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Portrait Contract - Laurie Welch Photography


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									                                          Laurie Welch Photography
                                                     Portrait Contract

The following terms of agreement form an integral part of this contract and no variation or modification of this contract shall be
effective unless accepted by both parties in writing. Laurie Welch Photography and assigns will be further known as the Photographer
and the photographic subject will furthermore be known as the Client.

Description of photography services provided:

Number of subjects in sitting______________
Location or address ____________________
Duration of the shoot____________________


The charges in this agreement are based upon the photographer’s standard current price
list and may be customized for the client. Payment is due and payable for print packages
at the time the order is placed. Laurie Welch Photography’s price list is periodically
updated and future orders will be processed in accordance with a current price sheet.

Package or prints ordered and price

Additional charges:

The initial sitting fee compensates the Photographer for time during the assignment or
 The sitting fee $_________is non-refundable and is due and payable the day of the

Limited liability

If the Photographer can not perform this agreement the unused deposit or sitting fee will
be refunded to the Client and the Client will have no further liability with respect to this
agreement. At the Client’s request another sitting can be scheduled. The limitation of
liability also applies in the event that photographic materials are damaged or lost due to
flood, fire, camera or equipment malfunction. In such cases the Photographer will not be
held liable.

Photographic Materials

All photographic materials including negatives, proofs, image files or CDs shall remain
the exclusive property of the Photographer. Clients will only be allowed to take proofs
outside the studio under special circumstances and only for the purposes of selecting
prints for order through the Photographer. The proofs will be considered ‘on loan’ to the
client and if they are not returned within ten (10) days of receipt they shall be charged to
the Client at the same rate as finished prints of the same size.

Notice of copyright and reproduction

It is illegal for anyone other than Laurie Welch Photography to copy or reproduce said
photographs elsewhere unless the copyright to the photographs have been purchased.
Violators of this law will be subject to Idaho state civil and criminal penalties. The prints
are sold under the agreement that they are for the Client’s personal use and will not be
sold with out written release by Laurie Welch Photography.

Copyright purchased_____________________________

Model release and exhibition of prints

The Client hereby grants Laurie Welch Photography and its assigns the irrevocable and
unrestricted right to use, whole or in part, alone or in composite or altered form and in
conjunction with any other photographs or wording for any purpose without restriction
including publishing for trade, advertising or on the Internet Website
lauriewelchphotography.com via electronic transmission. The Client grants Laurie Welch
Photography permission to display any product rendered from this shoot and releases all
claims to profit that may arise from use of these images.

The terms of this agreement are accepted by:



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