Internet Business Startup Tips by gyvwpsjkko


									?To quote Allen Says:

"Most Warriors already know everything they need to know to make great money on
the internet, right now. Whether they do it or not is entirely up to them. It is most
definitely in the slicksters benefit to keep you hanging on seeking the next big
"secret" while the whole time they are doing what really makes money and has always
made money:

1. Building Huge Lists
2. Creating Viral Systems
3. Doing JV's
4. Running Affiliate Programs
5. Creating Information Books, Packages & Monthly Subscriptions

Look at what they are "doing" instead of what they are "saying" you should do..."

Excellent! He has really hit the nail on the head... if that's what you want to do. But
don't sacrifice an idea that doesn't fit into these categories. Be creative and innovative.

He is right about looking at what others are doing and not telling you to do. That's a
profound statement.

The future: Even online veteran's like Allen don't know what the future holds. He
doesn't see everything or know everything. … He made his millions in the past, but
we're dealing with the present and the future.........

Also… many of you reading this aren't going to take the same path as a Guru might
tell you is THE way to go…

I have friends that have made millions in real estate. So could I and so could you!
What's stopping us? It could be many reasons I would imagine... Education, it doesn't
interest you, geography... Not everyone is going to be able to be a Real Estate
developer. And not all millionaires have real estate...

Find your path. If you don't know what that path is, that's ok, because the path is
actually within you. It is following your deepest inner passion. Focus on your self to
find that, and the rest will follow if you follow.

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