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					?For a very long time now, balloons and flowers have been synonymous with
celebrations and functions. Balloon and flower bouquets are used extensively as
decorative pieces and also as gifts. Right from the common man on the street to
corporations, all events and functions are marked by beautiful and vibrant flowers and
balloons. And because of this popularity, the balloon and flower business is thriving

Low set up costs and an ever growing demand for both balloons and flowers at almost
all kinds of functions and festivities makes this business just right for anyone with a
creative streak. So if you have been dilly dallying with the idea of starting your own
business and you think you would love being creative with balloons and flowers then
you might just qualify for this business.

Be it the flower decoration business or the balloon business, before you go ahead and
take the plunge you should familiarize yourself with both the creative and the
business aspects of setting up and running a business. You have to resign yourself to
the fact that running a business takes requires both business acumen and good
organizational skills when it comes to both your time and resources.

To give you a heads up, let us consider both business ideas a little more closely.

Balloon bouquet business
When setting up your balloon bouquet business there are really two simple things that
you should consider. What are your startup costs and what equipment and resources
will you require.

The good news is that in this business your startup costs are relatively low. Most of
your investment will go towards assembling basic equipment and towards marketing
and advertising for your business. The rest will go towards procuring basic office
stationary, phone and answering machine, computer and fax lines for your business.

So what can you expect to make? Well depending on the kind of design and creativity
involved, you can charge anything from $20 to $100 and upwards for a simple
balloon bouquet while a wedding ceremony can fetch you earnings of $500 (minimum)
and upwards.

Flower bouquet business
Floral decorations and bouquets have become so popular that people spend anything
from $800 to $1000 and upwards at functions such as weddings. Businesses and
corporations too spend lavishly on floral decorations. So extensive is this market that
even with limited clients you can expect to break even within the first month or two.

The floral business also offers specialization streams. So for example you can choose
to specialize in any one of the following -
· Wedding business.

· Family events and functions (funerals, christening, baby showers etc.)

· Commercial or business events.

· Retail florist shop

· Home floral/home decoration business.

Again sitting in the category of relatively low start up costs, you can start your home
based floral business in under $2000. Of course this is an estimate.

Most of your investment will go into the following:
· Equipment
· Transportation
· Licensing/permits
· Operating location
· Working capital
· Marketing and advertising costs.

In addition to all of the above, most importantly what you are willing to spend and
invest by way of time and effort is what will determine how well you can shape up
your business.

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