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									?Building links to your Internet business is a crucial aspect of your marketing
campaign. It helps improve your search engine ranking and increases traffic to your
website. If you are interested in other traffic generating strategies, I suggest reading
my series on: Spreading The Word: Turbocharge Your Traffic.

The main focus of this article is to provide you with a list of DoFollow forums that
you can participate and share information with. If you spend two to three hours a day
browsing through DoFollow forums, write at least 10-15 posts in at least two
DoFollow forums, you will start to see more traffic flow to your website. Here are the
top three reasons why you should implement this:

1.It will generate FREE traffic to your website. If forum members see value in your
information, they will click on your link to find out more.
2.Helps create a backlink to your website, which will increase your search engine
ranking and site popularity much quicker.
3.You contribute to others and learn from experts within your industry.

Let me address what DoFollow means. Otherwise if you already understand the
concept, scroll down to the list below and take action today by contributing your
resources to others that will drive more traffic to your website.

What Is DoFollow?

The easiest way to understand what DoFollow is, I will explain what NoFollow is first.
NoFollow was an attribute created in 2005 to help bloggers and webmasters manage
comments and control the number of inserted links. It was to stop spammers placing
unwanted links on blog posts. By adding the Nofollow attribute automatically to your
links it tells search engines to not follow them, thus stopping spam.

Now, DoFollow is the opposite of NoFollow, isn't that simple? The main difference is,
DoFollow is only available on limited websites restricting comments and links that
are relevant to the topic. This stops spamming and is beneficial to websites who are
actually contributing to the community. By submitting comments on DoFollow blogs
or websites you get free quality backlinks.

    "DoFollow links are links which help you improve your search engine ranking

List of DoFollow Forums

1.5Star Affiliate Forum - An affiliate marketing forum
2.Abestweb - An affiliate marketing forum for both beginner and experienced
3.Abundance - A forum that allows you to post advertisements for free
4.Blogger Talk - A forum for bloggers
5.Blog Mastermind Forum - An excellent forum with like minded bloggers who share
strategies on how to make money with blogs
6.Business Forum - Business related topics discussed in this forum
7.Capital Theory - An online money making forum
8.Clickbank Success - A forum dedicated to people making money from Clickbank
9.Clicks Forum - Internet marketing business forum
10.Digitalppoint - A large forum about internet marketing and search engine (over 10
million members)
11.Dreamteam Money Forum - One of the hottest money making forums
12.Entrepreneur Forum - A forum started up by Evan Carmichael about
entrepreneurship - Internet marketing and webmaster forum
14.Free Advertising Forum - Unlimited advertising posting
15.Internet Marketing for Business - Internet marketing and business forum
16.SEOForum - Dedicated for SEO discussions
17.Small Business Forum - A business forum for small entrepreneurs and online
18.Startups - A business start-up and innovation forum
19.Warrior Forum - One of the most helpful and highly recommended forum to
discuss business on. People are always ready to help and assist with your enquiries
20.Work-at-Home Moms - An Internet marketing message boards for mums

Please comment below about any of the forums you have tried and let me know how
helpful they have been for you.

Tyrone Shum is an internet business marketer. You can read more Internet business
articles at Internetbusinesspath

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