Interior design advice and IT facilities to attract clients and new business

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					?Previously thought of as an unimportant consideration, offices generally used to be
of dull and unexciting designs; this does not apply for modern offices today. For the
majority of businesses, long-term success is all about making a good first impression
and blatantly displaying the success of the company. Usually, you will base your
office design on the expected look that conforms with the industry and exhibits skilled
design qualities.

Interior office design has become increasingly important for advertising and media
companies, as it easily demonstrates business creativity without actually showing
what the company does. Add some more panache to the office with facilities, as this
can increase the impressiveness of the business, as well as upping employee morale.

These improvements have however been noticed by other companies, so it may be
quite difficult to demonstrate a unique style unlike any others. It can often pay to take
a risk with the design and fitting of your office, but it can conversely cost the
company more than the potential profit it will reap. These are my 4 top factors to
optimise the combination of functionality and stylisation within your office

1. Hints Of Company Logo/Motif Around The Office: You've already got the clients
in your buildings so why continue to advertise or reiterate the company name? Quite
simply, repetition is a great way to ingrain the name in someone's mind and an office
themed on the company significantly increases the distinction and impressiveness of
the business. This can already be seen in use by a number of offices such as Google,
who base an office colour scheme on their website, as well as emblazoning the walls
with the company logo. It could also be beneficial to stick newspaper clippings or
reviews on the walls, as this will help to reinforce the accomplishments of the
company as well as boost employee morale and productivity.

2. Workplace In An Open Plan Layout: Perhaps one of the best ways to impress
clients, an open plan office is a great way to show design skill, as well as encourage
staff co-operation. Particularly useful for smaller companies or SMEs, making use of
the office space to spread staff around is advantageous, as this shows
forward-thinking and confidence. It also demonstrates a creative flair and adaptability
- vital for efficient business success and growth.

3. Art and Sculptures: An office surrounded by bare walling can be brightened up
considerably by some simple decorations. Your choice of art is generally dependant
on the field your company is in - an advertising agency may place old work on the
walls, whereas a researching company may place more photo-realistic art on the wall.
However, you should ensure that you get an agreed business consensus on your
choice of art so that everyone will be happy and to maximise the potential of
impressing clients.
4. Wi-Fi Available To All In Office: You would be hard pushed to find a company that
does not use the internet in some way today; however there are still a large amount of
offices that use cable connections instead of wi-fi. Whilst this might seem a logical
safety measure, it is somewhat unimpressive for clients. It may also be a good idea to
look into laptop hire that way if your potential customer has not brought their own
then you can lend one to them.

Whilst it might not seem a lot, most clients would be impressed and grateful to be
able to use the internet in your office - however it is essential to password-protect an
unprotected network as other unverified users could leech it, but it would be a good
service to provide clients with the password. This service will allow them to use
online software and check contact emails, which can help to quicken the speed of the
agreed deal, which could benefit your company significantly.

It is entirely up to you and your company to decorate your office as you see fit, taking
note of the cost, to ensure cost-effectiveness. These are simple recommendations and
will help to maximise the potential of your business.