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									?When we talk about interview transcription ,our mind ask question what is interview
transcription An interview transcription is conversation of two or more people where
question are asked by the interviewer to obtain the information from the interviewee
and that information is transcribed into the written document. Interview are now
conducted in every activities of human , like it may be between a celebrity and a
moderator, a policeman and a criminal, employer and an employee or a marketing
team taking surveys on a specific topic.

Interview transcriptions are valuable for universities students, researchers, police and
recruiters. For transcribing the interview recording, it is important to use the best
quality digital recorder so that the transcribing company can put their best efforts in
producing a good quality interview transcription.

There are three basic forms for interview transcription:

? Verbatim transcription: all the recorded words are transcribed into the document
including uhh,ahh and etc.
? Intelligent verbatim: Transcriptionists are allowed to fabricate and eliminate the
unnecessary words which are not relevant to the subject matter.
? Intelligent transcription: Transcriptionists edit or proof read the transcribed work

Transcription is a specialist business. Only a good transcript can handle any type of
transcription. Most of company hire the employee for the interview transcription and
gives them necessary training so that they can provide forcible transcript for their
client's across the world. Quality, accuracy, and efficiency are three elements for any
robust and effective interview transcription company provider

Types of interview transcription are:

?   Student research interview transcription
?   Job interview transcription
?   Police station interview transcription
?   Radio interview transcription
?   Journalist interview transcription
?   Focus group transcription
?   Press briefing transcription
?   Lecture transcription

Transcriptions are acclaimed by many sectors in this today's fastest growing industry.
For example a student in the process of presenting research material on marketing
survey, the audio interviews based on his research was of 18 hours in length with
different persons opinion, and after eliminating the unnecessary portion the
transcriber could format the transcript to eight pages only, and thanks to the
transcriptions, it made easy to listen as well as interesting to them rather listening for
18 hours.
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