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									?Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings-name a few more celebrations and it won't be
surprising that this article is about how to start a business in catering. Yes, catering is
a very profitable type of business and it has a very good potential for growth and
expansion. In fact, the National Restaurant Association reveals that catering is one of
the fastest growing industries in restaurant business according to their 2008
Restaurant Industry Forecast.

The reason for this is not hard to recognize. Working mothers just don't have enough
time or energy to plan and arrange birthday parties for their kids. Employers don't
want to cook for their employees during their annual celebrations and cocktail parties.
So what they simply do is to call out a caterer to avail of their food services.

Before you start a business in catering, it is important to have an overview of the
business. It is very client-oriented, considering that you need to be precise in the types
of foods your client requests. This business also requires you to be well-organized,
and you need to get used to working and cooking for long hours (unless of course you
are already well established and have garnered lots of employees).

With all the other caterers around, you have to make sure your services are superb and
the taste of your food is not mediocre. You also be an expert in marketing your
business so that you get lots of clients. It is also vital for you to be partners with
florists, bakers, cake decorators, and party supplies shopkeepers.

In starting your business, one very important thing you need is a catering truck
besides a commercial kitchen. This allows you to carry chairs, tables and food to the
venue. In your kitchen, you may need large ovens and kitchen tools so you can cook
large volumes of food at a time. You also need a computer, printer and internet
connection for marketing your catering business.

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