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Luxe Pack New York press kit


									                          Rexam at Luxe Pack New York, May 21-22, 2008
                                           Booth C15
                                  About Rexam Personal Care Division
Formed in 2007, the Rexam Personal Care Division is a leading supplier of advanced packaging solutions with
unsurpassed global capabilities that attract the world’s most innovative, demanding and respected fragrance,
beauty, personal care and home product manufacturers. It is one of three business units that share powerful
product commonalities under the Rexam Plastic Packaging umbrella.

The Rexam Personal Care Division offers its customers enhanced one-stop supplier capability and industry-
leading customer service and product innovation capability. The Division consists of Dispensing Systems, Make Up
and Home & Personal Care. Internal efficiencies are enhanced through sharing of company assets, resources,
technologies and best practices.

Dispensing Systems is among the market leaders in fragrance pumps, lotion pumps and cosmetic closures, and is
the industry leader in samplers and one-touch, mechanical foam dispensers. Make Up leads the world in lipstick
packaging and is second in make up cases. Home & Personal Care is the leading producer of custom and high-
volume products, with special expertise in innovative package design and engineering, multi-shot molding, in-mold
labelling and a full range of value-added capabilities for the global custom injection molding business.

The Rexam Personal Care Division’s customers includes signature brands such as P&G, L’Oreal, YSL, LVMH,
Unilever and many others, throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. It is a powerful worldwide provider of
packaging solutions that builds brands and delivers enhanced bottom lines in the process.

About Rexam
Rexam is a leading global consumer packaging company. It is the largest beverage can maker in the world and
a global leader in rigid plastic packaging. Our vision is to be the leading global consumer packaging company.

We are business partners to some of the world’s most famous and successful consumer brands as well as young,
entrepreneurial start-ups. We offer a broad range of packaging services and solutions for different industries,
using different materials and technologies.

We serve a number of markets in the beverage, personal care, healthcare and food markets. For the beverages
market, we manufacture cans and plastic closures. We are the world’s leading beverage can maker, producing
more than 55 billion cans each year, and are the U.S. number one for closures.

In personal care, we make lipstick cases, compacts, dispensing systems for perfumes and lotions, closures for
fragrances and perfume samplers. We also produce injection moulded components for personal care and
household goods. For the healthcare market, we produce a broad range of products including plastic containers
and closures, intricate delivery systems for asthma inhalers, eye dropper dispensers and nasal sprays. In food,
we produce high barrier plastic tubs.

Three things characterise us – leadership in our industry, our commitment to innovation and our passion to deliver
exceptional value.

Rexam’s sales from ongoing operations are approximately £3.6 billion. We employ some 22,000 people in
more than 20 countries and are a member of the FTSE 100. Rexam’s ordinary shares are listed with the UK
Listing Authority and trade on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol REX. For further information on
Rexam, visit
For Immediate Release
New York, May 21, 2008

                                      REXAM XD 11 FRAGRANCE PUMP,
                                  NEW STANDARD FOR PRESTIGE DISPENSERS,
                                        SHOWCASED AT LUXE PACK

…the high-performance, ultra-low profile, neutral pump to enhance the shelf-appeal of the world’s
                                       finest fragrances…

The XD 11, Rexam’s ultra-low profile, neutral fragrance pump reflects new levels of technical and aesthetic sophistication
ideal for makers of iconic, prestige fragrances – and is featured here at
Luxe Pack New York, May 21-22, Booth C15.

The new-generation XD 11 fragrance pump opens exciting new design possibilities for those competing in today’s
demanding consumer marketplace. Most apparent is its ultra-low profile, made possible by a unique, miniaturized
mechanism concealed within the neck of the bottle. The innovative design of the ergonomically advanced push button,
available in metal or plastic, and in classic or smoothly sculpted designer versions, combines with the reduced diameter of the
nozzle to enhance the pump’s aesthetic and tactile appeal.

Further, the XD 11 incorporates a smooth-operating pre-compression design, which permits fine, precise atomization and
enhances end-user comfort and, thus, overall appeal. Customers can select either 40- or 60-degree spray angles, to
complement fragrance characteristics.

With its complete neutrality, the XD 11 pump protects the long-term integrity of the fragrance. Neutrality is assured by the
placement of its external spring, its glass bead and the absence of any elastomer joints. This prevents the fragrance from
ever coming into contact with the metal parts of the mechanism.

