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									?If you have or know children, you know that they can be the sneakiest little things,
even when for the most part they behave as perfect angels. But even the most behaved
child can have a way of getting into many areas and places that they simply do not
belong, and as a result, injury or accidents can occur instantly. More and more baby
and child accidents are being reported every year, and sometimes the results are tragic.
It only takes a second for a mom to turn her back for accident or tragedy to occur, and
this is why baby and child proofing business is such a booming business today. If you
are considering starting a business, you may want to start a baby and child proof
business, and you will be surprised to learn just how easy and affordable it can be.

The Concept

The concept behind a baby and child proof business is that you will go into someone
else's home, and essentially child proof their home for them. If you have children, you
will be a natural at this, as you will already know what to look for and what the hot
spots and problem areas are. With so many gadgets on the market, many first time
parents are lost and confused as to what should or should not be done to child proof
their home. This is where you come in. Parents will hire you to consult in their home,
and child proof it for them. You will inspect their home, install necessary safeguards,
and point out any potential dangers to their children.

Startup Costs

There is no license or degree required for this business, but it would help you to do as
much research on child proofing as possible. If you are a parent, your natural instinct
will come in handy, particularly if you've been 'on the job' for quite some time. Start
up costs will only include any marketing or advertising costs you incur, and some
basic tools to assist in installing devices and latches. Invest in some top quality tools
such as drills, wrenches, screwdrivers, and some basic safety devices that you can
show your clients. Additional safety devices can be purchased on an as needed basis
and you can then invoice your clients for these costs. Because you are dealing with
safety issues and hazard potential, it is a good idea to obtain liability insurance as well.
Check with your state, as some states may even require liability insurance.

Marketing Your Business

Marketing your business will be easy, because you already know who your target
clients are, first time moms! First time moms are the most nervous and the most likely
group to invest in professional child proofing services, and you can market this group
anywhere. Target groups of pregnant moms, or new mothers by placing flyers and ads
in maternity wards of hospitals or in pediatricians offices. You can even include
packages with your business cards, brochures, information to be handed out to new
mothers in the hospital. Most new moms receive a huge amount of information to
help them along the way when they are in the hospital and this is a great starting point.
Yellow pages ads are also a great way to go, as this may be the first place new parents
look for this information.

A child proofing or baby proofing business can be a rewarding and exciting career. It
is much easier to do than you think!!


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