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The Music Education Centre is very proud to offer Murrays Bay Intermediate students
the opportunity to benefit from specialist musical instruction on piano, at school during
school hours or after school.

Piano and keyboard knowledge provides one of the best introductions to music in
general. Here are some reasons why:

     on the piano notes are arranged in pitch order, which helps develop the musical ear;
     the logical visual arrangement makes it easier for students to understand the layout
      of written music;
     students can achieve success relatively easily because the piano is fixed pitch (no
      need to tune, unlike the violin or guitar)
     for more about why playing the piano is a great idea, see

Many adults regret not having been given the opportunity to learn to play a
keyboard/piano when they were a child. It is a fundamental skill for students who are
interested in music. At university basic piano or keyboard skills are required when doing
performance degrees on other instruments.

International research has shown that those who learn two instruments (piano and
another instrument) are more likely to keep playing music - having fun with music -
throughout their life.

 Individual Instruction
Lessons are held on a one to one basis. We recommend students have a 30 minute
individual lesson each week.
20 minute and 15 minute individual lessons are available but this cannot be as
comprehensive a learning experience as a 30 minute individual lesson.

Tuition fees
Parents receive a term invoice at the start of each school term, payable to the Music
Education Centre (NOT the school office).
Students pay a one-off enrolment fee of $50.00 when first starting lessons with the MEC.
Charges are $26 per lesson for each 30 minute lesson. $18.50 for 20 minutes and $13 for
each 15 minute individual lesson.

How to Book
For enrolments at the start of term one, an enrolment form will be distributed to all
students and can be returned to the school office in mid February. To start lessons during
the year or for more information, phone the Music Education Centre on 0800 89 39 39 or
contact us through our MEC website