In terms of design flexibility, the XD 11 offers a variety of different assemblies, including crimp, screw-cap and TCS (The
Crimpless System®) versions. In addition, the XD 11 fragrance pump is available in three dosages: 70 ml (2.5 fl. oz.), 100
ml (3.5 fl. oz.) and 120 ml (4.25 fl. oz.).

A global market leader in the design and manufacture of fragrance pumps, Rexam offers customers the highest levels of
innovation, service and product superiority – as well as unsurpassed advantages from the company’s capabilities as a single-
source supplier. The result: packaging solutions that build brands and deliver enhanced bottom lines in the process.

For Immediate Release
New York, May 21, 2008


  New sampling solution anticipates increased “on-the-go” product usage…fragrance as “fashion

Sof’Cell, the newest sampler from Rexam, brings new meaning to the phrase “wearing one’s favorite fragrance.”

Here is a fun to use, brand-building, mini-sprayer that allows consumers to experience their favorite scents anytime and
anywhere -- it can be quickly attached to a mobile phone, handbag or backpack, belt, belt loop, or key ring.

The U.S. debut of its new Sof’Cell fragrance sampler – the latest innovation from Rexam Dispensing Systems, the market leader in
samplers – at Luxe Pack New York, May 21-22,
Booth C15.

Importantly, the Sof’Cell – available as either a sampler or a one-time kit – is designed to help build brand awareness and
strengthen consumer loyalty. “Rexam has particularly strong expertise in creating comprehensive sampler programs that are
original, cost-effective, encourage consumer trial and repurchase and create value for our customer,” said Severine
Bourguinat-Chalchat, Rexam Personal Care Product Manager - Samplers. “With Sof’Cell, the world’s most desirable
fragrances can now truly become a wearable fashion accessory.”

Attuned to evolving marketplace needs, and the latest social mega-trends, Rexam anticipates the further growth of
nomadism. “Time is tight, life is rushed, and our consumers use their products ‘on-the-go.’” said Bourguinat-Chalchat.
“Consumers enjoy belonging to a ‘community’-- and part of that is displaying one’s brand preference. Our understanding of
the global consumer environment and ability to work as a team with our customers results in fascinating, and highly successful,
new product packaging that create in-store excitement.”

The Sof’Cell is a delight for consumers to use, as well as easy to carry. The 1 ml bottle and choice of spray (Minimist® and
Sofistics) or applicator (Sof’n’Touch®) securely attaches – and yet easily detaches -- to personal effects with a handy lace
and cork. Further, Sof’Cell is designed for high-speed assembly and filling, for the ultimate in production efficiency.
EDITOR’S NOTE: To arrange an on-site or phone interview, contact Martin Kleinman (New York), 1.718.398.4009,
For Immediate Release
New York, May 21, 2008

                                      REXAM REINVENTS SHINE WITH OPALIS
                                       FOR THE NEW “ADDICT HIGH SHINE”
                                               LIPSTICK BY DIOR

                               New light, colour and reflective effects designed by Rexam

Dior’s lipstick tube by Dior has been reborn into a new, even more glittering style. To create new shimmering highlights on the
lipstick’s tube, Rexam, Dior’s regular partner for the entire Dior Addict range, once again rose to the challenge
demonstrating all its expertise in surface treatment.

For its new lipstick, Dior offers a high quality effect playing on transparency, shine and the effects of changing colours.

Rexam Make Up’s objective was to create a surface treatment over the whole cap and produce it on an industrial scale.

To meet this challenge, Rexam Make Up called upon the expertise of its Rexam Simandre site in Burgundy, choosing Opalis,
the name of a surface treatment developed with Dior. Using a painstaking process of metal spraying over the whole surface,
the tube reflects light like a fine gemstone, sparkling with shine, transparency and complex colour.

With “Dior Addict High Shine,” all the aesthetic finishes which have made the “Dior Addict High Colour” lipstick a success are
also found:

    -    the precision of the hot stamping silver colour over the thin section of the tube
    -    the invisibility of the parting lines

    -    the engraving of the CD logo on the top of the base
    -    the silver metal spraying of the base in ABS
    -    the engraving of the Dior logo in the mould

Thanks to this innovation, the Dior Addict range will continue to please, surprise and impress consumers all over the world.

