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Introduction of Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Navision ERP Software


									?Microsoft Dynamics NAV is especially designed for midsized companies and it is
appropriate for the needs of manufacturing and distribution companies. Small
manufacturing units find it very useful and although it claims to be suitable for
companies up to five hundred employees, it is best to be used by those who have
fewer than three hundred. However, it has features and advantages that make it very
popular and the fact that it is produced under the Microsoft umbrella also contributes
to its popularity. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a way of simplifying and automating all
the business processes because its modules cover the entire activity of a company.

1. Financial management
2. Human resources management (HRM)
3. Supply chain management (SCM)
4. Manufacturing
5. Project management (PM)
6. Business intelligence and reporting
7. Customer relationship management (CRM)
8. Workspace optimization

Microsoft Dynamics NAV comes with multi-language, multi-locations and multi-units
features which makes it very flexible and suitable for complex business processes.
Compared with other Microsoft products it offers a high degree of flexibility and
customization. The fact that it integrates with other Microsoft applications, like MS
Office or MS Visio makes it easier to use and more friendly. Employees already
familiar with the interface of MS Office for instance will find it a lot easier to use this
new software and implementation will be accelerated. Its integration with Microsoft
SharePoint Server makes data transmission from other locations and transactions
outside the office accessible.

Business owners have the opportunity to make the best decisions using Microsoft
Dynamics NAV because they have quick access to specific information and they can
also use comprehensive reporting tools. The reports can be easily modified taken into
consideration particular requirements one might have and they can be exported to
other applications.

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is easy and the producer claims that it
will provide to your business the exact adaptability that it needs in order to face the
financial and economical changes that are taking place, the changes on the market and
other challenges like globalization or staying ahead of your competitors. The product
comes with excellent customer support and training and the initial cost vary
depending on what modules you want to buy. The cheapest version, called tier one
comes with basic features for financial management, the next one contains modules
for manufacturing, project managing and reporting, while the most expensive ones
has tools that enable an advanced management of your business.
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