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					?Direct mail marketing is one of the oldest forms of advertising, and continues to be a
powerful way to promote and grow any business, even with the rise of Internet
marketing. Open your mailbox, and you'll no doubt be greeted with an array of
colorful brochures and flyers advertising business, products or political campaigns '
this is direct mail, a cost-effective way to increase revenue and build strong
relationships with prospective clients, customers and members. Here is a quick over
of how to create a strategic direct mailing printing campaign.

1. Determine Your Goals and Budget ' First of all, work out how many sales or new
customers you to need reach or generate as a result of your direct mailing printing
campaign. By determining how many sales you need to make a profit, and the average
response rates for your type of industry, you can determine the size of your direct mail
printing campaign, and thus your budget for design, printing and mailing. Think
through your goals carefully to develop effective text for your marketing materials.

2. Consult a Graphic Design Specialist ' A range of graphic design and commercial
color printing specialists can provide advice on the format and design of your direct
mailing printing to help you achieve the most effective results. Provide a design brief
to outline any specific requirements that you may have, such as the use of certain
PMS colors, font size, typeface, logos and general style required (for example,
"corporate with clean lines" or "quirky and out of the box"). Be sure to give the
graphic design specialist information about your budget, target audience and
background to the project or campaign.

3. Choose a Format ' Direct mail printing campaigns can take various formats, ranging
from personalized letters, glossy brochures, flyers and postcards to CDs, booklets and
more creative designs. Your budget will play a large part in what option you choose,
and your graphic design consultant can provide advice on commercial color printing

4. Get Creative ' If you really want your direct mail printing to stand out, and if your
budget will allow it, then get creative! Think about it ' people are used to finding
standard commercial color printing flyers and brochures in their mailboxes every day.
Your graphic design consultant can provide advice on a range of techniques you can
use if you really want your campaign to get noticed. Design techniques include using
bright, eye-catching colors and patterns, producing direct mail printing in unusual
shapes, pockets or pop-ups, or printing on usual materials such as Perspex, fabric, or
textured cardboard.

5. Mail Away ' If your campaign is a personalized one, mail your direct mail printing
using a computerized mail merge database, a service which most graphic design and
printing companies offer.

6. Evaluate ' Finally, track your responses and evaluate your commercial color
printing campaign so that you can tweak and improve your methods for future
campaigns. Consider whether you reached your objectives, targeted your intended
audience, and whether you received feedback, questions or complaints.


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