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Interview Transcription at its Best


									?Interview transcription is conversion of the audio files recorded of one person
interviewing another in the text format. It is similar to that of general transcription. An
interview of an individual or a group could be conducted either on phone or in person.
You may need interview transcription services, especially if you are an author,
journalist, or a seminar speaker.

Few corporate marketing departments perform individual telephone interview surveys
with their customers before launching a new product or sometimes after making a
sample use. As it is not a very formal interview, is such a setting, you may only need
to identify the speaker as interviewer against the customer in interview transcription

Authors frequently interview subjects for their publication of articles or books. Here
as a transcriber generally you will identify the author and the interviewee by their
names. Depending on the skills of the interviewer in recording and using its
equipments or even in the selection of interview venue where it is recorded the quality
of audio in this type of transcription differs.

Before sending their audio files to interview transcription services most people
carrying out interviews are aware that their audio needs to be listened to by a
transcriber, and will make efforts to provide clear audio content, whereas for some it
would be a new concept. If you want to take help in interview transcription services
you need to take care that your audio files are not recorded in heavy background noise
such as a restaurant or a coffee house, loud moving vehicle or an indoor public
swimming pool during kids hour.

If you have to frequently take interviews, these would serve you as guidelines in
providing quality audio files to the transcriber. It is a wise decision to take help of
interview transcription services as this helps in saving time, cutting in operations costs,
as well as additional resources. The most important is you can focus on the core area
of your business, receiving quality services from interview transcription services.

You may take help of Outsourcing Transcription Services for any of your interview
transcription projects as mentioned below recorded in audio digital files such as: MP2,

 One-to-one interviews
 Market research interviews
 Student research interviews
 University research project transcription
 Telephone interviews
 Job interviews
 Radio interviews
 Television interviews
 Journalist interviews
 Target group transcription
 Lecture transcription
 Transcription of speeches

You can receive your interview transcription files in MS Word, TXT or HTML, RTF,
or any other desired format of your requirement. You can upload your interview
transcription audio file on safe ftp server on: .

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