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Starting a New Ebay Business


									?From: Brent Crouch
Saturday, 2:22 p.m.

Dear Friend,

You may be thinking I already have an Ebay account, or I don't need your advice for
starting an Ebay account. It is as easy as signing up.

If this is what you are thinking, please read further. If you have already thought of
everything I am going to share with you here, then you are that much ahead of the
game. If not, you can save yourself some grief by at least considering the information

READ ON.....

Even if you have an existing account, now maybe the perfect opportunity to open a
new one. Most people start selling under an account they currently have. This is not
the best choice.

You need to plan your Ebay business with your future in mind. The goal of most Ebay
sellers is to eventually open a website to begin selling outside of Ebay. While this
maybe more than a year away, it is important to setup your Ebay account to promote
your future website right from the start.

Most of us start Ebay accounts for the purpose of buying or selling a few items around
the house. Most of us didn't start our first account planning on starting a major
business or using it to eventually promote our own website. Most of us choose a user
id that is easy for us to remember. While that maybe okay for a personal account, it is
not the best idea for your business account.

Think ahead! What is your business going to be called? If or when you eventually
open a website, what is the domain name of the business going be?

If you are going to be selling DVDs, I'd come up with a business name that includes
your primary product in the title. The name of your business can include anything
from your name, geographic location, or anything you choose. Some examples are
California DVD, Jennys DVD, Dollar DVD, 1 Cent CD, etc.

Once you know your business name, you can open your new Ebay account. If your
business is going to be called California DVD, the perfect User ID for your new Ebay
account will obviously be CaliforniaDVD.

The reasons are obvious. Once you are an established seller moving lots of product on
Ebay, some of your customers will want to order product directly from your website.
If you named your user id after your business, you'll be easy to find.


Take Ebay's biggest seller jayandmarie. This seller moves tens of thousands of CD's
and DVD's a month. If one of his customers wanted to find his website outside of
Ebay, the obvious guess would be .

You may be thinking, this doesn't apply to me. I don't have any plans of starting a
website. My advice is don't limit yourself.You have no idea where your business will
be in 1 year from now. It is much better to plan ahead. Besides that, unless your
current account has 1000's of feedback, you have nothing to loose by starting a new

You may also be thinking, I'll keep my existing account and just change the name.
This may or may not be an acceptable alternative. The main drawback to changing
your name is the icon ebay will place next to your user id letting the whole world
know you just changed your identity. For some reason, bidders will avoid your items
while that icon is next to your name. Your sales will drop tremendously for the few
weeks that it is in place.

If you are determined to keep your existing account, and don't plan on selling
anything for a few weeks, then changing your name may be an alternative. For
everyone else, please follow step one below.


I recommend starting a new account for your first step, so you will have time to
establish the account while you are researching suppliers. You are going to need
shipping supplies to ship your products. Purchase them with your new account! It will
give you the perfect opportunity to build your account feedback.

There are so many things you can do with this account to build your feedback while
you are busy getting your business going. If you are low on cash, use your new
account to sell some items around the house. If you are like the rest of us, there are
plenty of things of value laying around that are no longer used.


CLICK ON THE EBAY LINK BELOW. It will take you to the Ebay Home Page.
From there, you'll see "Hello Sign In or Register" near the top of the page. Just click
register and follow the instructions to setup your new account.

If you don't see, Hello Sign In or Register at the top of the page, but see something
similar to Hello Your Current User Id, then you need to click sign out. Then you can
click on the picture below and will be taken back to the Ebay website where you will
see "Hello Sign In or Register" at the top of the page like the rest of us.

Good Luck with your business,

Brent Crouch

Brent is the owner of Jillian Entertainment. He has spent the last 3 years teaching
others how he took his startup business to over 1.5 Million Dollars in revenue selling
CDs and DVDs.

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