Once again, Rexam Make Up has proven its technical expertise and strengthened its continued its partnership with this
renowned customer and its Dior Addict range.
For Immediate Release
New York, May 21, 2008

                                 REXAM ANNOUNCES FOCUS FOR 4TH ANNUAL
                                        FORMULATION CHALLENGE

 …to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Airspray fine mist dispenser, a global call for new eco-
                                        friendly products…

To mark the 25th anniversary of the air-powered Airspray dispenser, the fourth annual Rexam Formulation Challenge invites
entries for breakthrough, eco-friendly product applications utilizing this iconic, earth-friendly dispenser used around the

With unprecedented demand for, and interest in, eco-friendly product packaging, this year’s Challenge focus is expected to
drive new levels of creativity. Open to manufacturers, contract packagers, distributors and formulators, the product entry
must be developed for the Airspray dispenser, which operates without chemical propellants. Hairstyling and deodorant
applications are excluded from the challenge.

Awards include a corporate prize of €10,000 and a personal award for the formulator – and a weekend trip to Holland
during Tulip time. Winners of the 2008 Rexam Formulation Challenge will be announced at HBA 2008, scheduled for
September 9-11, in New York City. Submissions must be received by August 1st. Formulations will be evaluated by an
international panel of industry experts.

Launched in 1983, the Rexam Airspray has greater appeal today than ever before, given renewed consumer focus upon
innovative – and sustainable -- packaging solutions. It remains the only dispenser to provide a continuous, fine mist spray
without chemicals. Air pressure is created through easy pumping of the unit’s cap, which serves as an efficient, integrated
piston. As a result, the Airspray dispenser is ideal for all sorts of applications in household, personal care, food, pet care,
automotive and more.

“We expect to see entries with a very high ‘wow-factor,’ that will appeal to both today’s environmentally-conscious
consumers, and to manufacturers looking to build brands in our increasingly competitive marketplace,” said Casper Kleiman
– Product Manager at Rexam.

Rexam provides innovative packaging solutions for the world’s most famous and respected power-brands, as well as for
aggressive, start-up entrepreneurs. “More than ever, new product success depends upon development of compelling,
creative offerings that capture consumers’ attention and meets a real need,” said Kleiman.
For Immediate Release
New York, May 21, 2008

                                      REXAM CREATES THE MINI VERSION
                                   OF THE “KISS KISS” LIPSTICK BY GUERLAIN
                                        Highly elegant travel packaging

Rexam has designed a miniature version of Kiss Kiss for Guerlain, intended for sale in travel retail outlets. The stack of cubes
conceived by the renowned designer Hervé Van Der Straten and the highly polished, gilded metallic aspect, infinitely smooth
to the touch, are once again incorporated in this latest, reduced size version of this jewel-like talisman.

Since its first edition in 2005, Guerlain has selected Rexam to manufacture special editions of its “Kiss Kiss” lipstick. This
fruitful partnership includes variations of Kiss Kiss with a finish in yellow or white, and limited editions for Christmas 2006
and 2007.

For Rexam Make Up, the technical challenge for this mini version was to recreate the impression of handcrafting on a small-
sized product. This painstaking finish was made possible through development of high precision molds. Ultra-precise injection
molding made it possible to create invisible parting lines and manage the different thicknesses of the tube, particularly in the
logo engraving, the hammered finish of the base and the grooves in the cubes. Each face of the lipstick is different.

“Precious, opulent, sensual and enigmatic,” the poetry of this design is the result of a skilful blend of techniques, material
and expertise: injection molding of the base and cap in ABS, hammered impression of the finish, die sinking of the double G
on the top of the cap and engraving of the “Guerlain” name in English on the bottom of the base along with the gold metal
spraying and assembly of the different components.

The elegant result will appeal to all fans of “Kiss Kiss” by Guerlain, a mini version consumers will want to take with them on
all their travels.
For Immediate Release
New York, May 21, 2008

                    The latest example of Rexam’s ability to create
                                total packaging solutions

Dior has selected Rexam to create the entire packaging -- labelling, cap, bottle and pump -- for its Capture R60/80
XP Ultimate Wrinkle Serum, the new premium skincare anti-aging product.

