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									?Since STO is a skills-based game, it is important to have an overview of the
categories of Officers and position within each category that you can choose from.
Getting a Star Trek Online Career Guide would give you this information and much

There are other categories such as Science Office, Tactical Officer and Bridge Officer
- and within each of these there are the different specialties such as Doctor, Soldier

 For example, in the category of an Engineering Officer you could be a Combat
Engineer, a Technician or a Fabrication Engineer.

Unlike most other MMORPGs wherein grinding and leveling was important, with
STO you don't have 50 levels to hit from scratch, but rather, at the start, you have a
total of 6 ranks within which to progress:

Ensign -> Lieutenant -> Lieutenant Commander -> Commander -> Captain ->

You obtain a promotion when you progress from one rank to the next (higher) rank.
But in order to get a promotion, players would have to have used a certain number of

Ranking up in Star Trek Online could be seen as a form of leveling for this skill-based

Ranks provides a means to measure how far you've advanced your character. Like
most other games, the items, equipment or other accessories would depend on how far
you have maxed out your skills and your current rank.

More on Careers Available in STO

Perhaps the most significant decision you make when creating a new STO character is
the class of your captain. There are three classes available, each with a different focus:

Tactical Officers focus on dealing damage, both in space combat and on the ground in
away missions

Engineering Officers focus on survivability and durability in space combat, and on
supporting their away team with fortifications and shield repairs on away missions

Science Officers focus on weakening and incapacitating their opponents and
supporting their allies both in space combat and on away missions, where they also
offer medical treatment
Another bit of important to understand from your Star Trek Online Career Guide:
classes in STO are not as ‘exclusive' or rigidly defined as in many class-based
MMORPGs. Specifically, the classes differ in the some of the following ways, just to
name a few:

- Each class gains one unique 'space' ability per rank

- Each class gains one unique ‘ground' ability per rank

- Each class has a unique group of skills that affect their performance in away

- Each class can train bridge officers of the same class in advanced abilities (for
example, Tactical captains can train Tactical bridge officers, but not Science or
Engineering bridge officers)

- Each class can equip unique ‘kits', which grant additional ground abilities

As you can see, real thought needs to be given to the choice of career, therefore, along
with the inherent skills associated with each. That's why we recommend that you
consider getting a hand guide: Star Trek Online Career Guide, which will layout the
options you have in terms of careers and also just what the skill sets are and the
benefits of each. It will help you to master your game.

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