Pen, Roller ball pen, Pencil, Porous
Point Pen
? Desktop Instruments: Stapler, Staples, Hole punch, Tapes and Dispenser
? File and Storage: File folder, hanging file folder, Expandable file, Two-pocket
Portfolios, Index cards and files.
? Mailing and Shipping supplies: Envelope
Paper plays main role in each and every human's life. Paper is available in a huge
range of colours, not just 'white'. How could we exist without paper? Without paper
there would be no office aeroplanes, no letters, to marketing literature, no invoices, no
reports. We can see wide range of Notebooks, writing pads, wire bound notebooks is
used by school children, college students, and universities.
Filing and storage also plays major role in our usual life and offices. Filing includes
file folders, hanging file folders, expandable files and Index cards and files. Filing
will help us to find things very easily. In the market we can find different types of
files which are useful to keep personal things safely.
Last one is Envelope, used by Mailing and shipping supplies. Envelopes are designed
in different types and sizes. All card envelopes, Banana paper envelopes, Calendar
envelopes etc… are available in the market.

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