For Dior’s latest, high added-value product, Rexam Dispensing Systems, the business unit of the REXAM Personal Care
division, designed an original solution that represents the firm’s ability to smoothly mesh multiple production
operations and, in doing so, satisfy the expectations increasingly demanding customers seeking complete packaging

Highlights of the two-piece bottle include:

•   External shell in PMMA, a material recommended for its transparency. The frosted effect is obtained using a
    special moulding inside the shell.
•   For the finishing, hot stamping technology best met the marketing requirements of a polished silver finish for the
    letters XP.
•   For the text, pad printing was selected because this technique allows the sharp reproduction of characters and
    guarantees shade accuracy.
•   A protective varnish makes it possible to optimise the shine and protect the entire finish.
•   Lower part in PP which is subjected to a rose metal spraying.
•   A metallised brace is assembled on the bottle’s shoulders.

Highlights of the two-piece cap includes:

•   Exterior in metallised ABS.
•   Interior in PP, a material recommended for its operational flexibility.

All production operations (metal spraying, over varnishing, pad printing and hot stamping) take place at the Rexam
Simandre site (Burgundy), under the control of the entire team of technical experts.
The smooth-operating SP 343 pump was selected as the distribution system, because of its ergonomic appeal and
accurate product dosage (130 micro litres). This model, which screws directly onto the bottle, is manufactured in
Rexam's Le Tréport Site (Normandy).

The completed unit – bottle, pump and cap -- is delivered, assembled, to Dior.
For Immediate Release
New York, May 21, 2008


                       A complete, original packaging solution for the Superstay range

Following the success of the double-tipped Superstay lipstick, comprising a moisturising lip balm and liquid lipstick, Rexam is
continuing its partnership with Gemey Maybelline, using the same concept of applying colour in two steps.

This time the concept is being applied to a lip gloss. This product is designed for use in two phases: firstly, the application of
colour, with the flocked tip, and then, after drying, the transparent gloss, with the brush, creating a shiny effect. The result is
a colour that remains on the lips for 12 hours: “Super shine, super long-lasting!”.

Drawing on the success of the Superstay lipstick, produced by Rexam Make Up, part of Rexam’s Personal Care Division, the
aim was to maintain the concept of the double-tip and to adapt it to a gloss, for application in two phases. This original
concept, designed to make consumer’s lives easier, responds to today’s modern on-the-go lifestyle.

A broad spectrum of knowledge and technology was applied in designing this product. The challenge encompassed surface
graphics, assembly and quality requirements for the various parts used in the application of the gloss.

    1. The 6-line text to be incorporated on the curved connector, with a limited graphic range constituted a real
       challenge. To achieve finesse and precision, hot-stamp printing was chosen. The text and the wave motif on the
       edges of the connector were recreated perfectly.

    2. Assembly was also a delicate operation due to the large number of components and the unusual shape of this
       double-tipped gloss. All Rexam Make Up’s resources and expertise were employed on its various sites.

    3.     Marketing requirements for the two gloss applicators, the flocked tip and brush, were particularly demanding: a
          brush which was both flat and silky and met quality tests; a flocked tip which was soft and whose shape worked in
          harmony with the rest of the product; a stem which would remain clean even when the product reached the flocked
          tip. This was made possible through the development of a wringer unit, requiring precise industrial fine tuning,
          allowing a sufficient quantity of gloss to reach the applicator.

Pauline Uhlen, Make Up product manager within the Rexam Personal Care Division emphasises that “with this sophisticated,
original and high-performing packaging solution, Rexam has launched a new ‘on-the-go’ product type.” The creation of this
original product constitutes a new innovation in gloss application, brought about through Gemey Maybelline’s impetus, once
again in association with Rexam.
For Immediate Release
New York, May 21, 2008

     Avon Selects Rexam to Create package for Asian Launch of breakthrough skin whitener
 Rexam’s customer teamwork, technical capability and innovative design solutions help marketer
                          develop new Avon CleaWhite Supreme…

Rexam Make Up was selected to manufacture the sophisticated, glamorous airtight bottle and cap used by Avon for its
launch of Avon CleaWhite Supreme throughout China and Japan.

This new skincare line from Avon is positioned to capitalize upon the accelerating appeal of skin whiteners among Asian
women. The line includes a variety of products, including the whitening gel cream. The challenge for Rexam Make Up, a
business unit of Rexam Personal Care Division, was to create high-end packaging with a custom look that communicates the
notion of skin that is healthy, translucent and porcelain-like – and provides an airtight environment that preserves product

Avon, the iconic global brand and world leader in lipsticks, fragrances and anti-aging skincare products, boasts a 120-year
heritage of innovative, first-to-market products.

