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									?Our Interest Minimizer Program is one of the Greatest Financial Secrets of Our Time

How would you like a tool that would allow you to sell more mortgages, to more
clients, more often? We have a tool available to do just that! It's called Interest
Minimizer and it's a plan provided by Nationwide Biweekly Administration, the
nation's largest and most recognized biweekly payment administrator. Interest
Minimizer is a Bi-Weekly Interest Savings Payment option that will allow you to save
tens of thousands of dollars on interest payments on your new loan and build equity
much faster. This is one of the greatest financial secrets of our time and it is as simple
paying your mortgage bi-weekly through Nationwide Biweekly Administration.
With any new loan, you have choices. There are loan term options of 15, 20 or 30
years. You also have interest rate options, fixed and adjustable. Most importantly, you
now have a new payment option to add to that list. When you purchase your new
house, or refinance, you can select a simple payment option that will literally save you
tens of thousands of interest charges and eliminate 6-10 years off of a 30 year
Nationwide Biweekly Administration processes billions of dollars in mortgage
payments to over 5000 lenders. Their bi-weekly interest savings payment option
called the Interest Minimizer is a safe, convenient and proven way to cut tens of
thousands in interest off your existing loans including your mortgages, home equity
loans, auto loans, student loans and even credit card debt.
Here's how it works. With the bi-weekly option, your monthly payment option is
decreased to a much smaller bi-weekly amount and is automatically debited every two
weeks. We conveniently match these debits to your pay schedule. Now, trying to
budget for a large mortgage payment has become a lot easier. No more checks to write
or late fees to worry about. You will love how simple and easy it is.
Hundreds of thousands of American families are using the Interest Minimizer
bi-weekly option, saving billions of dollars in interest charges. When you see the
savings and how much people have been spending unnecessarily, you will never want
to make monthly payments again. The Interest Minimizer plan manages the biweekly
debits for you, simply, painlessly and automatically. Since a house is likely the biggest
investment someone will ever make, take a look and see why the Interest Minimizer is
such a smart payment option for your mortgage.
By paying the exacts same amount as you are paying now, but switching to smaller
bi-weekly debit amount, you will eliminate over 6 years of payments and $50,000 in
interest payments. All you have to do is select bi-weekly instead of monthly
Let's also take a look at how it affects your equity build up. With the interest
Minimizer, you will dramatically accelerate your equity regardless of how long you
stay in your home. In this example, at 3 years you have almost $3,300 more equity, at
5 years you have over $5,800 in additional equity, at 10 years you have over $14,000
more equity then you would have had with a traditional monthly payment. You are not
increasing your payment amount, just switching to a smaller bi-weekly amount.
Through the Interest Minimizer program, you will dramatically increase your rate of
equity buildup in your home in just the first year alone and you'll eliminate 6-10 years
off of your 30 year loan. Its money you get to save for you and your family.

Advantages of selecting a Bi-Weekly interest Savings Payment Options:
" It's a smarter and more powerful payment option
" Accelerates your interest savings and home equity
" Eliminates years of payments off your loan
" There's no increase in your monthly payment
" Automatic debits for no hassle processing
" It's easy to budget
" Guarantees your payments to arrive on time, every time
" You get access to NBA's Interest Minimizers financial products to save even
more money on credit cards, auto loans and student loans
" Your transactions are safe and secure
The Bi-weekly Interest Minimizer Program is administered by Nationwide Biweekly
Administration - The nation's leading and most trusted biweekly program
NBA is listed with Dunn and Bradstreet and is fully licensed and bonded.

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