State Unclaimed Money - How to Get Your Share

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					?State unclaimed money is actually not the governments money at all! It is probably a
good indication that most of the people just don't believe they can get "free money".
This is understandable considering that most things that appear too good to be true are
indeed that.
However, it is believed by many that it is the particular terminology of the phrase that
is detouring American taxpayers from pursuing these generous monetary
opportunities. Perhaps if this "free money" was spoken of in its more specific terms
people would be more likely to take the theory seriously and actually obtain their
share of the funds.
You are hesitant to find your unclaimed money because you are wondering where all
these money came from and why they are forgotten and became unclaimed money.
Every year millions of dollars become lost when banks, companies and government
agencies lose track of the money they are holding due to mistakes in account numbers,
names and addresses.
Other sources of unclaimed money are old pay checks, tax refunds, dividends, bonds,
stocks, proceeds from insurances, forgotten deposit accounts, trust money and even
inheritance that's owed to you that you don't know.
To search for and discover unclaimed state money, you will need to check separately
with each state where you think the unclaimed state money may be located. Most
states have websites which will help you in your search. If they don't, you will have to
contact the state unclaimed property administrator's office.
An easier alternative will be to go to the National Association of Unclaimed Property
Administrators (NAUPA). NAUPA is the association of state departments that
administers the state lost money and the website provides access to nearly all the state
databases on unclaimed state money. You will still have to search through each state,
but you can do it from one place.
Before you start searching, make a list of all the people you care about that you would
want to find lost money for them. It is good to know the addresses you lived at
previously, the possible sources of the unclaimed state money and anything else you
can remember about your financial history that may be helpful.
Patience and care are prerequisites in your search - the databases of unclaimed state
money will contain information as received from the company or agency that was
unable to make the payment and there may be spelling errors in the names and
addresses. If you are able to locate unclaimed state money that belongs to you or an
inheritance that you are entitled to, the websites will guide you in the procedure for
making the claim.
Quality of the missing money database will have its role in your search. So, what
exactly is a "Quality" missing money database? Basically, it is a searchable database
that lets you enter your name to see if any of the lost money is reported as owed in
your name.
Finding the money is a simple search and claiming it only takes a few minutes of
administration. So, start the search right now. Find and claim your state unclaimed
money today!

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