Rexam Make Up’s dedicated Avon launch team was entrusted with oversight of all sales, research and development, quality
control and production functions. The team effort resulted in a sensuously designed, two-part, injection-molded PCTA bottle
made at Rexam Plastic Metallizing Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The two-piece cap is crafted from polypropylene
(inner cap) and ABS (outer cap).

For optimal end-user appeal, both bottle and cap are completely UV clear-pearled for a look of total translucence. The
airtight product environment was optimized by fitting the two-piece cap with a silicon liner and through sonic welding of
shoulder and bottle.
For Immediate Release
New York, May 21, 2008

                           POWER™ FINISHING VEIL POWDER
                    …revolutionary pressed powder compact features
                              side and vertical opening…

For its latest advance in pressed powder formulas – the just-released Mineral Power™ Finishing Veil Powder -- Maybelline
again selected Rexam’s innovative pressed powder compact design, which features both side and vertical opening.

This original and technologically advanced design, created in Rexam’s Sussex facility, recently debuted with Maybelline’s
Dream Matte Powder, the company’s latest breakthrough in pressed powder formulas and part of what the brand calls its
“Powder Revolution.” This latest extension, for Mineral Power, indicates opportunities for still further Maybelline product
applications using this fashion forward compact design.

The design underscores Rexam’s global abilities in part design, automation and overall project execution. The case opens
both on the side and vertically, an exciting, unique feature that enhances the end-user convenience. When the case is turned
sideways, to the right, the mirror position housing the puff is revealed. Opening the top section reveals the powder, which
can then be easily applied.
The design also allows for a shade-evident top lens, heightening convenience and retail appeal.

For the cutting-edge compact case used in the Dream Matte Powder, for example, Rexam was responsible for five parts and
multiple production operations, including two screen print runs on the lid, two welding operations on the upper and lower
sections, positioning of the mirror and component assembly. The elegant and modern look of the case was enhanced by
Rexam’s know-how in the design of molds and parts, resulting in sleek flow lines and an appealing pearl finish.

This pressed powder compact design also underscores Rexam’s ability to meet global demand for ergonomically advanced
packaging. Flawless fit and finish of each case enhances the consumer experience. A distinct click of the lock positively
indicates case closure. Further, the easy grip of the case when opening makes the product easier to use and adds to its
perceived value.
For Immediate Release
New York, May 21, 2008

                           FROM L’OREAL PARIS


The SkinCare Airless* packaging solution developed by Rexam with a L’Oréal Paris patented design continues to
evolve and dress new products.

REVITALIFT RIDES DE CASSURE: for this new specific skin repair care, the airless bottle protecting the formula
from air and light is here dressed up in red, in keeping with the color code of the REVITALIFT product line and to
add emphasis to the power of its anti-wrinkle formula.

HYDRA ENERGETIC TURBO BOOSTER: for this new men’s skincare product, Rexam packaging is dressed in or-
ange. An energizing color code for this anti-fatigue treatment, which uses the whole unit of twin-shell bottle and
dispensing system, was developed by Rexam exclusively for L’Oréal Paris.

A result of the partnership linking L’Oréal Paris and Rexam, the SkinCare Airless solution combines stylish good-
looks and high technology. With its uncommon positioning, it is a product with high added value in the mass-
market cosmetics sector. This exclusive packaging is the result of synergies from every centre of Rexam Group
excellence and is being produced and launched on a worldwide scale in different markets. The ingenious design
means it can be produced in very long production runs.

AN ORIGINAL PACKAGING SOLUTION: Total harnessing of the manufacturing and production process, world-
Lower section: twin-shell container, one in PP, the other in SAN.
Upper section: a metallized PP ferrule ensuring perfect air-tightness (the formula is fully protected from air) and a
special lockable actuator.

The airless pump, metallization and assembly are manufactured and assembled at Rexam production sites in the
United States, Europe and Asia. Seven parts are directly produced and assembled in the group’s plants in France:
Le Tréport (SP343 pump), Tournus (actuator molding, ferrule and purge ring

and pump assembly), Simandre (ferrule metallization, SAN molding of the transparent shell, PP cup molding, shell,
cup and piston assembly) and Le Creusot.
Vacuum assembly and packing. By simply clicking the top section (ferrule and actuator) into the bottom section (the
container), the Rexam patented purge ring creates a vacuum in an atmospheric environment. Simplified implemen-
tations result in higher filling rates.


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