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									?The world has become one big interconnected marketplace. International payment
processing is a crucial element in capturing orders in today's global market.

International payment processing is an indispensible and powerful part of high
volume ecommerce businesses. Research shows that international payment processing
is a valuable way to protect business operations and save money. Efficient use of
international payment processing accounts maximizes revenues, mitigates risk,
increases net working capital, and boosts revenues.

Merchant accounts are what most business owners think of when considering
international payment processing. Whilst trading accounts are important, they are by
no means the only method of processing payments internationally.

Throughout the world, preferred methods used to buy goods or services online vary
from country to country and region to region. In addition to merchant accounts for
credit cards, international payment processing options include direct debit, local bank
transfers, mobile billing, prepaid cards, e-wallets, and cash vouchers.

How does a merchant go about establishing international payment processing
accounts? The vast majority of businesses do not have the expertise, money, or time to
establish direct accounts for the myriad of payment options. Yet, it is crucial to the
success of a business to have the right mix for payment methods for each market.

The best way to build payment processing internationally is to partner with a certified
payment gateway which already has multiple payment methods integrated into it.
Merchants will discover that plugging into a gateway is much easier than trying to
build an international payment processing network from scratch and time-to-market is
significantly shortened.

Merchants will still need to apply for merchant accounts at acquiring banks and
submit applications to providers or the various alternative payment options required.
For large accounts, the application process, whilst simple and straight-forward, is
somewhat time-consuming. The documents to be submitted along with the application
are readily available and compiling them into one file takes a few hours.

It makes sense to have one source handle applications for all international payment
processing options. A good banking agent is an invaluable resource and will save you
considerable time and effort. Submit all the documents to the agent and let the agent
send the appropriate application file to each international payment processing

The agent acts a project manager for you, coordinating all details necessary for
International Payment Processing account approval. Once accounts are approved, the
agent will arrange to have all the accounts consolidated on a single gateway. Services
of a professional agent are included as part of package by international payment
processing providers. Therefore, the invaluable service provided by the agent is free
to you.

Once accounts are approved, your technical team plugs into one application program
interface, greatly simplifying the integration procedure. Once integrated, all you do is
click on a particular payment option to enable or disable it in any country or region.

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