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					?The local search company of Egypt now offers a new application for iPhone users
that allows iPhone 3G devises in Egypt to access the database of Egypt Yellow Pages.

With the recent release of iPhone 3G devices in Egypt by Mobinil and Vodafone it
makes it easy to find the required information through Mobile Yellow Pages.

This iPhone application would help to boost the efficiency of Egypt yellow Pages as
visitors can post their listings easily as well search information using iPhone 3G
applications remotely.

The iPhone market that is still in the early stages is growing quickly helping the users
of Egypt Yellow Page, particularly the business market segment.

The next version of iPhone software is expected in this month that allows the
developers to sell additional services with in applications and buyers to help create
better and more customized applications.

The website is accessible by any mobile device in Egypt and
around the world that has the ability to access the Internet. To access Mobile Yellow
Pages, your mobile will need to be able to connect to the Internet. There are few ways
for a mobile phone to access the Internet. First and most importantly your phone must
have an Internet Browser. Then the user must subscribe to a data services package.
The most common is through data services provided by mobile operators such as
Mobinil, Vodafone Egypt or Etisalat Misr. These data services are sold in different
access packages but they are most commonly known by the terms GPRS and 3G

Simply enter into your mobile browser, and enjoy access to
hundreds of thousands of businesses, telephone numbers, addresses, URL's, maps…
Anything from anywhere.

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